Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Ch ch ch changes! (Amik Jan 30)

I got transferred to the desert, and had a very busy week, both before and after transfers. And there are schedule changes to the missionary daily schedule. Nice changes to. I will send pictures to you all.  My new companion is Elder Cameron Layton. The strange thing is that he actually lived in this area before.  When he was younger his dad worked at the Palm Springs airport.  So there were members in this ward that faintly recognized him, he was like six when he lived here. Also,  I was pretty lucky that I came Wednesday because the following Friday we had a temple trip!!! We have quite a few recent converts in our ward and Friday the stake had a temple trip.  So we took three recent converts: Carlos, a recent convert of about three months, Sean, a convert of two weeks, and Jackson, a convert of six months who was originally baptized in Alaska last summer.  So we did baptisms and confirmations with them.  

Also, the Tuesday I left the baseline ward we were so busy.  We were able to have a lesson with Daniel and Vanessa. The two people that Elder LaBarge and I contacted at the park. We had an awesome member there, Brother Flores, who is both a recent convert of a year that went to the temple for his endowment last month with his wife, and our assistant ward mission leader. We were able to set up a return appointment too, so Elder Everson and his trainee, he is training a missionary fresh off the plane, will hopefully be able to continue to teach them. Also that night we had two less active member lessons and right after the first one we walked out the door and immediately started talking with a guy that was walking by, in short he is a new investigator.

So now I am in the desert and working in the Parkview ward.  This Sunday we had stake conference, so Saturday night after a sequence of events we were to go to the adult session where we met president Dixon.  He then told us that the seventy that was presiding at the stake Conference, Elder Wild, went with the stake President to a
member's home. The member is terminally ill and already has lived one year  longer then the doctors said he would. His wife, however, has been a nonmember for a long time.  They actually invited her to be baptized and she said yes, however, since he can't leave the house. The baptism is going to done in their backyard pool and the confirmation is going to be held at pool side.  Also, yesterday, before stake Conference we had a recent convert meeting for all the people baptized in the last few months.  There were not that many people there, we had only heard about it the night before.  But right before the meeting a mom and her eighteen year old son walked in and sat at the very back.  We found out that they had just walked in off the street wanting to come to Church.  So we talked with them and sat next to them for the rest of stake conference and then we went hiking
with them this morning.  So she is now going to come to church every week.  

Also, there are a lot of old people here.  And golfing. On the sides of the roads you have bike lanes and golf cart lanes.  Also, yesterday we saw someone walking their cat.  The cat was on a leash...  Also, we picked up a new investigator that lives near us.  She is disabled and when she walked past us a few days ago we greeted and such and offered our services.  Saturday, we went with Carlos, the recent convert, and help her get rid of a carpet and taught a short lesson and have her a Book of Mormon.

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