Tuesday, February 21, 2017


So this week Michel and Juan got baptized! WOOHOO! It was awesome. Have I told you guys how much I love baptisms? Well I really do. They are just heavenly, literally. The other sisters in our ward had a baptism on Saturday as well. 3 new youth in the ward, yay! because there are like no youth. 

On Sunday Michel, who got baptized on Wednesday, brought her friend to church, who went to her baptism as well. And then another member who has been bringing his neighbor with him talked to us about getting his neighbor baptized, so my companion and I split with some members and taught both Michel´s friend and the neighbor during second hour and they both accepted baptisms dates! It was amazing.  I talked to Max, the neighbor. he´s pretty hilarious. An older guy, like 70´s, who lived in New York for forever, so when he talks he goes back and forth between Spanish and English. I was trying to talk about the restoration, but he wasn´t really focusing, so I brought up the confirmations for the three kids that were baptized and out of the blue he was like "me gustaria bautisarme, que necesito hacer?" Haha. Go Max!

We also had a noche de hogar with two of our investigators. Calet and Angel. They are 9 and 7 years old. And are pretty much the cutest things ever. We asked one of our young adults in the ward to accompany us, Hno Paul, who´s actually pretty great, especially since he bonded with Calet and Angel pretty fast and now they always ask if he´s coming with us for lessons. And then after the lesson, their mom served us hot dogs and ice cream. I love noches de hogar. 

Today I washed basically all my clothes by hand, because I have like no money (reembolsas tomorrow!) so that took up a lot of my p-day. But I also got to dye Hna Valdez's hair. My companion wants me to dye my hair. I told her if things get worse between America and Mexico with Donald Trump, I´ll dye my hair dark to make it a bit less obvious that I´m from the states. 

Whelp, I´ll send you guys some photos. My companion is beginning to plan for life after the mission and Hna Valdez too, since they both have very little time left in the mish. It´s a little weird because I prefer to not think of what I´m going to be doing in like 8 months, because I have absolutely no clue, ha.
Love and miss you all lots, stay sweet!
Hermana Enright

  Messing around with all the hats scarfs that my companion´s family sent her. 

 Me and Angel

Me and Cale

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