Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Okay, so I really love you all, but I can´t think of a whole lot to write you guys. There´s pictures!
Today we had a distrcit activity and we palyed futbol and volleyball, shocker. Afterwards though we ate tacos, that were AMAZING! AL pastor with queso and I really could have eaten like 3 more, but only asked for one. Thankfully Hna Badger shared her second one with me beacuse they were kind of big. But oh so good. 

The thing I´ve been working on most is catching up in the Book of Mormon. I´m a little behind on the challenge that our president gave us (To start the Book of Mormon in october and finish by April conference, concentrating on stories of repentence). I´m in Alma. And it´s super funny because for some reason I can follow and understand the stories better in Spanish. I really never analyzed the scriptures before the way I do here in the mission. It´s kind of my favorite. The way Sariah repents of her murmuring when her sons return unharmed. The way Alma decided to give up being the high judge so he could go preach to all his people who were being wicked. Alma 5, really is amazing and I´m working on applying it in the way I teach. It really is an amazing book. We´ve been reading with the recent converts here and it´s so much fun. We only read like a chapter, sometimes less, but from the littlest verses, we can find answers for our investigators. One time when I was on intercambios in Libres, we visited one investigator who literally prayed over the Book of Mormon, asking to find an answer to something and then opened randomly and read a few verses and could find an answer. It was pretty cool. 

I´m also working on reading the new testament and all about the life of Christ. I really want to understand more about his ministry because it is so amazing. Also we´re working with our Hermanas on developing attributes of Christ. And really, is there a better way to learn about those then reading about His life? I think not. 

I love you guys lots. I love this gospel and I love my Savior. I am eterenally grateful for  His sacrifice that gives me the oppurtunity to repent and change, because I need it every day. I love the Book of Mormon and I truly believe it was written for us. For our salvation. I am eternally grateful that a boy of 14 had the faith to pray and the courage to persevere to bring us the restored gospel. And I testify that now is our time to change and prepare because like every book of scripture says, the time is not far distant. We must be better every day, we must change. I want my family forever and I know that it is my choices every day that will determine who I will become and where I will end up in the eternities. 

Love and miss you guys lots!
Hermana Enright

Here are some photos. One is of a giant hunk of meat. Thats how they cook it here, on almost every corner. They cut off slices and give you tacos. SUPER GOOD. The rest I honestly don´t remember. I think one is in a combi and some in a park. HA

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