Thursday, February 9, 2017

I MADE IT!!! (Aislin)

Hey, family!!! I made it to the MTC! Whoo hoo! The guy next to me just said he's never actually sent an email on a computer before. . . Haha. Poor kid

Anyways. I don't know how long I have to write this but I'll probably keep writing until someone pulls the keyboard out of my hands. 

So yeah. Flying. I don't know how I feel about it. You know that dizzy, about-to-fall kinda feeling you get when you're in an elevator? The feeling that really only lasts a few seconds but it's the whole reason I hate elevators. Well, yeah. Flying in the plane was like riding a huge elevator. For 2 hours. Kinda made my head hurt. But it was cool being able to see everything below me (you know when the guy in the window seat pulled his face away from the window for a full 8 seconds and I got a quick glimpse. But I guess I can't really blame him, I would've been doing the same thing). When I got on the plane, my first thought was "oh hey, now I can read my letters from everyone!", (OK not really, my first thought was "Oh hey, I feel incredibly claustrophobic.") but then I remembered that I forgot to ask Mom about them so I didn't know if I actually had them and like the ditz I am, I didn't bother to even check my bag (mostly 'cause I was too focused on trying not to feel dizzy). But luckily, Bayley did, so when I got in the car with her and Dion, after nervously wandering the airport for longer than necessary. She found them and handed them back to me. I read most of them but I couldn't read dad's right then 'cause it was gonna make me cry and I DIDN'T NEED THAT JUST NOW so yeah. I'll read Mom and Dad's letters tonight. AND Bayley's and Dion's!

We went to Ihop for lunch and I got my french toast and hash browns for free 'cause HECK YEAH, I'm a new missionary. 

After lunch, we went and saw the Provo City, Centre temple and took some pictures while staring into the bright, blinding sun. ECH.

OK I HAVE TO GO so last thing. I made it here. Said bye to Bayley and Dion. Cried again. Then they gave me a bunch of missionary supplies and showed me my room and all that jazz. 

I love you guys lots and lots!!! I'm not sure when my P-day is just yet but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.Love you! Tell you more later!

- Sister Enright 

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