Saturday, February 11, 2017

MTC!!! (Aislin)

GUYS, (I can't call people "guys" here - which is a really bad habit I have - but you GUYS don't count so I'll take advantage of that while I can) OH MY GOSH THIS IS THE BEST PLACE EVER!!! Seriously. It's so amazing, I love it so much. And if I think this is so great I can't even begin to imagine how amazing the field is going to be!

So, first things first. I already told you a little about my airplane experience but I didn't get to all of it. Entering security was fun 'cause I had NO IDEA what I was doing. I put my stuff in the grey basket and set it on all the rollers thinking that the rollers were supposed to move at some point but then the guy behind be had to go:  "... You've got to push it onto the conveyor belt." Whoops. Sorry. I knew that. After that I stepped through the metal detector and told the security that it was my first time so i might need help and he said, "oh cool. No worries - wait are you at least 12?", 
"Um, yes."
"Are you 16?", 
"Uh. . . I'm 19." 
"Oh. . . Well, stand on the yellow footprints."  Hahaha fine. So I don't look much older than 12, whatever. Finally, I got on the plane, which was a lot smaller than I expected. I still don't know if I like flying. Good thing I've got another flight coming up in just a couple weeks right!? One thing I thought was really cool was when I looked out the window (when I got a chance at least, HA. Thanks Random-Guy-Next-To-Me for finally moving your head) and looked down at the cities as we flew over, and it was funny how different they look from hundreds of feet up (I know. DUH). When you're on the ground, driving or running, or walking around there's always those few streets that seem so randomly placed or there's a turn where you didn't expect and the streets seem crooked or
whatnot, but when I was way up high I noticed just how uniform and neat everything looked. Nothing looked out of place. So (I'm gonna get cheesy-spiritual here so just bear with me for a second) I was just thinking about how sometimes, no matter how messy or disordered your life might seem right now, sometimes it's good to take a step back (or an airplane up, haha) and notice that everything in your life is there for reason, even if you don't see it from the ground.

 ANYWAYS. It was so great seeing Bayley and Dion after I landed. It was like I just came to visit them for a couple hours! I just tried to not think about the fact that eventually, I'd have to leave them too. After food and a walk around the temple, it was time to go to the MTC! Everyone's so friendly here, it's almost bizarre. The first thing I noticed was that it's a lot like being at school but there aren't separate groups or cliques, like the
nerds/jocks/princesses/freaks/etc. Even though we're all different - and most of us fit under one or more of those categories - we're all here for the same reason and the desire to serve the Lord trumps every other "worldly" trait. We're like the Lord's Clique! Ha!

Our first day in the MTC, we had a welcome fireside and the coolest part was when we sang The Army of Helaman and they had changed the words from "we will be the Lord's missionaries," to "we are now the
Lord's missionaries." That was when it first hit me that I'm actually a missionary now! Even though at first it still weirded me out that when someone would say, "Missionaries, follow me!" that that included me now.

Prior to coming into the MTC, I was really nervous about talking to people and my hands would shake when I had to give a talk, or even speak-up in class and I thought that once I entered the MTC, all of that would disappear and I'd be completely different person, like having a missionary alias or something but in reality, they're all
still here, it's just become so much easier to overcome those fears and be stronger than them. I share things in class all the time, I answer question, I even SAT IN FRONT once. I hope you're proud of me. And the other night, as my companion and I were preparing to teach our investigator, the firs thing I noticed was that my hands were rock steady. THIS PLACE IS THE BEST!

My companion is sister Haughawout (pronounced "How-Wowt". BEST NAME EVER, right???). She's so sweet and tiny and has the smallest voice, but the biggest testimony. I love her to death. Our district is basically the best. I would send you a picture but I forgot my camera! There are 6 sisters and 4 elders and they're basically the closest I have to family up here. We all get along really well. Our first day of class, guess who peeked in to see the new missionaries??? SISTER RIVERA!!! There was a lot of screaming and hugging and laughing and a
group in the hall stopped to look in, probably to make sure no one was being attacked. AH it was the best day ever! Not only do we bump into each other all the time, we're in the same zone and her room is only two doors down from mine!!! So she and I and our companions get to hang out with each other most nights, while we write in our journals or brush our teeth. Also, sister missionaries always have chocolate or cookies in their rooms and it's the BEST. The first night I was here, I walked over to see Abby - I mean, uh, Sister Rivera - and before I
could even open my mouth all her roommates asked, "Hey you want a cookie? You want a York? Please help. I have so much food." So yeah it was great.

The first night we met with our zone leaders and they asked us how everything was going and if anyone was homesick, and one of our elders said "it's so busy!" and our zone leader responded, "Yeah, they just
keep you busy so that you don't realize what you just did." 'Cause yeah, leaving home was hard. I miss you all so much, but I'm getting used to it. I know where I'm supposed to be. It helped me teach an investigator about the Plan of Salvation, and to really connect with him. His wife died in the 70s and he wanted to know if he'll ever be
able to see her again, how, and if she's being taken care of in heaven. I told him that even though I'd never experienced a trial like that, I'd just left my family this morning and that was SO HARD, but I know they'll be ok because of the blessing President Smith gave me. He told me that I didn't need to worry about you guys because Heavenly Father would take care of you while I was off serving him. I told him that it was a lot like the promises He makes to us in the temple, that we can get sealed to our family for time and all eternity and Heavenly Father will watch over them until we can make it back to them.

Teaching investigators is the best and I'm so glad I have Sister Haughawout to teach with me. She's the best companion I could've ever asked for. I always worry that I'm talking too much, so I make sure I give her time to add things and especially share her testimony because she's so good at connecting with the investigator through that. She's so awesome.

I'm running out of time! Ah!

It snowed today! We walked out of our residence buildings and we were all so happy to see the snow that we burst out laughing, it was so great.

Also, one thing they tell us in class about teaching is to remember to "talk less, listen more." and EVERY TIME I can't help but sing Hamilton.

OK I've got to go now. Man, an hour goes by too fast! I love you guys so much! Thank you for your letters!


- Sister Enright

Hey look it's me and my adorable companion!

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