Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Welcome to the MTC! And Elder Oaks! (Amik Feb 6)

This week has been kind of busy and slow.  The majority of the week was spent with a head cold thing going around. I got it last Monday and Sunday, and then it hit Elder Layton. It hit him hard.  He was sleeping all day Friday and the majority of Saturday. It didn't help that we were really busy Saturday morning.  We had to pick up the zone leaders to go pick up their new car, our old car, at the auto place and then we helped a less active member move stuff out of storage and into his new home/apartment. Then we went and helped at a car wash fund raiser for a funeral.  So after that we went back to the apartment where he went out cold. 

Also, I don't know if I told you, but Elder Oaks is coming to the mission! We are going to see him Saturday for only about an hour, but we are going to be there 45 minutes early to study and prepare. Then we have a picture of us all and then we shake hands with him!  

Also, the baptism we were going to have Saturday In the hot tub had to be moved because her husband had to go to the ER. So if things go well, we are going to try and have it this next coming Saturday. Also, one of the investigators that we have been teaching.  This was only my second lesson with him. We found out that while he was being taught by the missionaries a few months ago. He just went and got married at the court house without telling anyone.  So now he is one step closer to baptism. 

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