Monday, February 13, 2017

Yeah for Baptisms!

My week was pretty good. I´m loving it here in the city. It´s a little weird, cause I´m not used to having everything super close or things like walmart and burger king. Yeah those didn´t exist in my other areas. But here, smack dab in the middle of the center of Puebla, there´s pretty much everything. I went to Burger King for lunch, and I don´t think I´ve eaten there since I was like 5, but I was in desperate need of a greasy hamburger. Although it did not have pineapple, which I´ve learned is a necessity in hamburgers and tacos. 

We have baptisms this Wednesday. Two kids, who are pretty great. Their mom got baptized awhile ago and missionaries have been teaching them for I think almost a year, pretty crazy. We have some pretty amazing investigators. One of them, Janet, left today for Michuacan, so we won´t be teaching her anymore! :( Darn, she had a fecha and everything. 

With all the changes with the indicadores claves and what counts as a nuevo, the way we work is changing, but I really like it. It allows us to concentrate more on the people and the people we find have more potencial. It´s pretty awesome. Right now to count as a nuevo, we have to have taught them in their home. So if we taught anyone in the street, they don´t count until the second visit in their house. It´s a lot harder to find nuevos, but the ones we do find are pretty golden. 

We had a district activity today and we played futbol and volleyball. Our district includes the secretaries and we play in the chapel where the offices are, so we get to see a lot of other missionaries when they come in from different parts to get material or have interviews. It´s pretty cool.

Being an hermana lider is getting a little easier. It´s a heck of a lot of work, but I like being busy. For sure it´s a lot easier now that I know what the heck I´m doing. 

um.................I don´t know what else to tell you guys. I´m still reading the the Book of Mormon with the assignacion that our president gave us (repentance). I love the Book of Mormon. Some of the stories really are like soap operas. hm....We have a recent convert here that always likes to give us food when we go over. A lot of the times he buys us tacos and they are so good! My favorites are tacos al pastor, cause they have pineapple and I am deeply in love with pineapple here. So, so good. 

Well, I´m just gonna send you guys pictures now because I´m out of things to say. 

 My companion, me, and Janet, yesterday. Her first and last Sunday with us :(

So, I found a facewash that has carbon in it or something like that and conveniently is a mask too, because why buy two separate things when you can have both in one right? Well anyways, we all decided to try it. 

The four of us one Sunday. Me, Hermana Valdez, my companion Hermana Burgos, and Hermana Badger.

Love you all lots!

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