Thursday, March 30, 2017

Snow & Seagulls

Heeeeeeyyyy!!! I miss you all so much! How's life outside the mission field? Because honestly, I haven't been out that long, but I'm already forgetting what it's like. The other day, I was telling Sister Andersen about an X-Files episode and accidentally referred to Mulder as "Elder Fox Mulder." Yup. Everyone's "Elder" now.

Anyways. I love Canada! St. Stephen feels a little like Colorado sometimes except for the lack of mountains and the excess of old snow and crazy amount of seagulls. Snow and seagulls. I just think it's a funny combination.
For P-Day we had planned to go hiking with our district in St. John, but we ended up getting there a little later than we planned so Elder Cox (our district leader) just told us to meet up with them at the food court in the mall for lunch, and then we'd go somewhere from there. But. . . We didn't. I didn't know elders loved the mall so much. At least our elders too, haha (by the way, they'd already gone clothes shopping before the mall)! Don't worry. I eventually dragged them over to the mall bookstore so I could stare longingly at all the books and buy a Goodbye Book! It's just a journal that you have missionaries write in before you leave an area, so you can remember everyone. And - I hope you're proud of me - I didn't open any other books. Even though I did see Six of Crows on a shelf and freak out a little. I had to make Sister Andersen promise to read it when she gets home before I agreed to leave the bookstore. *Sigh* I love books.

Speaking of books, you know what the best book in the world is??? The Book of Mormon! I LOVE the Book of Mormon so much! No matter how many times I read it, there's always something new, and reading it on my mission is basically the best thing ever. 1) There aren't any other books to distract me so I get way more into the stories than I ever have. There are so many things I've missed before! 2) I guess I can say that I really am just way more spiritually in tune than I ever have been, and 3) I have a really solid reason and purpose for understanding it better myself, so I can share it more fully with others! Einstein said that if we can't explain something simply, we don't understand it enough! So I'm learning just how simple the Book of Mormon and the gospel really is! Plain and simple truths, for reals! Which makes it even more frustrating when people won't read it. It's just a book! Just read it! We had to drop an investigator this week because she just won't read it. We talked about having hope in Christ and how when we act on that hope, it's faith! We asked her to act on her hope in Christ and read the Book of Mormon! Because it's amazing and it testifies of Christ so what harm could it do? But she just said no, she won't. I actually started crying a little during the closing prayer because I couldn't believe how hard it was for some people to accept how simple the gospel really is! God gave us everything we need to know in this one little book, all we have to do is open it up and read it, and pray about it!

Anyways. Missionary work is fun. Sometimes it's hard, but sometimes it's easier than you could imagine. We went on exchanges with our STLs this Tuesday, and Sister Bair and I went bridge contacting! We just walked the bridge and stopped everyone we could! Sister Bair had me lead out most of the time, which is a little scary but I've slowly been getting the hang of it. It's the initial contact that's a little scary, but once you've stopped them and they start listening, it's so easy to bear your testimony and share the gospel with them! There was this one lady who I stopped and gave a brief summary of the restoration to, who then accepted a Book of Mormon, thanked us for our time and our testimonies and then asked for the address to the church!!! ELECT, right there. At first I thought someone must've hired her - she was just so perfect! I hope not though, she seemed pretty genuine. Man, I love people.

Wednesday we had district meeting and I learned that it's a BAD IDEA to ask the senior couple to be the investigators in a role play because they just love to make things awkward for us poor missionaries. Elder Williams and I were role playing a hot-chocolate-stand-contact together (because usually when you do a hot chocolate stand you'll have multiple companionship there and you won't necessarily be able to do contact with your companion if there are lots of people), Elder and Sister Jones were the investigators who walked up to us and the first thing sister Jones asked was, "Are you two married?" Ha! No. Not at all.

Anyways. I have to get going soon. But guess what!? The Easter video comes out this Friday and I'm so excited!!!!! AAH I can't wait to watch it again!!! And General Conference! HOLY HECK it's going to be the best weekend ever! Also, I was reading Alma 15 the other day and I CANNOT WAIT for the Book of Mormon videos to come out because I LOVE Alma and Amulek SO MUCH and I can't wait to see them in action.

I love you tons! Enjoy the warm weather, Dad! It's snowing here!!! Byeee!!!

- Sister Enright

P.S.  Fast and Testimony meeting is the best. I really love hearing the kids bear their testimonies! One kid got up and said, "I know we are never alone because we always have Jesus Christ." and I just about melted, SO CUTE and so true. Love it. Bye!

Our district. Elder Cox, Elder Golder, Elder Willoughby, Elder Crandall, and Elder Williams. We're the only sisters!

 The TARDIS!!! So these are little boxes they have at the side of the roads in some places where kids wait for the school bus. If it's too cold, they stand in the box! Funny, huh? I think I'd just stay home.

 So anyways. We had a photoshoot with the TARDIS. 'Cause why not?

Erin can watch Disney movies in her mission? (Amik)

This week we had a zone conference, one of the funny parts was when we had President Luna of the mission presidency teach us.  Thing is he only speaks Spanish and so we had President Dixon translating and Luna is very very animated while he talks.  With him pretending to swing a bat a couple  of times, this swinging included spinning for effect.  Anyway, we went over a few things, but we have not seen the new Easter video yet.  I guess we will see it Friday.  But I will include a few of my thoughts on what was discussed.  
  • Many people want to investigate the gospel because of how they see the gospel affect others, on my mission I have seen how the people who follow the commandments/gospel are blessed.  Especially when compared to less actives who have made covenants, but then left them in the dust.  
  • Preach my gospel shows us the way to improve and feel the spirit, I am going to be studying that book the rest of my life. Especially chapter six
We need to be continuously changing and becoming better all the time.  That is what the Lord wants.  That is what the gospel is all about. Pray always for his power, so weak things can become stronger. A great quote from what Sister Dixon said was "Great men did not come out of fun, they earned greatness by their work, sweat, and toil. " that is not exactly word for word, but the first part is.  
  • We should pray specifically, I have been working on this because of our investigator Nate who hands down says the most sincere prayers that I know of.  
  • Listen to the voice, follow the spirit and keep our part of the commitment 
  • We all need to be excellent missionaries in this excellent mission 
  • The lord expects a lot of us because he has given us much
  • Joshua 1:4-6 is talking about your area, the lord will be with us.  
Also, president Luna sent a short story/allegory later by email about not being distracted. 
A missionary was in the Salt Lake City Airport and was on his way to his assigned mission in Boston. With his tickets in hand, he arrived at the airport and saw that he had a few minutes before he boarded the plane and so he thought about going to the cafeteria and eating something. He also thought about going to bathroom and take a quick look through the stores but his attention was caught suddenly by a scale. He decided to stop and weigh himself and write it down with the intention to weigh himself at the end of his mission to see how much it would change. He deposited a coin and the machine threw out a card that read: “You are Elder Arreola, you weigh 150 pounds and are going to take the 2:20 pm flight that will take you to Boston.” He stood shocked and amazed by what the machine had told him. Not thoroughly convinced of the possibility of this event he pulled out another coin and put it in the machine. Just as the first time, the machine gave him another card that said: “You still are Elder Arreola. You still weigh 150 pounds and you are going to take the 2:20 pm flight to Boston..” This surprised him even more so. “This cannot be possible,!” he said to himself. He inspected the machine but found nothing out of the ordinary so he took his suitcases and I entered the went into the bathroom where he changed his dress shoes for some sneakers and his suit for a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and finished his transformation with sunglasses and cap. Once he was done changing he went back to the machine where he inserted yet another coin. Once again, he received a card that said: “You still are Elder Arreola, You still weigh 150 pounds but your 2:20 PM flight to Boston left 5 minutes ago.”

The story kind of reminds me of when I left on my mission and we were all in a hurry trying to get to the airport because we were late.  Super glad I did not miss my flight by the way. The main focus of this story is to not spend your time on things that are of no value or worth. There are often people who seek to find people or things that simply occupy their time, without realizing that time is passing by. Often by the time they react it is too late. I hope this does not happen to me or anyone else, but we need to take care, and always be on our watch.  

Also, President Dixon told a short story that happened during the first year of his mission. He was serving in a blue collar town called Hamilton, Ontario. It was made up of  working class people and was much harder to find people to teach than in his other areas. On many days they would spend most of the day knocking on doors. He remembered some very cold winter days where jaws were practically frozen as they did door approaches. On one particular day he and his companion  knocked the door of a woman named Trish. She let them in and they began to teach her and her young son. She was very receptive to the gospel. She had been told by her previous church that she and her son would be going to hell because she had him when she was not married. She wept when they  told her that she could repent and she and her son could be baptized.  After that first lesson she came to love the truths of the gospel. However, just before her baptism. She started to have doubts. When they arrived for the final discussion prior to her baptism she told them about the fact that she had been having doubts and that she had offered a prayer the night before to know if being baptized was the right thing. She said that night she had a dream and saw a re-creation of the day when they knocked on her door. She told them that she had seen them coming down the street and so she went and hid in the basement so it would look like nobody was home. Something moved her when President Dixon, then an Elder, and his unnamed companion, knocked on the door and she decided to answer it and let them in. In the dream all of that happened again. When she opened the door, they were both standing as they had been before, except in the dream there was an angel standing above them with one hand being extended over each of them as if it was pushing them into the house. She said, now I know this is the right thing to do. An angel led you to my door!  Cool story Right? It kind of just shows how angels are literally with us when we the lords work. 
-Elder Enright-

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

March 27 (Erin)

OKay this is going to be really fast.
I hope you all got to watch the women´s broadcast, well you girls, ha, because it was a amazing (Is Henry B Eyring looking super old or is it just me?). Before the conference, I had thought of some questions that I needed answered or things I wanted to improve in my lfie, but required a little divine help to achieve. And guess what? Almost every single one of them got answered in one way or another.  I love it, even when it feels like a slap in the face, haha. I got to watch it in English since the president was in the offices with some other sisters who needed to watch it inEnglish! I love listending to it in spanish, but I miss the voices of the prophet and apostles. 

Well, lets fell pretty ahrd the other day in the street, while we were running to catch a bus (Not THE street, but sidewalk area). About a week before I had fallen to the ground getting OUT of a combi because I tripped and had both hands full (one with food). Anywho, but I fell the two times on the same leg, so when I fell in the street, all the skin that was scabbing came right off. It was pretty gross to pick THAT off my leg. So yeah, I have pictures and I´m debating whether or not to send them. It looked pretty bad. AND after I fell, we still had to finish some programs for baptisms that we have this week, so I hobbled to the ciber and sat, with my knee all bloody. That´s how dedicated I am to this work. We even begged the kid in the ciber if they had toilet paper and alochol so I could try to fix up my leg. Which, thankfully they did randomly have sitting on a shelf. Afterwards we went over to a member's house to bandage it up. The mom put all sorts of stuff all over the wound to try to clean it off. They have this stuff here called violeta, that they put on the wound after it´s clean that is supposed to dry everything super fast and keep the bandaid from sticking. I have two problems with this stuff. 1. It´s super dark purple and stains your skin for a good week or two. The sister that put it on my knee spilled it all over my leg, haha. 2. I don´t know if it´s a lie or if the one they had was super old, or if it was because of all the weird clear liquid that kept coming from my wound, but it didn´t dry anything! My bandage/gauze stuck pretty darn good. OW!

So, yeah that was my adventure this week. And yes, in case you were wondering, it was the same knee that I've bruised pretty bad twice before falling while playing soccer. I will be surprised if I make it home with two fully functioning knees. 

Today we had a pretty great disitrict activity. We played some random games (Mafia, signs, volleyball) and then afterwards watched a disney movie and had hamburgers.

This week we have three baptisms and I´m so super excited! Kald and Angel, two brothers who are 9 and 8 and then Alison, who is 15 years old and friends with the MIchel, who got baptized like a month ago. With all the changes here in wards, we´ve been running around like chickens with their heads cut off, trying to talk to all the different mission leaders and bishops to get everything set up. The two brothers are in one ward and Alison in another. It´s so super crazy, but we´re making it happen. 

Okay, love you guys lots!
Here are some photos, and yeah I decided to include my bloody knee, you´re welcome. 

 During intercambios. Hna Tere (our investigator), Hna Orosco, and me!

 My bloody knee (yes I´m cleaning it regularly and still have some triple antibiotic ointment that  I firmly believe will completely heal me. 

My companion and I messing around with a clown nose one of the members had here. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

"Joseph Smith was a young boy named Joseph Smith." (Aislin)

Role playing the restoration early in the mornings is always fun. After I'd talked about Christ's life on earth and the atonement and the apostasy, I passed it off to Sister Andersen who started off with, "Joseph Smith was a young boy named Joseph Smith --- wait." Hahaha! I love being a missionary.

 OK OK OK. First things first! I don't have a lot of time because we have to head up to St. John today. We were supposed to leave about a half hour ago but we had some trouble getting the computer from the clerk's office. But anyways! St. Stephen is AWESOME. We drove Sister Buchanan to Truro and then immediately turned around to head back to St. Stephen but couldn't make it quite on time so we ended up crashing in our STL's apartment in Fredericton. Then early Tuesday morning we were off again! WHEW, so much driving in this mission.

Tuesday was a rough day for me. Just feeling down. But remember how I said that Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when He sent me somewhere that gets snow a lot, because it cheers me up? So yeah, we got a blizzard Tuesday night! I LOVE BLIZZARDS. Also, first time driving in the snow, woot! Well, I've driven in snow I think, but not SERIOUS snow like this. We had to head back to our apartment a few hours earlier than we usually would have. After dropping off Sister Jones (the senior sister in our mission, who came to a couple appointments with us that evening), I told Sister Andersen that that was my first time driving in serious snow and she said, "Yeah, I could tell." *gasp* RUDE. But she was just kidding. Sort of. She said that for my first time, I did really well! But she could tell I hadn't had much experience of it before. Oh well. I've got 18 months to improve!

District meeting on Wednesday was AWESOME. We talked about the importance of fellowshipping in our wards and used Lord of the Rings as an example of good fellowshipping. What a bunch of nerds, haha! I love them.
This week, Angel, one of the young women, got to serve a mini mission with us! We just picked her up at mutual on Thursday night (did I tell you that Sister Andersen and I are Young Women leaders? There aren't enough people in the ward to fill every calling so we get to help and it's GREAT). It was so awesome! We taught a couple on Thursday night and we were trying to explain the Holy Ghost - which is more difficult than it should be - and she pulled out Galatians 5:22-24. BRILLIANT. It was such a tender mercy to have her there. The lesson was so awesome!

Friday was possibly my favorite day this week; it was our service day! And service is basically my favorite thing ever. We found an old folks' home earlier this week to volunteer at. We asked i there was anything this week we could help with and the lady said, "Well, we're doing manicures on Friday for all the ladies if you want to come help with that." so of course we said YES, we'd love to! Then as we were walking back to our car I turned and asked sister Andersen, "What all exactly does a manicure include? Are we just painting nails or is there more to it?" and she just whispered back, "I have no idea." So that's fine. Apparently a manicure is more than just cleaning and painting nails but I still don't know exactly because I didn't do the manicures. They had me leading out a game of Bingo which was pretty fun. I just had to yell the numbers really loud and often more than once because there would be an old lady in the corner who would constantly go, "What did she say?" Hahaha! I love old people. After service at the old folks' home (which we're going to start doing weekly now!!! So excited!!!), we did service at the food pantry! Service is seriously the best, guys. Service = Happiness.

OK I have to finish up now. Here are some things I've learned out on the mish:

1. I've really grown a greater appreciation for converts. They're some of the strongest members I know. Danny is doing so awesome and is willing to obey God's commandments no matter what (1 Nephi 3:7, 17:3). We taught him a little more about the Priesthood this week and I could tell he was a little scared and unsure about it but he understood that it was a great honor and responsibility. Another recent convert we have here is Chris. He's been a member since Summer last year and he is AMAZING. He's so enthusiastic about studying the doctrines and principles of the gospel and loves attending the temple. Being able to see how much Chris and Danny have grown and changed since joining the church really is a blessing. It's taught me quite a few things about faith. Both of them are in their 50s, hadn't been terribly religious before meeting with missionaries, and joining the church has completely turned their lives around. There are so many things to learn about, most of which I take for granted, and to see how their faith has just carried them through it all, unquestioning, willing to do anything because they've experienced the joy that this gospel brings, a joy that they've never felt before in their lives. . . It's really amazing.

2. As a missionary, I never feel anger for our investigators. When they fail to keep commitments or to understand even the simplest truths of the gospel because of stubbornness or other beliefs, it just makes me sad. I feel sad for them because I KNOW how amazing the Book of Mormon is, I KNOW the joy that comes from following Christ and keeping God's commandments, but they don't know that because they're unwilling to make that first step towards God, to receive His blessings and His answers, to even TRY. It's devastating, really, and I imagine that's exactly how Heavenly Father feels when we are stubborn, when we ignore the Spirit, when we break His commandments. Not angry but just sad. Sad because He knows we can do better, sad because He knows what's waiting for us if we do do better. Through this, I've gained a greater understanding of Jacob 5. Verse 11 says "And the Lord of the vineyard caused that it should be pruned, and nourished saying unto his servant: It grieveth me that I should lose this tree; wherefore, that perhaps I might preserve the roots thereof that they perish not, that I might preserve them unto myself, I have done this thing." Heavenly Father wants nothing more than for us to be strong, steadfast, and immovable so that we can make it home to Him one day, and He does all He can for us but that doesn't mean we don't have to do any of the work. In fact, He can't do anything for us until we make that first step towards Him, to show our desire and our willingness to follow His commandments, to come unto Christ and be perfected in Him that we might live with our Father again. This gospel is all about change and progression. When we are on the path to salvation, Heavenly Father will bless our every step, but we have to be the ones to make that step. Agency is an amazing learning tool for us, and I imagine that it's probably just as frustrating to God as it is to us missionaries when our investigators are unwilling to make that first step of faith.

I could go on forever and ever but I should probably go now.

I love you all lots and lots and pray for you every night! I hope you're excited for General Conference and Easter because HOLY HECK, I can barely contain my excitement!!! Just WAIT 'til you see the new Easter video! Have some tissues ready. It's the BEEEESSST. And I can't wait for the next General Conference issue of the Ensign to come out because let me tell you, missionaries devour Ensigns. Honestly, they're best reading material there is (*cough* other than the Book of Mormon of course *cough*). I can't wait to hear David A. Bednar 'cause he's my FAVORITE. Also, do yourself a favor and go read Alma 26. Gosh, favorite chapter EVER. I was just studying that one again this week. Ammon is so good. OH and Alma and Amulek. My favorites. EVERYTHING IS MY FAVORITE. BUT I HAVE TO GO. Love you!!!

- Sister Enright

Prepare For Picture Overload. . .

HEEEYY!!! Guess what!? I found a computer with an SD slot in it! Tender mercy of the day. 
Drawing I did of a companionship in the MTC. They paid me with Heath bars and chocolate covered raisins! Haha! Don't hide your talents, guys!

My adorable MTC companion, sister Hanna Haughawout. I miss her!


MTC comp. We look like twins!

My box was accidentally addressed to an "Elder Aislin Enright." Oh well!

 Last temple walk!

On the Trax!


Sleepovers are crowded

So there was this one time, where we went on splits, so Sister Andersen and I didn't have the car and we went knocking! And we almost died of frostbite. IT WAS SO COLD. We couldn't feel our fingers or our toes or our knees. . . Before long, my face went pretty numb too. And no one was answering their doors! Probably 'cause they know that only crazy people (including sister missionaries) would be out in cold like that. Eventually we found refuge in some nice old guy's house. He let us borrow his phone so we could call sister Buchanan to come pick us up. I also burnt my thumb a little on his metal door because it was so cold! 
First blizzard of my mission!!!

White out! We had to drive like 20 KM/H to get home

Blizzard selfie!!! I love snow

KINDER EGGS!!! Actually, they're not as exciting as I hoped they'd be. BUT STILL.

Angel (our mini missionary!), Sister Andersen and I got Shamrock shakes for St. Patrick's day 'cause we were curious to see what the craze was all about. Still not sure what it's all about actually. They were pretty nasty.

You know those tins that literally every Grandma in the WORLD (well, probably) has lying around their house? The ones that say they have cookies in them but usually have sewing supplies or tacks or something? 

Well, this one actually had cookies in it! 

3-20-17 (Erin)

Let´s see.... Sunday was a little weird. They divided wards here and areas and everything. (I think I told you guys about that). But anyways. President didn´t know anything about all the changes and so couldn´t rearrange mission areas to work with the new wards. For example our area now is completely in a new ward, two actually. So yesterday we ended up going to two different wards to make sure our investigators could go to the right ward and feel comfortable about it and all. But one of the wards, Hueyotlipan, is HUGE! And we had about 6 missionaries there because we´re all confused and have no idea where we need to be going to church, but we know that our investigators live the area of that ward, so yeah. It´s kind of a mess right now. 

Um yeah. It´s an adventure here. Also I´ve noticed A LOT, what with having siblings and friends in other missions, that our mission is really really strict about what elders and sisters can do together and stuff like that. It´s just interesting how different missions can be.

I´m almost done with Alma! I have exactly two weeks to finish the Book or Mormon for the assignment from the President, and I´m only a tad bit stressed about finishing in time. But hey, GENERAL CONFERENCE! I´m so super excited because I love general conference with all my heart. The other day we were giving a lesson on how to prepare for general conference and we were reading the story in Mosiah when all the people come to listen to King Benjamin and how they prepare with putting their tents facing the temple and sacrificing animals and whatnot. But yeah, I really love this story (not the sacrificing animals part) because the whole Pueblo came to listen, what the prophet had to say was so important they camped out for it, haha. So yeah, you guys all should really prepare in the best way possible (no sacrificing animals) to listen to the Prophet. Remember that he is the mouthpiece of God and what he and his counselors and the apostles have to say is divine direction for our day. I'm so excited and hope you guys are too. Study the past conference, think of questions you have about the gospel or problems you are facing and I promise that you will receive personal revelation during General conference. 

Okay, whelp. I love you all dearly. Be good, Love and serve one another. Be patient with God´s plan and timing, because he knows exactly what we need to pass through to reach our full potential. Trust in him, 

les amo tanto!
Hermana Enright 

Rat and Recording (Amik)

General conference is almost here!!  And by golly is it getting hot. However, Here are some things I've learned out here in the California desert.

I've really seen the power of converts. They are a few of the strongest members in the areas I have served. That is when they stay active.  It just seems to be pretty common in this mission that after baptism,  those who were baptized almost immediately face a big trial that they need to fix or overcome.  Some of them just drift off and don't want to come back.  An example is recent convert that actually was a member of another faith for a long time before breaking off and then going to visit family, which he hadn't met for years because of his faith, for Christmas and than was actually baptized over in Colorado because his family were members.  It was going really well until he ran into anti stuff through some friends and now he is avoiding us and not wanting to come back.  We contacted him one time last Saturday because he pulled in as we were leaving.  That was when we found out what was happening and encouraged him to continue pray and read the scriptures.  As well as made sure he was directed towards goods sources of information, like  However, since that accidental meeting we again have lost contact with him. 

That was a bit depressing to start out with, my point is that then you have the converts that stay on.  Like Carlos. He was baptized in October, is doing so awesome and is willing to obey God's commandments no matter how hard it gets.  Just like Danny, who Aislin mentioned.  We have had Carlos come to lessons with us and made sure he is very involved with the ward and the local YSA leaders.   He is preparing to go on a mission when he hits his year mark and is very converted and a great guy.  

Actually funny story, the elders in the zone were asked to record a video introducing ourselves and why we came on our missions for a stake meeting of the young men.  We thought it would be cool to have Carlos as part of the video as well.  So we recorded ourselves for the video.  However, to make the five minute video they asked for, it took nearly forty minutes because someone always messed up.  I will send video and bloopers.

Also, right before we did that we were sitting on a couch, the couch that  I am currently lying down on while I write this, and a rat shot out from under the couch and into the  chapel overflow room.  So we kind of went rat hunting for a bit. We never caught the rat but we found a few of its hiding spots and a ton of rat chocolates and yesterday we pointed the areas out to a member of the ward who was laying mouse/rat trips.  We came over this morning to see if the rat  was caught, but the traps were already gone. So we are assuming it was already caught, but the guy got the traps out early so we did not get to see the cadaver we wanted to see.  

Another recent convert we have here is Jackson. He's been a member since Summer last year and is from Alaska. He's so enthusiastic about studying the doctrines and principles of the gospel and loves doing missionary work.  We made sure to give him a mini Preach my Gospel for his use as well as other pamphlets and stuff. He actually has to go back up to Alaska for a couple of weeks to get a few things in order.  It is still unclear how long he will actually be there.  So we had a lesson this week about enduring and moving forward and actually had him make a list of ten things he will work on once he is settled. 

Anyway, We have a multi zone conference this Thursday and we should see the new Easter video!! Have a great week! 

Elder Enright

We went hiking today:

Friday, March 17, 2017

Road Trip! (Aislin)

Hello, all my adoring fans. 

GUESS WHO HAD A BAPTISM THIS WEEK!?!?!?!? The St. Stephen sisters, freak yeah!

SATURDAY MORNING (I'll get to the rest of the week later)

 So Danny's baptism was scheduled for 2:00 PM - Danny, by the way, is AWESOME. He's in his fifties, lives with his half-brother Miguel, is originally from France and so reads French better than English but has been slowly making his way through an English Book of Mormon because he wanted to. He's come to church every week since the sisters first started teaching him and every time we commit him to anything he always says, "Sure, I'll try!" and then he does it. What a golden investigator, eh? Oh yeah, and the first night I was here, we taught him the Law of Chastity. Great way to break me into the mission. Oh and he's hilarious and gives the best prayers ever. Friday night, we went to see him and brought some baptism clothes for him to try on. None of them fit. He went to the washroom to try the jumpsuit on and we just hear him go, "Nope! Not a chance!" Haha! Then when he gave the closing prayer he said, "Dear God, this evening has been a great evening. . . I'm sorry I didn't fit into any of your clothes though." Sister Buchanan and I had to stifle our laughter. ANYWAYS. We found clothes.

We got to the chapel around 9 AM so we could do a district Skype call while we filled up the font (this mission is so big that the only we can have district meetings without driving three hours is through Skype). The font filled up fast enough but we were worried it just wasn't going to be warm enough so we also dumped in pots of boiling water every now and then.

Finally it was time for the baptism. After some pictures and talk about how baptism by immersion is symbolic of death and rebirth (did I mention that Danny nearly drowned when he was younger and so has a terrible fear of DYING UNDER WATER???) so that was great. Good thing Danny's a tough guy. Then Danny and Brother Murray got in the font.  Danny's nonmember half-brother came to the baptism. When the sisters first started teaching Danny, Miguel would have nothing to do with the lessons, but recently he's been joining in a little bit and making comments and listening when we come to talk to Danny. AND he's read the whole Book of Mormon! I was so happy that he came to the baptism

So there it is. Danny's baptism. I'm glad it happened. 

 ANYWAYS. Back in time, to the beginning of the week. For our P-Day on Tuesday we went the "beach" to walk on the ocean floor while the tide was out and it SNOWED. So basically I was as happy as could be. There's something about snow that makes me feel like I'm six years-old again and have nothing to care or worry about. I think that's the reason Heavenly Father sent me to Canada, 'cause He knew all it takes to put a smile on my face again is a bit of snow. He knew what he was doing. We went to the bishop's for dinner and had MEXICAN FOOD. HALLELUJAH. I was so worried that I would never get Mexican food up here but when they called that morning to ask if Mexican food was alright for dinner, I just about fell out of my chair from excitement. It was soooo good! AND I made guacamole! *Sniff* Tender mercy.

 Wednesday was my one month mark! WHOO HOO! One month old! Such a baby. We also met the cutest old lady that day. She was a referral. Her name is Janet, she's 90 years old and almost completely bald, about 4'6", and moves faster and more easily than most 70 year-olds I know. The moment she opened the door and saw us she said, "You won't get far with me, I'm a devout Catholic." but let us in anyways and we talked about Family History and set up a day to go see her again next week to show her SHE'S SO CUTE, I'll have to draw her for you.

We also did some knocking on Wednesday before our dinner appointment. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Most people are polite enough to let us finish talking before they say - very nicely - that they're not interested. But one guy - the first one I talked to - said he was interested and we gave him a Restoration pamphlet and set up a time to see him the next day! OF COURSE, he wasn't there the next day. That happens a lot out here too. People will tell you that you can come back at a time that they appear to never be at home. Perfect. Thank you for that.

Friday was pretty great. I ate lots of chocolate in honor of your birthday, Dad! We volunteer at the food pantry every Friday and they literally stuff our arms full of chocolate and candy. I've got quite the stash now. I'm gonna gain 40 lbs! There's an elder here who has been out only 8 months but has already gained 40 lbs! As you can see, we're well taken care of in the CHM.

Well, I have to go. We have to start our 4+ hour road trip to take Sister Buchanan to Truro, where some other sisters will drive her to Halifax. She's heading home tomorrow! Love ya lots!!! 

Last thing! I forgot! I have been working on recognizing the promptings of the Holy Ghost lately and I had an experience. There was one time where we had knocked multiple times on an investigator's door (this was the second appointment now that she had not been home for) and we were sitting in the car, ready to drive off, trying to decide what to do next, when we decided to pray and ask where to go. After the prayer, I kept thinking that we needed to go knock ONE MORE TIME. I almost didn't voice this feeling because I was worried it might seem silly. We had knocked over and over again and she hadn't answered. But I remembered that I was trying to follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost and thought that maybe this was one of them. So I suggested that we knock one more time. We went back and knocked and just like before, no one answered. I kept looking around, expecting someone else to show up, someone else we could share our message with, 'cause I KNEW the Spirit wouldn't make us go back for nothing. As we were heading back downstairs we ran into a lady who we gave a card to! She seemed genuinely interested and she got our number and we got hers and she said she'd call when she had time! It may have just been a quick encounter with her, we may not actually get a lesson with her, but we planted a seed! And hopefully that was just the beginning! I'm so glad I listened to the Spirit and went back, to knock just one more time!

- Sister Enright

P.S. Knocking the freezing cold is not a good idea. I couldn't feel my knees or my fingers or my ears or half my face! We knocked a few houses and I actually burnt my thumb a little on someone's metal door when I opened it! Adventures in Canada. I have a couple of pictures when I find a camera cord and then I can tell the whole story!

- Sister Enright

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

3-13-17 (Erin)

WooHoo! Happy 11 months to me!!!!! I need to go buy me a Kinder Sorpresa because I´m a 4 year old and am easily pleased by chocolate eggs with little tiny toys inside. What can I say, simple things make me happy. But seriously, last October I started buying them every time I completed a month in the mission. They´re pretty much the greatest thing ever and the chocolate is to die for. 

Okay, so today starts a new cambio. We didn´t have changes. Hna Valdez and Hna Badger did though. Hna Badger left for another area and Hna Eastman (my companion from the CCM) came here to be with Hna Valdez. BUT, they won´t actually be living with us, because the elders that were living across the street from us got moved, so Hna Valdez and Hna Eastman are now living there. Hna Burgos and I now have the house to ourselves and it´s pretty darn weird with only two. 

Yesterday we had a special conference with everyone in the stake where big changes were announced to the areas for every ward. Now our area, every bit of it resides in another ward. I don´t know exactly what will happen, but for right now we´re just working in the same area, but everyone will go to the new ward, but us, we stay in the same ward. Or something like that. It´s kind of weird. But I guess every stake here in Puebla had the conference and almost every ward got changed. Kind of a big moment for the members here, since most of them have been living in the same ward for like 20 years. 

I hope we get to keep our area and the President will just move us to the Hueytlipan ward because we have a good few baptisms that we were hoping to work towards this cambio. 

Well, I don´t have a whole heck of a lot of time left, so I´m just gonna send you guys some pictures. 

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I spent an entire day this past week in the hospital. Nothing happened to me, you can all calm down. One of the sisters in our group got her appendix taken out, so I took care of her for the day while my companion went with her companion to their area to work. Not a bad trade off, considering we watched Disney movies basically all day. I DID try to read my Book of Mormon, but it didn´t quite work what with Big Hero 6 playing in the background.

 Last district meeting. 

 We were celebrating...something. Ponchos and sombreros, woohoo!

On Saturday we celebrated Hna Badger´s birthday since it´s tomorrow, but she was getting transferred. Yeah, I made the cake. And yes, the frosting really was that pink, but with strawberries and chocolate, it tasted pretty darn good. 
 Fiesta. Me, Hna Valdez, Hna Badger, and Hna Burgos. I really do love these girls so much. MAPS (haha, mejores amigas para siempre.)

Me, Hna Burgos, and Elder Zapata. He was one of the asistentes but yesterday was his last day, so we took a picture with him. 

 Some pretty legit tacos. Not al Pastor, but that´s okay. 

OKay that´s all for now. Love you guys!
Hna Enright

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Nadal and Nate, Nate and Nadal, the mighty and powerful gods (Amik)

I am really short on time, but today we had tickets for the tennis tournament that goes on for two weeks.  So last week we came when it was free, and this we got ahold of free tickets because a member is a volunteer there.  So we sat out in the sun and baked.  Also, we saw a match of men's double with a famous tennis guy named Nadal. Tennis is fun, but not worth the money.  If we had paid it would have been 50 bucks a ticket, not worth it in my mind.  Not including the food, which random members from around the stakes kept coming and buying for us, when we are not even at the food place.  

Anyway the best part about this week was a lesson with a guy named Nate.  Nate is a friend of Jackson and came down here as Jackson did.  So Nate has been coming to church the last few Sundays and on Tuesday we had a lesson and invited him to be baptized.  To which he said "of course" so now we are working with him on that.  Anyway, he is the most kind hearted person I have ever met and is a really cool guy.

Anyway times up, but Happy Birthday Dad! It sounds like you had a great weekend surprise and that the house move is on its way.   

The picture of the player is Nadal.  I think.  

I know nothing about Tennis

Amik's photo of a tennis player he doesn't actually know anything about

And another photo that a random member kindly texted Elder Enright's mom 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

O CANADA (Aislin)

This week
has been
the longest week
of my LIFE.

For reals, it seems to have lasted much longer than my three weeks in the MTC - which, by the way, I miss SO MUCH. The field is so different from the MTC. Really, the only similarity seems to be that we teach the Doctrine of Christ every day, but the people, the area, the food, the companions, the weather, etc., etc. are all so very, very different. Hopefully I'll have time to tell you everything about it because I have 2 hours to email! Yay! I feel pretty spoiled in this mission to be honest.

Sunday was our last Sunday in the MTC and it was bittersweet. We sang as a district in Sacrament meeting and it sounded pretty sick, Sister Haughawout and I taught a BOMB district lesson on having faith in Jesus Christ and the atonement - everyone was crying (JK, that was mostly me) and I learned so much from hearing everyone's testimonies. We listened to a devotional by Jeffrey R. Holland that really got us all pumped for the field. Then we had one last district prayer and a brief testimony meeting of sorts. This time, everyone really did cry. We were all emotional wrecks. Afterwards we walked back to our residences and said goodnight and shook all the elders' hands roughly 4 million times 'cause hugs aren't allowed so handshakes and high-fives it is.
Monday morning, Sister Ward and I woke up around 3 AM to help the Portland sisters and Sister Sage get all their luggage to the travel office and on their bus. We said more goodbyes and weren't back to our rooms 'til nearly 5 AM. Yay for sleep deprivation. When we woke up just an hour later, we were both so tired that we completely forgot about service that morning! EEK! Bad missionaries. We just prayed for forgiveness and knew that we'd have plenty of time in the mission field for service. THANK GOODNESS. 
Tuesday was a pretty somber day for all of us. We were missing the other half of our district so much, I feel like our studies were a little less effective than they should've been. But we still had a great time together, cramming in as much as we could before heading out to the field the next day.

 Wednesday morning, we were at the travel office by 4:30 and on a bus at 5. Then on a train, then the Trax, then - FINALLY - on a plane. That plane ride was a lot more fun than my first experience. It felt a little more like a Disneyland ride rather than an elevator/death trap, so that's good. When we landed in Toronto, the American missionaries had to go through customs which wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Except the guy who was helping me with my paperwork laughed at me when he found out that for my first excursion out of the states, I had chosen to go to the North-Eastern coast. For a minute there I was wondering what on earth I was getting myself into if it was worth laughing about. After that was over with we went get some food and find some payphones so we could call home! That was glorious, and I'll pretend I didn't start crying when I heard Mom's voice on the other end. Sorry I had to hang up before you got home, Mom. There were only three phones where we were and I wanted to make sure Elder Willoughby had a chance to call. 

While he was on the phone, I turned around to see an old woman sitting in a wheelchair by the doors and I decided to go talk to her. I asked her if she was waiting for someone and she replied yes, but whoever had wheeled her over there had taken her to the wrong doors, so she was worried that she'd miss her ride. So I offered to wheel her over to the other set of doors. After bringing her and all her luggage to the right set of doors, I talked to her for a while and we started talking about family (since that was on my mind after the phone call home) and I told her about our church's belief of eternal families and I gave her a card before I had to rush back to make my flight. Her name was Ina and she was so sweet! I loved her! Missionary work is so easy, guys.

 After talking to Ina, we were on our way to the gate when I realized I didn't have my scriptures! Obviously we couldn't leave without them so we ran back and retraced our steps and looked EVERYWHERE, then we said a prayer and someone told us that a security guard had picked up my scriptures and taken them somewhere. So we ran to the info desk to ask after them. By this point, we were 15 minutes late for the plane, I was hyperventilating and crying and stressed that we'd miss our flight. But I've had those scriptures for 11 years and they mean the WORLD to me, no matter how marked up and worn they are. Those 11 years worth of markings had been to prepare me for my mission and there was no way I was going to make it the next 18 months without them. The lady at the info desk said she hadn't seen them, but I could tell she felt really bad as I stood there with silent tears running down my face and unable to speak for fear of completely losing it. Good thing Elder Bringhurst was there to do the talking for me. He got a number from the lady who told us to call when we could and if they found my scriptures, they'd do their best to send them to me but they would have to hold them for at least 30 days for security purposes. 

We thanked her and solemnly made our way back up the stairs and towards our gate. I'd resigned myself to the idea that I would have to try and make it a month without my scriptures. BUT. Prayers are answered! On our way to the gate, sister Dawson grabbed me by the arm and pointed out a security guard who, along with the leash of a security K9, WAS HOLDING MY SCRIPTURES. I ran over and tearfully explained that they were mine and he just handed them over with a very confused look on his face, probably because he imagined that the little floral bag of old scriptures belonged to some heavily religious, crazy old woman and not some tear-stained, equally heavily religious, 19 year old girl. I told sister Dawson how grateful I was that she was paying attention to what was going on around us because I probably never would have seen him since I had been walking with my eyes on the ground. She just told me to be grateful that the security guard had a dog, otherwise she probably wouldn't have noticed either! Haha! Tender mercy

 Anyways. By this point we were at least 25 minutes late for boarding time, so we ran to the gate where I got stopped because I couldn't find my boarding pass. In the desperate search for my scriptures, my pass had been shoved to the bottom of my bag and I was on my way to print out another one when Sister Ceron told me to look through my bag again. FINALLY I found it and we rushed through security and ran - now all of us exhausted, sweaty, and extremely stressed - to our terminal where they told us that we had just made it on time! The plane had been delayed and they had only just started boarding! AH! We all laughed and hugged and high-fived and then said a quick prayer of gratitude. WHEW. Prayers are answered, people. We even had the chance to share the gospel with the lady next to us who was confused at the group of kids praying together. So that was awesome.

We made it to the mission home around 11, ate some dinner and then were in bed around 12:30 (probably the only time we'll ever have the President's permission for that to happen). President Pratt even let us sleep in 'til 8! It was pure bliss. Then, after our new missionary orientation the next day, we got to take a 45 minute nap since some people were falling asleep at the table.  We spent all day Thursday in the mission office, learning about vehicle safety and eating poutine and cookies while we listened to the mission nurse lecture us about eating healthy. Oh, the irony.  I got my Canadian driver's license! My photo actually looks decent and not like it needs a heading that says "WARNING: Escaped convict." So that's nice.

Thursday I spent nearly all day in the car to get to my little area of St. Stephen. It's right on the border of Maine and actually, half the town is in the US and it's called Calais there. So we get to cross the border to Maine a lot. My trainer is Sister Andersen and she's pretty awesome. She's also pretty old, mission-wise. She's been out for 15 months! I also have a second companion, Sister Buchanan who was going to go home last week but got permission to extend 10 days so she could stay for a baptism we have this Saturday. That's right, I've been in the field for barely a week and already have a baptism! Ten points to Gryffindor. We actually had to go pick up Sister Buchanan in Moncton on Friday, which was another 4-5 hour car ride for us. This mission is HUUUUUGE and as a result, I've spent the better part of my mission - thus far - in a car. I've only driven once, mostly because I don't know the area at all yet, but also because, due to the soporific effect of the combination of the apostle's voices and the Sunday Mornings With Bach CD (some of the only things we're allowed to listen to here), I spent a lot of time in the car fast asleep. So yeah. Whoops.

After we picked up Sister Buchanan, we went to Maine where we volunteer at a food pantry for a few hours every week. That's where we get most of groceries too, because at the end of the day, when they're closing up, they allow us to take whatever we want so they don't have to throw too much away later. As a result, our own pantry is positively STUFFED with food. Granted, most of it is past the expiration date or at least not far from it, but it's still good. My first thought when I saw the kitchen (and the whole apartment really. It's pretty nice.) was, "Wow Kegan and Rhys are going to think I'm the most spoiled missionary ever." which is probably true.

Have I told you that we're allowed to do sleepovers? 'Cause we are. Like I said, our mission is pretty big. We had stake conference on Sunday and Zone Conference on Monday (which is why I didn't email yesterday, btw. But Monday is my regular P-Day) and since most of the missionaries had to drive 3-4 hours to get to either of those events, President Pratt has us all stay with other missionaries. Saturday night, I and my two companions, along with one other companionship stayed with the Fredericton Sisters for Stake Conference. Then that night we all drove over to Amherst to stay with 4 other companionships in one apartment. It was a lot of fun and I'm impressed that we all managed to be in and out of bed on time, and be ready on time since we only had one bathroom between us. 

Zone Conference was AWESOME. And I got to see Sister Ceron and Elder Willoughby again! Elder Meurs of the 70 came and talked to us. As a mission we're focusing on helping our investigators come to church and encouraging our members to be better at member missionary work. All the towns in our zone are pretty small - St. Stephen actually reminds me a little of Del Norte. Just with more trees. None of our branches are very big and the number of inactive members we have is pretty high. So we're working on that. Zone Conference lasted from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM. WHEW. That's a long time! I also forgot my notebook in St. Stephen so I had just a couple pieces of scratch paper to keep both my notes and my doodles on - SO MANY DOODLES. We drove back to St. Stephen that night and taught Danny a lesson! Danny is the investigator who is getting baptized this Saturday. We just went over the baptismal questions with him and he seems pretty ready. I'm so excited for him!

Anyways. It's about time to go. I love it here. The people here are great.  The accents are great, some sound almost Irish and others I can't even begin to understand. I don't even know if it's English sometimes. It's bitter cold sometimes but it's an adventure. The sky is always really clear and the stars are beautiful. The shooting stars especially. Also, weird thing. Everyone here apparently spied on my FB page before I came out. The bishop came up to me the other day - before I even knew he was the bishop - and he said something about how excited his son was to have a Star Wars artist in the branch. All I was thinking was, "Wait, who the heck are you and how do you know me???" So yeah, word got around pretty fast about me being a Star Wars nerd and an artist. Cool.

I have to go! I love you lots!!! I will print up emails and read them over the week!!! And I'll get better about organizing my, emails too. 

Love you!!!!!!! 

- Sister Enright