Wednesday, March 15, 2017

3-13-17 (Erin)

WooHoo! Happy 11 months to me!!!!! I need to go buy me a Kinder Sorpresa because I´m a 4 year old and am easily pleased by chocolate eggs with little tiny toys inside. What can I say, simple things make me happy. But seriously, last October I started buying them every time I completed a month in the mission. They´re pretty much the greatest thing ever and the chocolate is to die for. 

Okay, so today starts a new cambio. We didn´t have changes. Hna Valdez and Hna Badger did though. Hna Badger left for another area and Hna Eastman (my companion from the CCM) came here to be with Hna Valdez. BUT, they won´t actually be living with us, because the elders that were living across the street from us got moved, so Hna Valdez and Hna Eastman are now living there. Hna Burgos and I now have the house to ourselves and it´s pretty darn weird with only two. 

Yesterday we had a special conference with everyone in the stake where big changes were announced to the areas for every ward. Now our area, every bit of it resides in another ward. I don´t know exactly what will happen, but for right now we´re just working in the same area, but everyone will go to the new ward, but us, we stay in the same ward. Or something like that. It´s kind of weird. But I guess every stake here in Puebla had the conference and almost every ward got changed. Kind of a big moment for the members here, since most of them have been living in the same ward for like 20 years. 

I hope we get to keep our area and the President will just move us to the Hueytlipan ward because we have a good few baptisms that we were hoping to work towards this cambio. 

Well, I don´t have a whole heck of a lot of time left, so I´m just gonna send you guys some pictures. 

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I spent an entire day this past week in the hospital. Nothing happened to me, you can all calm down. One of the sisters in our group got her appendix taken out, so I took care of her for the day while my companion went with her companion to their area to work. Not a bad trade off, considering we watched Disney movies basically all day. I DID try to read my Book of Mormon, but it didn´t quite work what with Big Hero 6 playing in the background.

 Last district meeting. 

 We were celebrating...something. Ponchos and sombreros, woohoo!

On Saturday we celebrated Hna Badger´s birthday since it´s tomorrow, but she was getting transferred. Yeah, I made the cake. And yes, the frosting really was that pink, but with strawberries and chocolate, it tasted pretty darn good. 
 Fiesta. Me, Hna Valdez, Hna Badger, and Hna Burgos. I really do love these girls so much. MAPS (haha, mejores amigas para siempre.)

Me, Hna Burgos, and Elder Zapata. He was one of the asistentes but yesterday was his last day, so we took a picture with him. 

 Some pretty legit tacos. Not al Pastor, but that´s okay. 

OKay that´s all for now. Love you guys!
Hna Enright

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