Wednesday, March 22, 2017

3-20-17 (Erin)

Let´s see.... Sunday was a little weird. They divided wards here and areas and everything. (I think I told you guys about that). But anyways. President didn´t know anything about all the changes and so couldn´t rearrange mission areas to work with the new wards. For example our area now is completely in a new ward, two actually. So yesterday we ended up going to two different wards to make sure our investigators could go to the right ward and feel comfortable about it and all. But one of the wards, Hueyotlipan, is HUGE! And we had about 6 missionaries there because we´re all confused and have no idea where we need to be going to church, but we know that our investigators live the area of that ward, so yeah. It´s kind of a mess right now. 

Um yeah. It´s an adventure here. Also I´ve noticed A LOT, what with having siblings and friends in other missions, that our mission is really really strict about what elders and sisters can do together and stuff like that. It´s just interesting how different missions can be.

I´m almost done with Alma! I have exactly two weeks to finish the Book or Mormon for the assignment from the President, and I´m only a tad bit stressed about finishing in time. But hey, GENERAL CONFERENCE! I´m so super excited because I love general conference with all my heart. The other day we were giving a lesson on how to prepare for general conference and we were reading the story in Mosiah when all the people come to listen to King Benjamin and how they prepare with putting their tents facing the temple and sacrificing animals and whatnot. But yeah, I really love this story (not the sacrificing animals part) because the whole Pueblo came to listen, what the prophet had to say was so important they camped out for it, haha. So yeah, you guys all should really prepare in the best way possible (no sacrificing animals) to listen to the Prophet. Remember that he is the mouthpiece of God and what he and his counselors and the apostles have to say is divine direction for our day. I'm so excited and hope you guys are too. Study the past conference, think of questions you have about the gospel or problems you are facing and I promise that you will receive personal revelation during General conference. 

Okay, whelp. I love you all dearly. Be good, Love and serve one another. Be patient with God´s plan and timing, because he knows exactly what we need to pass through to reach our full potential. Trust in him, 

les amo tanto!
Hermana Enright 

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