Thursday, March 30, 2017

Erin can watch Disney movies in her mission? (Amik)

This week we had a zone conference, one of the funny parts was when we had President Luna of the mission presidency teach us.  Thing is he only speaks Spanish and so we had President Dixon translating and Luna is very very animated while he talks.  With him pretending to swing a bat a couple  of times, this swinging included spinning for effect.  Anyway, we went over a few things, but we have not seen the new Easter video yet.  I guess we will see it Friday.  But I will include a few of my thoughts on what was discussed.  
  • Many people want to investigate the gospel because of how they see the gospel affect others, on my mission I have seen how the people who follow the commandments/gospel are blessed.  Especially when compared to less actives who have made covenants, but then left them in the dust.  
  • Preach my gospel shows us the way to improve and feel the spirit, I am going to be studying that book the rest of my life. Especially chapter six
We need to be continuously changing and becoming better all the time.  That is what the Lord wants.  That is what the gospel is all about. Pray always for his power, so weak things can become stronger. A great quote from what Sister Dixon said was "Great men did not come out of fun, they earned greatness by their work, sweat, and toil. " that is not exactly word for word, but the first part is.  
  • We should pray specifically, I have been working on this because of our investigator Nate who hands down says the most sincere prayers that I know of.  
  • Listen to the voice, follow the spirit and keep our part of the commitment 
  • We all need to be excellent missionaries in this excellent mission 
  • The lord expects a lot of us because he has given us much
  • Joshua 1:4-6 is talking about your area, the lord will be with us.  
Also, president Luna sent a short story/allegory later by email about not being distracted. 
A missionary was in the Salt Lake City Airport and was on his way to his assigned mission in Boston. With his tickets in hand, he arrived at the airport and saw that he had a few minutes before he boarded the plane and so he thought about going to the cafeteria and eating something. He also thought about going to bathroom and take a quick look through the stores but his attention was caught suddenly by a scale. He decided to stop and weigh himself and write it down with the intention to weigh himself at the end of his mission to see how much it would change. He deposited a coin and the machine threw out a card that read: “You are Elder Arreola, you weigh 150 pounds and are going to take the 2:20 pm flight that will take you to Boston.” He stood shocked and amazed by what the machine had told him. Not thoroughly convinced of the possibility of this event he pulled out another coin and put it in the machine. Just as the first time, the machine gave him another card that said: “You still are Elder Arreola. You still weigh 150 pounds and you are going to take the 2:20 pm flight to Boston..” This surprised him even more so. “This cannot be possible,!” he said to himself. He inspected the machine but found nothing out of the ordinary so he took his suitcases and I entered the went into the bathroom where he changed his dress shoes for some sneakers and his suit for a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and finished his transformation with sunglasses and cap. Once he was done changing he went back to the machine where he inserted yet another coin. Once again, he received a card that said: “You still are Elder Arreola, You still weigh 150 pounds but your 2:20 PM flight to Boston left 5 minutes ago.”

The story kind of reminds me of when I left on my mission and we were all in a hurry trying to get to the airport because we were late.  Super glad I did not miss my flight by the way. The main focus of this story is to not spend your time on things that are of no value or worth. There are often people who seek to find people or things that simply occupy their time, without realizing that time is passing by. Often by the time they react it is too late. I hope this does not happen to me or anyone else, but we need to take care, and always be on our watch.  

Also, President Dixon told a short story that happened during the first year of his mission. He was serving in a blue collar town called Hamilton, Ontario. It was made up of  working class people and was much harder to find people to teach than in his other areas. On many days they would spend most of the day knocking on doors. He remembered some very cold winter days where jaws were practically frozen as they did door approaches. On one particular day he and his companion  knocked the door of a woman named Trish. She let them in and they began to teach her and her young son. She was very receptive to the gospel. She had been told by her previous church that she and her son would be going to hell because she had him when she was not married. She wept when they  told her that she could repent and she and her son could be baptized.  After that first lesson she came to love the truths of the gospel. However, just before her baptism. She started to have doubts. When they arrived for the final discussion prior to her baptism she told them about the fact that she had been having doubts and that she had offered a prayer the night before to know if being baptized was the right thing. She said that night she had a dream and saw a re-creation of the day when they knocked on her door. She told them that she had seen them coming down the street and so she went and hid in the basement so it would look like nobody was home. Something moved her when President Dixon, then an Elder, and his unnamed companion, knocked on the door and she decided to answer it and let them in. In the dream all of that happened again. When she opened the door, they were both standing as they had been before, except in the dream there was an angel standing above them with one hand being extended over each of them as if it was pushing them into the house. She said, now I know this is the right thing to do. An angel led you to my door!  Cool story Right? It kind of just shows how angels are literally with us when we the lords work. 
-Elder Enright-

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