Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Hello everyone!

Right now I am super duper tired and part of me kind of wishes I was sleeping. But I love you guys more than my bed. And to be honest, I´m used to being tired. I sleep in the combis when I can...Or in Relief Society when it is particularly necessary, haha. Kidding...kind of.

So this past week we were super hoping to be working towards two baptisms for tomorrow, Kaled and Angel. They are the nephews of one of our recent converts and we have been working with them ever since I got here. They have always been super attentive and excited to get baptized, but we talked with the mom and aunt this week and they both told us that they feel these kids need more time. The two are 9 and 8 years old. And both previously had desires to get baptized.  But so yeah, we´re working with them and a lot with their mom so they can get baptized.

We also have another investigator named Max. He wants to get baptized, but we can never get ahold of him to sit down and go over the lessons. He lived in New York for a really long time and went to church there, but for some reason never got baptized. Now that he´s back here, he comes to church with one of his friends who is trying to convince him to have the lessons with us so he can get baptized. yesterday we sat down with him and went over Lesson 1. Half in English, half in Spanish.

This is the last week of this cambio and they are also rearranging ward limits here, so I have no idea if we´ll have changes or not. Should be interesting. 

Love you all lots! Keep being awesome!
Hermana Enright

 My companion and I being cool

My district

We ate in a fancy restaurant today in el centro. I had Molletes. SO GOOD! I´ll make you all some when I get home. 

Hna VAldez and I. Funny story. While I was in Tlaxcala, she was my HLC and now I´m her HLC. The next cambio is her last before she goes home :(.

Restaurant again

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