Wednesday, March 29, 2017

March 27 (Erin)

OKay this is going to be really fast.
I hope you all got to watch the women´s broadcast, well you girls, ha, because it was a amazing (Is Henry B Eyring looking super old or is it just me?). Before the conference, I had thought of some questions that I needed answered or things I wanted to improve in my lfie, but required a little divine help to achieve. And guess what? Almost every single one of them got answered in one way or another.  I love it, even when it feels like a slap in the face, haha. I got to watch it in English since the president was in the offices with some other sisters who needed to watch it inEnglish! I love listending to it in spanish, but I miss the voices of the prophet and apostles. 

Well, lets fell pretty ahrd the other day in the street, while we were running to catch a bus (Not THE street, but sidewalk area). About a week before I had fallen to the ground getting OUT of a combi because I tripped and had both hands full (one with food). Anywho, but I fell the two times on the same leg, so when I fell in the street, all the skin that was scabbing came right off. It was pretty gross to pick THAT off my leg. So yeah, I have pictures and I´m debating whether or not to send them. It looked pretty bad. AND after I fell, we still had to finish some programs for baptisms that we have this week, so I hobbled to the ciber and sat, with my knee all bloody. That´s how dedicated I am to this work. We even begged the kid in the ciber if they had toilet paper and alochol so I could try to fix up my leg. Which, thankfully they did randomly have sitting on a shelf. Afterwards we went over to a member's house to bandage it up. The mom put all sorts of stuff all over the wound to try to clean it off. They have this stuff here called violeta, that they put on the wound after it´s clean that is supposed to dry everything super fast and keep the bandaid from sticking. I have two problems with this stuff. 1. It´s super dark purple and stains your skin for a good week or two. The sister that put it on my knee spilled it all over my leg, haha. 2. I don´t know if it´s a lie or if the one they had was super old, or if it was because of all the weird clear liquid that kept coming from my wound, but it didn´t dry anything! My bandage/gauze stuck pretty darn good. OW!

So, yeah that was my adventure this week. And yes, in case you were wondering, it was the same knee that I've bruised pretty bad twice before falling while playing soccer. I will be surprised if I make it home with two fully functioning knees. 

Today we had a pretty great disitrict activity. We played some random games (Mafia, signs, volleyball) and then afterwards watched a disney movie and had hamburgers.

This week we have three baptisms and I´m so super excited! Kald and Angel, two brothers who are 9 and 8 and then Alison, who is 15 years old and friends with the MIchel, who got baptized like a month ago. With all the changes here in wards, we´ve been running around like chickens with their heads cut off, trying to talk to all the different mission leaders and bishops to get everything set up. The two brothers are in one ward and Alison in another. It´s so super crazy, but we´re making it happen. 

Okay, love you guys lots!
Here are some photos, and yeah I decided to include my bloody knee, you´re welcome. 

 During intercambios. Hna Tere (our investigator), Hna Orosco, and me!

 My bloody knee (yes I´m cleaning it regularly and still have some triple antibiotic ointment that  I firmly believe will completely heal me. 

My companion and I messing around with a clown nose one of the members had here. 

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