Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Nadal and Nate, Nate and Nadal, the mighty and powerful gods (Amik)

I am really short on time, but today we had tickets for the tennis tournament that goes on for two weeks.  So last week we came when it was free, and this we got ahold of free tickets because a member is a volunteer there.  So we sat out in the sun and baked.  Also, we saw a match of men's double with a famous tennis guy named Nadal. Tennis is fun, but not worth the money.  If we had paid it would have been 50 bucks a ticket, not worth it in my mind.  Not including the food, which random members from around the stakes kept coming and buying for us, when we are not even at the food place.  

Anyway the best part about this week was a lesson with a guy named Nate.  Nate is a friend of Jackson and came down here as Jackson did.  So Nate has been coming to church the last few Sundays and on Tuesday we had a lesson and invited him to be baptized.  To which he said "of course" so now we are working with him on that.  Anyway, he is the most kind hearted person I have ever met and is a really cool guy.

Anyway times up, but Happy Birthday Dad! It sounds like you had a great weekend surprise and that the house move is on its way.   

The picture of the player is Nadal.  I think.  

I know nothing about Tennis

Amik's photo of a tennis player he doesn't actually know anything about

And another photo that a random member kindly texted Elder Enright's mom 

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