Wednesday, March 22, 2017

"Joseph Smith was a young boy named Joseph Smith." (Aislin)

Role playing the restoration early in the mornings is always fun. After I'd talked about Christ's life on earth and the atonement and the apostasy, I passed it off to Sister Andersen who started off with, "Joseph Smith was a young boy named Joseph Smith --- wait." Hahaha! I love being a missionary.

 OK OK OK. First things first! I don't have a lot of time because we have to head up to St. John today. We were supposed to leave about a half hour ago but we had some trouble getting the computer from the clerk's office. But anyways! St. Stephen is AWESOME. We drove Sister Buchanan to Truro and then immediately turned around to head back to St. Stephen but couldn't make it quite on time so we ended up crashing in our STL's apartment in Fredericton. Then early Tuesday morning we were off again! WHEW, so much driving in this mission.

Tuesday was a rough day for me. Just feeling down. But remember how I said that Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when He sent me somewhere that gets snow a lot, because it cheers me up? So yeah, we got a blizzard Tuesday night! I LOVE BLIZZARDS. Also, first time driving in the snow, woot! Well, I've driven in snow I think, but not SERIOUS snow like this. We had to head back to our apartment a few hours earlier than we usually would have. After dropping off Sister Jones (the senior sister in our mission, who came to a couple appointments with us that evening), I told Sister Andersen that that was my first time driving in serious snow and she said, "Yeah, I could tell." *gasp* RUDE. But she was just kidding. Sort of. She said that for my first time, I did really well! But she could tell I hadn't had much experience of it before. Oh well. I've got 18 months to improve!

District meeting on Wednesday was AWESOME. We talked about the importance of fellowshipping in our wards and used Lord of the Rings as an example of good fellowshipping. What a bunch of nerds, haha! I love them.
This week, Angel, one of the young women, got to serve a mini mission with us! We just picked her up at mutual on Thursday night (did I tell you that Sister Andersen and I are Young Women leaders? There aren't enough people in the ward to fill every calling so we get to help and it's GREAT). It was so awesome! We taught a couple on Thursday night and we were trying to explain the Holy Ghost - which is more difficult than it should be - and she pulled out Galatians 5:22-24. BRILLIANT. It was such a tender mercy to have her there. The lesson was so awesome!

Friday was possibly my favorite day this week; it was our service day! And service is basically my favorite thing ever. We found an old folks' home earlier this week to volunteer at. We asked i there was anything this week we could help with and the lady said, "Well, we're doing manicures on Friday for all the ladies if you want to come help with that." so of course we said YES, we'd love to! Then as we were walking back to our car I turned and asked sister Andersen, "What all exactly does a manicure include? Are we just painting nails or is there more to it?" and she just whispered back, "I have no idea." So that's fine. Apparently a manicure is more than just cleaning and painting nails but I still don't know exactly because I didn't do the manicures. They had me leading out a game of Bingo which was pretty fun. I just had to yell the numbers really loud and often more than once because there would be an old lady in the corner who would constantly go, "What did she say?" Hahaha! I love old people. After service at the old folks' home (which we're going to start doing weekly now!!! So excited!!!), we did service at the food pantry! Service is seriously the best, guys. Service = Happiness.

OK I have to finish up now. Here are some things I've learned out on the mish:

1. I've really grown a greater appreciation for converts. They're some of the strongest members I know. Danny is doing so awesome and is willing to obey God's commandments no matter what (1 Nephi 3:7, 17:3). We taught him a little more about the Priesthood this week and I could tell he was a little scared and unsure about it but he understood that it was a great honor and responsibility. Another recent convert we have here is Chris. He's been a member since Summer last year and he is AMAZING. He's so enthusiastic about studying the doctrines and principles of the gospel and loves attending the temple. Being able to see how much Chris and Danny have grown and changed since joining the church really is a blessing. It's taught me quite a few things about faith. Both of them are in their 50s, hadn't been terribly religious before meeting with missionaries, and joining the church has completely turned their lives around. There are so many things to learn about, most of which I take for granted, and to see how their faith has just carried them through it all, unquestioning, willing to do anything because they've experienced the joy that this gospel brings, a joy that they've never felt before in their lives. . . It's really amazing.

2. As a missionary, I never feel anger for our investigators. When they fail to keep commitments or to understand even the simplest truths of the gospel because of stubbornness or other beliefs, it just makes me sad. I feel sad for them because I KNOW how amazing the Book of Mormon is, I KNOW the joy that comes from following Christ and keeping God's commandments, but they don't know that because they're unwilling to make that first step towards God, to receive His blessings and His answers, to even TRY. It's devastating, really, and I imagine that's exactly how Heavenly Father feels when we are stubborn, when we ignore the Spirit, when we break His commandments. Not angry but just sad. Sad because He knows we can do better, sad because He knows what's waiting for us if we do do better. Through this, I've gained a greater understanding of Jacob 5. Verse 11 says "And the Lord of the vineyard caused that it should be pruned, and nourished saying unto his servant: It grieveth me that I should lose this tree; wherefore, that perhaps I might preserve the roots thereof that they perish not, that I might preserve them unto myself, I have done this thing." Heavenly Father wants nothing more than for us to be strong, steadfast, and immovable so that we can make it home to Him one day, and He does all He can for us but that doesn't mean we don't have to do any of the work. In fact, He can't do anything for us until we make that first step towards Him, to show our desire and our willingness to follow His commandments, to come unto Christ and be perfected in Him that we might live with our Father again. This gospel is all about change and progression. When we are on the path to salvation, Heavenly Father will bless our every step, but we have to be the ones to make that step. Agency is an amazing learning tool for us, and I imagine that it's probably just as frustrating to God as it is to us missionaries when our investigators are unwilling to make that first step of faith.

I could go on forever and ever but I should probably go now.

I love you all lots and lots and pray for you every night! I hope you're excited for General Conference and Easter because HOLY HECK, I can barely contain my excitement!!! Just WAIT 'til you see the new Easter video! Have some tissues ready. It's the BEEEESSST. And I can't wait for the next General Conference issue of the Ensign to come out because let me tell you, missionaries devour Ensigns. Honestly, they're best reading material there is (*cough* other than the Book of Mormon of course *cough*). I can't wait to hear David A. Bednar 'cause he's my FAVORITE. Also, do yourself a favor and go read Alma 26. Gosh, favorite chapter EVER. I was just studying that one again this week. Ammon is so good. OH and Alma and Amulek. My favorites. EVERYTHING IS MY FAVORITE. BUT I HAVE TO GO. Love you!!!

- Sister Enright

Prepare For Picture Overload. . .

HEEEYY!!! Guess what!? I found a computer with an SD slot in it! Tender mercy of the day. 
Drawing I did of a companionship in the MTC. They paid me with Heath bars and chocolate covered raisins! Haha! Don't hide your talents, guys!

My adorable MTC companion, sister Hanna Haughawout. I miss her!


MTC comp. We look like twins!

My box was accidentally addressed to an "Elder Aislin Enright." Oh well!

 Last temple walk!

On the Trax!


Sleepovers are crowded

So there was this one time, where we went on splits, so Sister Andersen and I didn't have the car and we went knocking! And we almost died of frostbite. IT WAS SO COLD. We couldn't feel our fingers or our toes or our knees. . . Before long, my face went pretty numb too. And no one was answering their doors! Probably 'cause they know that only crazy people (including sister missionaries) would be out in cold like that. Eventually we found refuge in some nice old guy's house. He let us borrow his phone so we could call sister Buchanan to come pick us up. I also burnt my thumb a little on his metal door because it was so cold! 
First blizzard of my mission!!!

White out! We had to drive like 20 KM/H to get home

Blizzard selfie!!! I love snow

KINDER EGGS!!! Actually, they're not as exciting as I hoped they'd be. BUT STILL.

Angel (our mini missionary!), Sister Andersen and I got Shamrock shakes for St. Patrick's day 'cause we were curious to see what the craze was all about. Still not sure what it's all about actually. They were pretty nasty.

You know those tins that literally every Grandma in the WORLD (well, probably) has lying around their house? The ones that say they have cookies in them but usually have sewing supplies or tacks or something? 

Well, this one actually had cookies in it! 

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