Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Rat and Recording (Amik)

General conference is almost here!!  And by golly is it getting hot. However, Here are some things I've learned out here in the California desert.

I've really seen the power of converts. They are a few of the strongest members in the areas I have served. That is when they stay active.  It just seems to be pretty common in this mission that after baptism,  those who were baptized almost immediately face a big trial that they need to fix or overcome.  Some of them just drift off and don't want to come back.  An example is recent convert that actually was a member of another faith for a long time before breaking off and then going to visit family, which he hadn't met for years because of his faith, for Christmas and than was actually baptized over in Colorado because his family were members.  It was going really well until he ran into anti stuff through some friends and now he is avoiding us and not wanting to come back.  We contacted him one time last Saturday because he pulled in as we were leaving.  That was when we found out what was happening and encouraged him to continue pray and read the scriptures.  As well as made sure he was directed towards goods sources of information, like  However, since that accidental meeting we again have lost contact with him. 

That was a bit depressing to start out with, my point is that then you have the converts that stay on.  Like Carlos. He was baptized in October, is doing so awesome and is willing to obey God's commandments no matter how hard it gets.  Just like Danny, who Aislin mentioned.  We have had Carlos come to lessons with us and made sure he is very involved with the ward and the local YSA leaders.   He is preparing to go on a mission when he hits his year mark and is very converted and a great guy.  

Actually funny story, the elders in the zone were asked to record a video introducing ourselves and why we came on our missions for a stake meeting of the young men.  We thought it would be cool to have Carlos as part of the video as well.  So we recorded ourselves for the video.  However, to make the five minute video they asked for, it took nearly forty minutes because someone always messed up.  I will send video and bloopers.

Also, right before we did that we were sitting on a couch, the couch that  I am currently lying down on while I write this, and a rat shot out from under the couch and into the  chapel overflow room.  So we kind of went rat hunting for a bit. We never caught the rat but we found a few of its hiding spots and a ton of rat chocolates and yesterday we pointed the areas out to a member of the ward who was laying mouse/rat trips.  We came over this morning to see if the rat  was caught, but the traps were already gone. So we are assuming it was already caught, but the guy got the traps out early so we did not get to see the cadaver we wanted to see.  

Another recent convert we have here is Jackson. He's been a member since Summer last year and is from Alaska. He's so enthusiastic about studying the doctrines and principles of the gospel and loves doing missionary work.  We made sure to give him a mini Preach my Gospel for his use as well as other pamphlets and stuff. He actually has to go back up to Alaska for a couple of weeks to get a few things in order.  It is still unclear how long he will actually be there.  So we had a lesson this week about enduring and moving forward and actually had him make a list of ten things he will work on once he is settled. 

Anyway, We have a multi zone conference this Thursday and we should see the new Easter video!! Have a great week! 

Elder Enright

We went hiking today:

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