Friday, March 17, 2017

Road Trip! (Aislin)

Hello, all my adoring fans. 

GUESS WHO HAD A BAPTISM THIS WEEK!?!?!?!? The St. Stephen sisters, freak yeah!

SATURDAY MORNING (I'll get to the rest of the week later)

 So Danny's baptism was scheduled for 2:00 PM - Danny, by the way, is AWESOME. He's in his fifties, lives with his half-brother Miguel, is originally from France and so reads French better than English but has been slowly making his way through an English Book of Mormon because he wanted to. He's come to church every week since the sisters first started teaching him and every time we commit him to anything he always says, "Sure, I'll try!" and then he does it. What a golden investigator, eh? Oh yeah, and the first night I was here, we taught him the Law of Chastity. Great way to break me into the mission. Oh and he's hilarious and gives the best prayers ever. Friday night, we went to see him and brought some baptism clothes for him to try on. None of them fit. He went to the washroom to try the jumpsuit on and we just hear him go, "Nope! Not a chance!" Haha! Then when he gave the closing prayer he said, "Dear God, this evening has been a great evening. . . I'm sorry I didn't fit into any of your clothes though." Sister Buchanan and I had to stifle our laughter. ANYWAYS. We found clothes.

We got to the chapel around 9 AM so we could do a district Skype call while we filled up the font (this mission is so big that the only we can have district meetings without driving three hours is through Skype). The font filled up fast enough but we were worried it just wasn't going to be warm enough so we also dumped in pots of boiling water every now and then.

Finally it was time for the baptism. After some pictures and talk about how baptism by immersion is symbolic of death and rebirth (did I mention that Danny nearly drowned when he was younger and so has a terrible fear of DYING UNDER WATER???) so that was great. Good thing Danny's a tough guy. Then Danny and Brother Murray got in the font.  Danny's nonmember half-brother came to the baptism. When the sisters first started teaching Danny, Miguel would have nothing to do with the lessons, but recently he's been joining in a little bit and making comments and listening when we come to talk to Danny. AND he's read the whole Book of Mormon! I was so happy that he came to the baptism

So there it is. Danny's baptism. I'm glad it happened. 

 ANYWAYS. Back in time, to the beginning of the week. For our P-Day on Tuesday we went the "beach" to walk on the ocean floor while the tide was out and it SNOWED. So basically I was as happy as could be. There's something about snow that makes me feel like I'm six years-old again and have nothing to care or worry about. I think that's the reason Heavenly Father sent me to Canada, 'cause He knew all it takes to put a smile on my face again is a bit of snow. He knew what he was doing. We went to the bishop's for dinner and had MEXICAN FOOD. HALLELUJAH. I was so worried that I would never get Mexican food up here but when they called that morning to ask if Mexican food was alright for dinner, I just about fell out of my chair from excitement. It was soooo good! AND I made guacamole! *Sniff* Tender mercy.

 Wednesday was my one month mark! WHOO HOO! One month old! Such a baby. We also met the cutest old lady that day. She was a referral. Her name is Janet, she's 90 years old and almost completely bald, about 4'6", and moves faster and more easily than most 70 year-olds I know. The moment she opened the door and saw us she said, "You won't get far with me, I'm a devout Catholic." but let us in anyways and we talked about Family History and set up a day to go see her again next week to show her SHE'S SO CUTE, I'll have to draw her for you.

We also did some knocking on Wednesday before our dinner appointment. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Most people are polite enough to let us finish talking before they say - very nicely - that they're not interested. But one guy - the first one I talked to - said he was interested and we gave him a Restoration pamphlet and set up a time to see him the next day! OF COURSE, he wasn't there the next day. That happens a lot out here too. People will tell you that you can come back at a time that they appear to never be at home. Perfect. Thank you for that.

Friday was pretty great. I ate lots of chocolate in honor of your birthday, Dad! We volunteer at the food pantry every Friday and they literally stuff our arms full of chocolate and candy. I've got quite the stash now. I'm gonna gain 40 lbs! There's an elder here who has been out only 8 months but has already gained 40 lbs! As you can see, we're well taken care of in the CHM.

Well, I have to go. We have to start our 4+ hour road trip to take Sister Buchanan to Truro, where some other sisters will drive her to Halifax. She's heading home tomorrow! Love ya lots!!! 

Last thing! I forgot! I have been working on recognizing the promptings of the Holy Ghost lately and I had an experience. There was one time where we had knocked multiple times on an investigator's door (this was the second appointment now that she had not been home for) and we were sitting in the car, ready to drive off, trying to decide what to do next, when we decided to pray and ask where to go. After the prayer, I kept thinking that we needed to go knock ONE MORE TIME. I almost didn't voice this feeling because I was worried it might seem silly. We had knocked over and over again and she hadn't answered. But I remembered that I was trying to follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost and thought that maybe this was one of them. So I suggested that we knock one more time. We went back and knocked and just like before, no one answered. I kept looking around, expecting someone else to show up, someone else we could share our message with, 'cause I KNEW the Spirit wouldn't make us go back for nothing. As we were heading back downstairs we ran into a lady who we gave a card to! She seemed genuinely interested and she got our number and we got hers and she said she'd call when she had time! It may have just been a quick encounter with her, we may not actually get a lesson with her, but we planted a seed! And hopefully that was just the beginning! I'm so glad I listened to the Spirit and went back, to knock just one more time!

- Sister Enright

P.S. Knocking the freezing cold is not a good idea. I couldn't feel my knees or my fingers or my ears or half my face! We knocked a few houses and I actually burnt my thumb a little on someone's metal door when I opened it! Adventures in Canada. I have a couple of pictures when I find a camera cord and then I can tell the whole story!

- Sister Enright

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