Thursday, March 30, 2017

Snow & Seagulls

Heeeeeeyyyy!!! I miss you all so much! How's life outside the mission field? Because honestly, I haven't been out that long, but I'm already forgetting what it's like. The other day, I was telling Sister Andersen about an X-Files episode and accidentally referred to Mulder as "Elder Fox Mulder." Yup. Everyone's "Elder" now.

Anyways. I love Canada! St. Stephen feels a little like Colorado sometimes except for the lack of mountains and the excess of old snow and crazy amount of seagulls. Snow and seagulls. I just think it's a funny combination.
For P-Day we had planned to go hiking with our district in St. John, but we ended up getting there a little later than we planned so Elder Cox (our district leader) just told us to meet up with them at the food court in the mall for lunch, and then we'd go somewhere from there. But. . . We didn't. I didn't know elders loved the mall so much. At least our elders too, haha (by the way, they'd already gone clothes shopping before the mall)! Don't worry. I eventually dragged them over to the mall bookstore so I could stare longingly at all the books and buy a Goodbye Book! It's just a journal that you have missionaries write in before you leave an area, so you can remember everyone. And - I hope you're proud of me - I didn't open any other books. Even though I did see Six of Crows on a shelf and freak out a little. I had to make Sister Andersen promise to read it when she gets home before I agreed to leave the bookstore. *Sigh* I love books.

Speaking of books, you know what the best book in the world is??? The Book of Mormon! I LOVE the Book of Mormon so much! No matter how many times I read it, there's always something new, and reading it on my mission is basically the best thing ever. 1) There aren't any other books to distract me so I get way more into the stories than I ever have. There are so many things I've missed before! 2) I guess I can say that I really am just way more spiritually in tune than I ever have been, and 3) I have a really solid reason and purpose for understanding it better myself, so I can share it more fully with others! Einstein said that if we can't explain something simply, we don't understand it enough! So I'm learning just how simple the Book of Mormon and the gospel really is! Plain and simple truths, for reals! Which makes it even more frustrating when people won't read it. It's just a book! Just read it! We had to drop an investigator this week because she just won't read it. We talked about having hope in Christ and how when we act on that hope, it's faith! We asked her to act on her hope in Christ and read the Book of Mormon! Because it's amazing and it testifies of Christ so what harm could it do? But she just said no, she won't. I actually started crying a little during the closing prayer because I couldn't believe how hard it was for some people to accept how simple the gospel really is! God gave us everything we need to know in this one little book, all we have to do is open it up and read it, and pray about it!

Anyways. Missionary work is fun. Sometimes it's hard, but sometimes it's easier than you could imagine. We went on exchanges with our STLs this Tuesday, and Sister Bair and I went bridge contacting! We just walked the bridge and stopped everyone we could! Sister Bair had me lead out most of the time, which is a little scary but I've slowly been getting the hang of it. It's the initial contact that's a little scary, but once you've stopped them and they start listening, it's so easy to bear your testimony and share the gospel with them! There was this one lady who I stopped and gave a brief summary of the restoration to, who then accepted a Book of Mormon, thanked us for our time and our testimonies and then asked for the address to the church!!! ELECT, right there. At first I thought someone must've hired her - she was just so perfect! I hope not though, she seemed pretty genuine. Man, I love people.

Wednesday we had district meeting and I learned that it's a BAD IDEA to ask the senior couple to be the investigators in a role play because they just love to make things awkward for us poor missionaries. Elder Williams and I were role playing a hot-chocolate-stand-contact together (because usually when you do a hot chocolate stand you'll have multiple companionship there and you won't necessarily be able to do contact with your companion if there are lots of people), Elder and Sister Jones were the investigators who walked up to us and the first thing sister Jones asked was, "Are you two married?" Ha! No. Not at all.

Anyways. I have to get going soon. But guess what!? The Easter video comes out this Friday and I'm so excited!!!!! AAH I can't wait to watch it again!!! And General Conference! HOLY HECK it's going to be the best weekend ever! Also, I was reading Alma 15 the other day and I CANNOT WAIT for the Book of Mormon videos to come out because I LOVE Alma and Amulek SO MUCH and I can't wait to see them in action.

I love you tons! Enjoy the warm weather, Dad! It's snowing here!!! Byeee!!!

- Sister Enright

P.S.  Fast and Testimony meeting is the best. I really love hearing the kids bear their testimonies! One kid got up and said, "I know we are never alone because we always have Jesus Christ." and I just about melted, SO CUTE and so true. Love it. Bye!

Our district. Elder Cox, Elder Golder, Elder Willoughby, Elder Crandall, and Elder Williams. We're the only sisters!

 The TARDIS!!! So these are little boxes they have at the side of the roads in some places where kids wait for the school bus. If it's too cold, they stand in the box! Funny, huh? I think I'd just stay home.

 So anyways. We had a photoshoot with the TARDIS. 'Cause why not?

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