Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Transfers, We are both staying (Amik)

This was a very fast transfer.  The odd thing is that all the sisters that came out at the same time as I did are flying home tomorrow,  I am also officially one of the older missionaries out now.   I only have 4 transfers left.?! I am still working on wrapping my head around that.
Anyway, this week started out great.  We had a lesson with a guy that is a friend of Jackson, the recent convert from Alaska, who actually has been coming to church the last four weeks, but only now wanted to start the lessons.   We met Wednesday for a lesson, Restoration, and we heard that by Friday, he was already done with first Nephi!! That was sweet.  

Also, Tuesday night we had dinner with member of the ward, active member, and her fiancé.   He is a non-member, and former investigator, and we just stared teaching him again.  He believes in God, but does not believe that God can answer prayers.

We went to a tennis game today. And got barbecued by the sun. I had sunglasses on so now I have raccoon eyes.  Also, the majority of the week was taken up with us being on apartment lockdown because Elder Layton got the flu.  We were inside Thursday thru most of Sunday.  It was like I was seeing him slowly die. I am super glad I got the flu shot.  Otherwise I would have been hit and sunk like the Titanic.  Anyways, out of time since we got back late from the tennis qualifying games. There is a big tennis competition going on right now in Indian wells, and today was free.  Have a good week!!

-Elder Enright-

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