Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Enter TiWi. . . (Aislin)

Hey family (and everyone else, of course)! This last week was pretty crazy busy with Zone Conference and traveling and service projects and lessons. . . And just lots of missionary stuff! So it was a little discouraging when we were doing weekly planning this time around and found that, compared to last week, we have nothing going on this week at all. One of our 'gators, Samantha, who is the one getting baptized in June, texted us yesterday morning to cancel our lesson that evening and to tell us that she's going to be in Nova Scotia for the next few weeks! GAH. And then our otherinvestigator, also named Samantha. . . I swear, there are only like, 5 names in this town. We've had two Ryans, multiple Davids, two Samanthas. . . And then everyone in our ward is either Steven or Linda, no joke. Anyways. Samantha #2 has short term memory loss because she just recently had brain surgery. So she forgot our appointment the other day. Luckily she lives close by so we can just stop in whenever. Last week we had to drop one investigator, which was a bummer. What made me even more sad though was that when we went to see him and tell him that we couldn't come see him anymore he just waved and said, "OK! Nice knowin' ya!" and went to watch his hockey game! *Sigh* I wish people understood how important this message is, and how badly we want to share it with them! Also, last week, we accidentally reconverted someone to Catholicism. . . We called them to set up an appointment and they said that they enjoyed talking with us and it had reminded them of how much they needed to go back to church! The Catholic church. . . Not really what we intended but oh well.

ANYWAYS. So yes. We're now entering a new week with no lessons and basically no investigators but we're optimistic! I spent all day yesterday organizing the area book and calling former and potential investigators. Sister Andersen was sick so I was inside all day long while she slept. I almost went insane but that's fine. Upside, I'm pretty familiar with the area book now, so that's all good. Lots of people in church have been sick recently and I'm praying it doesn't hit me next. The last week, one of the primary kids walked up to me as we were greeting everyone, shook my hand and then looked right up at me and with a big grin on her face said, "I threw up last night!". Oh. Thanks. But sister Andersen didn't throw up! THANK GOODNESS. She's feeling much better now so we can back to work!

 Last Wednesday was Zone Conference! Gosh, I love Zone Conference. And I got my Easter package, which was great 'cause then I had Jelly Beans to snack on for the whole 8 hours we were there. We also got TiWis! TiWis are little white boxes that sit in the windshield of our car and track everything we do and warns us in a very polite female voice - which is terrifying - to check our speed or our seat belts or whatever. And if we don't manage to slow down or buckle our seatbelts after two warnings, it reports us to pres! So yeah. The best part of the day was watching all the missionaries with the newly installed TiWis in their cars, very slowly creep their way out of the parking lot, careful not to speed or make any sharp turns in fear that their license would be revoked. On the drive back, one of the elders - who is known for his love to speed - called us and said, "I'm going INSAAAANE! AND I just got flipped off! For going the speed limit!" Haha! We had a good laugh at him. Also, we have to knock on our windshield to "wake up" the TiWI before we get in the car. So now we look even crazier, not only with the backing out rule (we get so many weird looks for that one, haha!) but now we're racing each other to the car to knock on the windshield! Our TiWi's name Navi!

On Thursday we went to do service at the old folk's home again. I love it there! There's this one lady named Grace and when she saw us she smiled and said, "Oh the Nuns are back!" Hahaha! I love her! We got to learn a lot about the residents this week. We just got to sit down and talk to them about their lives and it was GREAT. It was fun to get to hear these frail little old ladies talks about when they used to play basketball and ride horses, and one lady told us story about how she saved 11 kittens from her burning home! She's my hero. There was another lady who worked at McDonalds for 40 years. Anyways, it made me think about what kind of stories I wanted to be able to tell when I'm their age. I want to live a life full of great stories to tell!
 Anyways. That was my week. Friday and Saturday was crazy busy with service over at the St. Stephen university (which is actually Canada's smallest university and I LOVE IT). On Sunday, Sister Andersen nearly ran over a squirrel and I may have screamed but that's OK. We also went a visited Danny! Have I told you how much I love Danny? He's so great. I just wish we could convert his brother too but he refuses because he doesn't like that Joseph Smith was American! HAHA! We're helping Danny learn the hymns because he feels embarrassed when we sing in sacrament meeting and doesn't know the words. So we sing one or two hymns with him when we go over and I love it! I can't help but smile when I sing hymns, they're just the best and it's probably the one time I think I can really recognize the Spirit because surely there's nothing else that can make me feel that much joy.

Well, I've got to go! I can't believe Mother's day is coming up so fast! AH! I'm so excited! Stay awesome and "stay in the choir" just like Elder Holland said! Love you all!!!
- Sister Enright

P.S. Picture! OK so I'm terrible at remembering to take pictures. I'll do better!

May is funniest old lady at the Old Folk's home and I love her so darn much! Janet is the adorable little 90 year old, balding Catholic lady with the fabulous accent. We went and saw her this week and she send us home with homemade bread and marmalade! I love her! Also, I gave her more hair in the picture. She really is pretty bald!

Our district before transfers! On the top is Elder Shambrook (he's from Wales and has the BEST ACCENT EVER), Moi, and Sister Andersen. The middle row is Elder Golder, Elder Crandall, Elder Willoughby, and Elder and Sister Jones, then the last two are Elder Cox and Elder Williams!

Cambios (Erin)

So, we had changes yesterday, which is why I didn´t write. I was stuffed in the front of what was basicially a moving van with my companion and the three secretaries who helped us haul all the stuff for a house to our new area. Yep, we get to open an area in Tlaxcala. WOOHOO. So my new companion is Hna Sanchez, NOT my trainer, another Hna Sanchez, and our new area is Texmelucan in San Martin, which is technically in the state of Puebla, but is in the Tlaxcala stake and it looks like it´s part of Tlaxcala, so we´re just gonna say that I´m back in Tlaxcala, because I love Tlaxcala. 

Anywho, we spent ALL day yesterday waiting for the secretaries to finish with the newbies and then traveling and then waiting outside the truck while one of the elders fixed the radiator because it exploded...ha. I´m so glad he was there and knew what he was doing. And then afterwards we got the apartment and moved all the furniture up three flights of stairs. So much fun. Then the dueño (SORRY, word in english that I forgot) that the apartment didn't have electricity and we had to go pay to get it reconnected. And today we went to pay it but they told us we have to write up a new contract because no one has paid for electricty for this apartment for more than a year. Also we had to go find two members to let us make copies of their identification and some document that has their address to give to the dueño so we can actually live in our apartment. So yeah, it´s been an interesting day or two. But hey, there are still so many blessings. For example, the members we went to visit yesterday that magically had the area book of th elders who were here like 3 or 4 months ago that the secretaries couldn´t find. Or the fact that members are so excited to have missionaries in the ward again that they went ahead and filled up the food calalender for the month. Which is super great because we don´t have a lot of moeny to buy food or a functioning refrigerator to put any food in. Haha.

But hey, I´m super happy to be here. I love Tlaxcala. It´s so pretty and it rains so often, especially right now. The sweet bread here is TO DIE FOR!  The people are a little nicer and more open to random strangers talking to them in the streets (Those random strangers being us). AND everything is a little bit cheaper  which, not gonna lie, is super great because as an hermana lider we tend to use up a lot of money traveling to various places.

I hope you are all happy and doing great. Miss you all lots!
Hermana Enright

Elder Klingler (Amik)

Hi family! 
    This has been a great week, we had transfers this week and now I am companions with Elder Klingler from Wyoming.  He has been out for about 18 months.  Anyway, he is very good with his movie quotes so we have been saying a lot of those. Elder Klingler is a great Elder and we are getting along great.  So we have started out this transfer doing pretty well.  We started out great and this Sunday we went to church and two people were just waiting at church for us that we never met before. One was a referral from one of our investigators, Nate, and the other was one that pretty much showed up randomly.  He knew a family in Utah and was actually going to church with them for a while.  Anyway, he is working out here in Palm Desert and lives up in desert hot springs, so we will work with the elders over there to keep them updated. 

Anyway, this week is Albert's baptism and he specifically asked me to speak about baptism for his baptism.  Also, speaking of talks, last Wednesday when Elder Klingler came into town.  We were at the church and met one of the counselors in the ward bishopric and Elder Klingler introduced himself and asked if there was anything we could do at which point he was asked  to give a twenty minute talk.  

Besides that, it's already hit 100 a couple of times since Elder Klingler got  here, and that's  nothing  compared to the summers of 134 and some humidity that is supposed to be coming in August. But, I hope to be out of the desert and into the mountains by that time,  I also already have MEAN wrist watch tan line, as Elder Klingler calls it,  and when I get home it should still be there. The skin above and below  is all crispy and dry, and my watch wrist is all albino white. 

Klinger says he feels super spoiled as a missionary, because our apartment is HUGE and there's only two of us. We have our own bathrooms, but his shower is broken, so they're working on fixing it.  We have a really nice area with lots of retired people and they love the missionaries. We are in a new 2017 Toyota Corolla. Klingler just got out of a bike area that he was in for the last six months. 
Also, Nate is scheduled for next month, and is actually waiting for Jackson to be ready to baptize him.

Elder Enright

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Here Comes the Sun (Aislin)

HOLY COW, Summer is coming! Time to tell the people of St. Stephen that it's definitely time to take down Christmas decorations. But I don't know, I guess it did snow a little this morning. . .

Anyways. This week has been so good! It's been warm, the grass is turning green, the flowers are growing, and with the warm weather comes the people! I've seen so many people in the last few days I didn't even know lived here. I guess they decided it was time to come out of hibernation. And with more people on the streets, it means that street teaching (or "streaching") is starting to become a little more effective. Yay! I love people.

This Saturday we had an awesome Easter ward activity! Sister Andersen and I planned it all by ourselves, which I have to admit, frustrated me a little at first. We had the idea and presented it in ward council and everyone said, "Ooh great idea! How are you going to do it?" and then delegated all of the assignments back to us. . . But that's fine. We knew we had to do it, because the ward needed it so bad. So Thursday and Friday were a little crazy, with lots of trips to the dollar store to buy decorations and cheap candy and plastic eggs. Friday afternoon we called a bunch of sisters in the ward to see who would be able to help us cut and cook a few hams for the breakfast and then ended up having to drive a half hour - with a ham in the back seat - to a member's home. Friday night we hurriedly decorated the gym, then ran back to our apartment to stuff bags with candy for the kids and then collapsed in bed just on time, exhausted and praying that the activity turned out OK. Well - prayers are answered because it was the best Easter activity I've ever been to. Thankfully, we had lots of people show up early to help with the cooking of pancakes, and the bishop helped us figure out how to get the TV set up in the gym so that we could show the Easter video (which is just the best thing ever, right??? RIGHT). Then we handed off the eggs to some of the older youth to go hide them outside. And so many people came! No investigators, but still. It was fun. The members had some bonding time. We got to show everyone the Easter video, Bishop bore his testimony of Christ and it all ended on a happy note. Then I repented for being frustrated and thanked Heavenly Father that it all turned out so well. WHEW. Miracles happen.

 ANYWAYS. It's a new week and a new transfer, and with new transfers come new goals! Sister Andersen and I decided that our goal for this transfer is to become missionaries more like Alma and Amulek and the Sons of Mosiah because BY GOLLY, they're my favorite. I love them so much! All week, I have been studying Mosiah and Alma and listing descriptions of Alma and Amulek and the Sons of Mosiah and what it is that makes them such awesome missionaries. For example, they rejoiced in one another's success (Alma 29:14), they knew how to find joy in the midst of their trials and afflictions (Alma 25:17; 26:1; 28:8), they taught with boldness and "energy of soul" (Alma 5:42; 9:7; 18:24), they submitted their will to the Lord's with all cheerfulness and patience (Mosiah 24:15; Alma 14:1320:29), they trusted in and relied on the Spirit to aid in their teaching (Alma 11:2221:26), and so many, many more!!! One of my absolute favorite things about Alma is just how many times the words "joy" and "rejoice" are found (*cough* Alma 26. It's the BEST *cough*). They always had a cause to rejoice! They were optimistic and rejoiced in their afflictions because Christ was their joy! "How great reason we have to rejoice"! UGH. The Book of Mormon. It's so amazing.

 Alright, I'm almost done but I saved this for last because it was my tender mercy of the week. A couple weeks ago, we had a doorstep lesson with this one woman named Samantha. We left her with a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and planned a day to come back and see her again. So we went yesterday for our first sit-down lesson with her and after the prayer I asked, "Did you get a chance to read the pamphlet we left you?" and she said, "Yes, I did!", here's where I just about fell out of my chair in shock because that's never happened before! So I just thought, "Well, maybe she didn't read all of it." so I asked, "The whole thing!?", "Yup!"  WOW. That is a golden investigator for you right there folks. AND. The best part. After we had our lesson with her - Plan of Salvation, quick Resto. and Gospel of Jesus Christ - we gave her a Book of Mormon and she said she'd read it and then! I invited her to be baptized and she said yes!!! Whoo hoo! She's getting baptized on June 10! I was a little hesitant to ask at first because she told us that she'd been baptized in the Baptist church and usually with people like that, they'll just say, "But I've already been baptized." and that's when I turn the time over to Sister Andersen because I never know what to say. But I knew I had to ask her and she just nodded and said, "Yup. I will." AH I love missionary work so much!!! AND she's coming to church this week! Sister Andersen and I have been praying all week and studying on how to become more like the Sons of Mosiah and already we're seeing the miracles that are coming from it!

I love you all lots! Don't forget to take up President Monson's challenge to read the Book of Mormon every day! But also, don't just read it - study it! There's always more to learn! Every time I read a chapter, no matter how marked up it already is, I find something new that sticks out to me. Also, footnotes are the BEST. Use them! You'll learn so much!
- Sister Enright

P.S. I ALMOST FORGOT. Danny passed the sacrament for the first time this Sunday!!! We were so proud of himand he enjoyed it so much and couldn't stop smiling! I love that guy. He's so great! Tomorrow is his birthday butwe'll be at zone conference all day! So we're going to call him and sing to him! Hopefully we can get President Pratt to sing to!

By the way, you know what's fun? Having a companion who is 5"9' and watching her try and get in the driver's seat after I've been driving. Ha! Also, when she first showed me how to raise the seat up (because she noticed how I kept stretching to look over the steering wheel, even though I'm NOT that short, we just have a big car), I raised it up as far as it could go and WOW. I could see the whole world! Hahaha, anyways. That's all. Love you!

 OK so Wednesday, we were in Calais waiting for a member to meet us, and there's this lovely little bookshop that I stare longingly at every time we drive by it. So we were trying to figure out what to do while we waited for the member and Sister Andersen said, "Where's that bookshop you like?" and I just about died from happiness. So many books!!! I was just hyperventilating the whole time. Eventually, we had to leave the shop and the lady there, who had been watching us wander the store with our mouths hanging open making high pitched squeaking noises every time we found a book we love, was like, "You're not buying anything? After all that???" Then Sister Andersen had to drag me from the store. Hopefully it's still open in a year and half.

I guess I only took two pictures this week. . . We were going through the lost and found box at the church and found some old lenses! So we had some fun, 'cause ya know. Missionaries are easily entertained3

Happy Easter and Transfers (Amik)

Elder Layton is leaving! He is going all the way to Fontana in the Oleander ward. I am going to be companions with an Elder Klinger, I heard he is from Wyoming, but that is all I really know about him. 

This week we did a couple things, one we did service at the YMCA! There was an Easter Celebration activity on Saturday.  It was a sort of carnival thing, and we were in charge of the set up, take down, and management of the things where you hit the thing with a mallet and it goes up and rings the bell. We had three of them, from small to big. And I mainly worked at the small one.  There was these this one kid, I say around 4-7, that tried to do it and after not being able to do it, he freaked out and his mom went up and carried him away.  The Spanish elders were off doing some other activity, I think,  and then the sisters were mainly the ones doing the Easter booth. 

Also, we were able to have a lesson this week with one of our investigators, Albert, who was on date for the 29th of April. However, we have been only able to meet once a week with him and the last two have been cancelled, perfectly legitimate reasons too.  So we were thinking that it might have to be pushed back, but no he is set for it to be the 29th and so we are going to shoot through the lessons we have left with him.  He has been taught for more than a year, so he has been taught everything, but he was dropped so we have to teach nearly everything over again. The funny thing is that we were going over the baptism interview questions and the law of tithing came up.  Keep in mind that he already has been taught that at least twice.   But when we asked him if he would pay a full tithe. He said of course "he has been paying it for over a year" however, then he said that he had been putting it "in the box by the door."  We believe that he has been putting it in the fire alarm box in the foyer.  We are still not sure, however, because he says the box that he has been putting it in is now gone, while the fire alarm box is still there.

On another note Jackson, the guy who went up to Alaska, is back in town and we are still working with him and Nate.  So hey things are going awesome.  Also, this Easter initiative is sweet!  Also, I did get my box of Easter  chocolates on Saturday.  Have a great week!

Elder Enright

 Showing Albert the font.

 Elder Layton with the mallet.

 Prince of Peace booth at the carnival

One of the members we are working with is really into fairies and has fairies everywhere,  this is a small fairy town in her back yard.

Monday, April 17, 2017

April 17, 2017 (Erin)

Okay, so I really don`t have a lot of time, because we ended up emailing super early today because in the evening we`re going to a concert!!!!!!!!!!! The BYU-I orchestra is here to perform and our whole mission gets to go! (Of course only if we bring investigators with us) BUT STILL! And since it`s in the cultural building of one of the universities here, the mission is going to have a table set up with Books of Mormon and folletos and cool stuff like that. Hna Burgos and I were asked to man the table with another set of sisters. We even got to make little posters to put up, which are pretty awesome and I will have to send pictures later. 

Well HAPPY EASTER! Which by the way, I totally forgot about, haha. Here they don`t really celebrate Easter. They do celebrate Pascua, and have semana santa which is pretty much spring break, so everyone has been on vacation and we haven`t been able to see like any of our investigators all last week. The whole "holdiays are the best time to teach because everyone`s in their homes" part of the mission manual is a total lie, at least for here. So yeah, I didn`t really do anything for Easter. I got my package!!!!! And yeah, ate the whole bag of Reese`s in like a week. Well, I shared with various people, so it wasn't entirely me. 

But hey, we did end up watching the new Easter video about a million times with members and investigators. It`s amazing and I just want to let you guys know that I love my savior with all my heart. I cannot comprehend what he suffered through, but I know that he did it willingly because he loves us. And thanks to Him we have hope of a better world. WE have hope through trials and afflictions. We can find joy and happiness in the darkest of times. We can repent of our sins, we can change, and we can return to live in the presence of God with our families. I am so thankful for my Savior. 

Love you all lots. Sean felices!
Hermana Enright

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

#PRINCEofPEACE #missionarylife #I'veneverusedhashtagsinmylifeuntilnow (Aislin)

HEEEEYYY!!! Sorry my email is a little late. We had transfers this week but luckily - I'm still in St. Stephen! Woot woot! 6 more weeks! I kind of hope that I'm here until August because our ward is taking part in a multi-stake event called Moroni's Quest but I don't know if that will happen. . . 

ANYWAYS. It's been a while since my last email and so much has happened since then! Oh boy. I'll see if I can remember. . . I went to a library this week! THAT was certainly a highlight. I LOVE libraries. It was really tempting to just grab a book off the shelf and flip it open but I DIDN'T. Aren't you proud of me? Instead I helped a recent convert with Family History and it was AWESOME. Dang, I love family history. Also, converts are AWESOME. This one guy is just so enthusiastic about the gospel and paying tithing and going to the temple and you can just see how much difference it's made in his life. He's awesome!

Speaking of converts, Danny is doing so GREAT. We went over to see him again this week and he got so excited to show us the new suit and tie he bought for church! And then straight out asked, "So how do you pay tithing?" Ah. Be still my missionary heart. He then admitted to us though that he accidentally bought the wrong sized pants but the store was an hour drive away in St. John. Luckily, we were heading to St. John the next day for district meeting! So we agreed to take the pants back for him and see if we could exchange them! And that's how we ended up in a thrift store, two young girls in dresses, shopping for very large men's pants. One of the managers came up and said, "Uh. We're having a sale on our dresses." and we went, "Oh that's great! Do you have any more pants bigger than these?" He thought we were crazy. But that's fine. Danny got his pants and looked GREAT on Sunday. He's so awesome.

On Friday, we had set up a lesson with a less active but she wasn't there when we first showed up! So we said we'd come by later when she was home. So we did, and it was during dinner so we said we'd meet with her later that night so. . . We did. Missionaries are persistent. But the lesson went great, and she's GREAT, and then Sunday morning we stopped by again to make sure she was coming to church! And she came! HALLELUJAH. 

Saturday was another pretty GREAT DAY (I've used that word so many times in this email. Time to come up with another one). We decided to go street contacting, which usually isn't very successful here in St. Stephen because on a good day, there are maybe 8 people outside, but all walking in different directions. We've tried it a couple times and had no success but we wanted to do it once more so we did. And we gave away two copies of the Book of Mormon! And this one guy, Gary, even agreed to meet with us again this Sunday! It's so cool to see how much God blesses our efforts when we do our best. Also, we now have only one Book of Mormon left. . . And probably won't be getting anymore until Zone conference. Unless we can leech some off of the elders somehow, but they're an hour away. Sometimes working in a small town is hard. but I love St. Stephen so it all evens out.

ALSO. We got new music to listen to in the mission! President and Sister Pratt put together a CD and sent them out to all the missionaries. It's called our Vitamin D Playlist because it's music to make us happy! So of course it includes Tarzan and Don't Worry, Be Happy and The Bear Necessities and Somewhere Over the Rainbow (the cover by that one guy, Israel Kamaki. . . Something-or-another-really-long-name-I-can't-spell) and. . . wait for it. . . GLORIOUS!!! GAH I love that song! Every time the song switched, I crossed my fingers and wished for it to be Glorious but it didn't work until the VERY LAST SONG. And then I cried, and Sister Andersen laughed at me and then was like, "oh you really are crying." hahaha. It's fine, it's FINE, music just makes me that happy. And I've always loved that song because I remember watching Meet the Mormons for the first time and that was the first time I really remember getting super excited to be a missionary. I'd always planned on serving a mission but that was when I got really hyped for it. And then I remember listening to that song on repeat for a few days. Weeks. . . Maybe months. But yeah. it's amazing.

OK OK OK, the real highlight of my week though was was when Sister Andersen and I went to St. John to do a #PRINCEofPEACE booth with all the elders in our district. We had a TV to show the video on and cards to hand out and we were there for a good three hours, just talking to people, getting cussed at every now and then, but mostly just enjoying our time as missionaries. There was this one guy who came up and just started telling Elder Crandall, Elder Williams, and I his entire life story and when Elder Crandall tried to end the conversation ('cause it had gone on for at least 20 minutes and there were still more people to talk to) by giving him a Jesus card, the man said, "Oh I already have one but I'll take another one." then he stuck it in his pocket and kept talking! Haha! It was like that one episode of Animaniacs with that one guy who just follows them around and talks non-stop. At one point he was asking us all these trivia questions and I guess I said something that he was impressed with (not sure what, I only managed to get in about 4 words) 'cause he turned to me and said something about how I managed to get more answers than the elders ( I really didn't) and then asked if I had had any schooling or degrees before I came out on my mission and I said "Yes, I have an associates of Fine Arts." and he gave me this really confused look and said, "Oh! But you have a very inquisitive mind!" TA DA, not all art students are crazy. Hahaha! There was also this one guy who responded with, "I'm married." when I asked him if he wanted a Jesus card. That was off topic but hey, good for you, man. Congratulations!  Oh yes, and we did get yelled and cussed at once, but it was fine, and as they walked away, Elder Williams and I just said, "Jesus love you!" haha! Because it's true!

Anyways. It was amazing and I hope we get to do more booths. It's funny, because the first night I was here we did street contacting and I kind of hated it and was really worried I'd never be able to do it, but then yesterday I couldn't stop! It was so much fun and there were so many people to talk to and I wasn't scared at all! I feel like I've been waiting to see the blessings of Ether 12:27 my entire life and now I'm finally recognizing them. The church is true!!!

I love you all so much!!! Thank you for your emails and your stories and your testimonies! 

- Sister Enright

We made homemade burgers one day and they were AMAZING so we thought they deserved a picture.

A Who decoration someone has in front of their house (btw it's not just them. EVERYONE here still has Christmas decorations up! It's April but. . . Whatever, it's fine)

Poutine! It doesn't look the most appetizing but I promise, it's delicious

Angel! We accidentally matched on Sunday so we had to document it.

`Elder Crandall called us one day, really excited 'cause he'd found this watercolor set while helping an old lady clean her house and she said he could keep it. So he told me he was going to bring it to me and asked if I could pretty please do a small watercolor painting of a lighthouse for him. I asked him what brand it was but he said he didn't know so I told him just give it to me and I'd see what I could do. Anyways, he gave me the kit and sister Andersen and I (she's an art student too) had a pretty good laugh when we saw that it was a watercolor kit from Reader's Digest! Whoo! Quality stuff, right there. There's also no watercolor paper. . . Oh well. I'll try anyways.

Blurry but here's our booth! It was SO MUCH FUN

This GIANT pile of snow in front of the church building is starting to melt! AH! Summer's coming!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Happy Birthday to my favorite 14 year old?! (Amik)

Yes, Happy Birthday Liam. How old are you turning again?

This week  I got to go back to my old area,  baseline! Because Dominique, someone that I was teaching back then/there was baptized.  So I went with Elder Burton, one of the zone leaders, who also taught her. Also, I have the pictures of Edy's baptism.  Also, there was a spring music festival thing at our church yesterday and Elder Layton and I sang and were the speakers. It was a multi religious activity and there was a Presbyterian bell choir, a trumpeter, and a bass trombone played by our awesome recent convert Carlos. We were in charge of the spoken messages and we went over to the member's house who was in charge of the whole thing on Friday to write what was going to be spoken. This was what we each read word for word, there were musical numbers before and after each message.  

    • Spoken Message 1: Elder Enright          (Be Ready to Walk up to Mic as the 2 Singers Finish)
This is life eternal,…. That they might know thee…. the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.” (John 17:3).           And what do we know of Him?             
We know that “He was the Great Jehovah of the Old Testament, ….the Messiah of the New.  
Under the direction of His Father, He was the creator of the earth.  “All things were made by him; and without him …was not any thing made …..that was made” (John 1:3) 
His gospel was a message of Peace ….And Goodwill.  
He entreated all to follow His example. 

 When Jesus met with his Apostles in the Upper Room, …having Partaken of the Passover, 
he gave them a new commandment., saying :
“A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another as I have loved you, ….that ye also love one another.  By this …shall all men know….. that ye are my disciples, 
if ye have love one to another.” 
I know …that when I serve those around me and Love them, I serve and love Christ.

    • Spoken Message 2: Elder Layton (Walk up to Mic as Singers Finish)…
The Lord is My Shepherd; …….I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: ……He leadeth me….. beside the still waters.
He restoreth my soul: ……He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His Name’s Sake.
Yea, …though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for Thou artwith me; thy rod and thy staff …..they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; ….my cup runneth over. 
Surely ….Goodness And Mercy …shall follow me…. all the days of my life: …And I will dwell…. In the house of the Lord for ever. 

“For God sent not his Son into the world…… to condemn the world; ….but,… that the world,… through Him might be saved…God So loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, …..that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 

I know that Jesus Christ is My Shepherd. …..And that through Him, I will have peace and His Goodness and His Mercy shall follow Me all the days of My life. …..I love and cherish knowing of His Love for me. 

Also, Elder Layton got sick again this week.  We were having a lesson in the library and we closed with prayer in our hearts and he went out and puked in one of the parking lot's grassy meridians.  

Here are the pictures.  

 Dominique's baptism.

  Edy and the Vorwallers.  Her main fellowshippers 


 Jackson on the left, he just went to Alaska and was the main fellowshiper for Nate who is on the far right.  

Also, cool Jesus Stained stained glass window in the France Paris temple that is now my wallpaper for my I pad

April 10, 2017 (Erin)

Okay, so I´m mostly just going to send photos, because I´m being lazy today and don´t have a whole lot of time, but hey, photos are fun. 

Okay, so me, our investigator Tere, and my comp. Tere is awesome. Her laugh is hilarious and she is so strong and has sacrificed so much.

 More of our beautiful faces. You´re welcome.

 Kaled and Angel when they got baptized. They are so funny.

 Getting ready for the baptism. The mirror is so gross.

 Alison´s baptism. We were super bored waiting for everyone to show up and so we took a buttload of photos. 


 Michell and I. Powerful recent convert right here, love her so much. 

In between sessions of conference, studying in the sacrament room

Still studying. 

Saying goodbye to Tere and her awesome wooden bike. 

I love this bike. Plus this day was really hard. We went and said goodbye to all our investigators that got moved to another ward during the changes, and there were a lot.

Saying goodbye to Alison

 And then to Familia Sanchez (That was super hard)

And then saying goodbye to Alison again because she came with us to Familia Sanchez and didn´t want to leave us. 

Still in the street trying to convince Alsion to go home. 

And finally Hermano Domingo. He´s amazing. He always feeds us, so we brought over tacos and ate with him for the last time. 

Hna Eastman, me, Hna Valdez, and Hna Burgos. Yesterday, after church. Kaled and Angel were confirmed, All four of us missionaries shared our testimonies, being the last chance to do so in the mission for Hermana Valdez. She leaves in two weeks! I´m going to miss her a lot. 

Okay love you all lots! Keep being awesome. 
Can you believe like in a month is mother´s day!? WooHoo!
I´m gonna try and find some pan dulce, because I´m dying of hunger,
Hermana Enright

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

"Come as you are, but don't plan to stay as you are" (Amik)

Was General Conference awesome! I had a couple of favorites.  This is really disjointed and I swear it was all in order at some point, but "here we go!" -Mario- 

First off, Isn't it amazing how every talk is always focused on some aspect of whatever it is that we ourselves are working on?

President Monson's talks were simple and to the point. We need to Read the Book of Mormon daily, it is true, and because of that this is Christ's church on the earth and our testimonies most be nurtured by the constant study of the scriptures and prayer and going to church. This is what we need to do to stay converted and how to get converted.

President L. Clayton's water to wine talk was really good. I really loved his point that when we decide that we will do what is needed by God, God will make all things for our good. And him telling us each not to be a skeptic, doing the basic little things of faith will lead us to great things. We need to stay true to daily simple practices of faith to reap the rewards of faith and long suffering, we most fill our own water pots to the brim.  Trust in the Lord and whatever thing he asks of you, do it

Elder Dale G, Renlund saying that there truly is a difference between sin and sinners, and that is how Christ is.  He finds joy in the progress of healing and helps us. Elder Jeffery R. Holland put it nicely when he said "Come as you are, but don't plan to stay as you are."

President Nelson's  guidelines of how to get the power of Christ were awesome. The first is to learn of him, you must never forget that it is the Savior that allows us to repent, because of what he did.  True followers of Christ would stand up. And to fight for what is right, seek real genuine discipleship

Elder Robert D. Hales Genuine discipleship.  Discipleship to Christ is a way of life. Do not practice selective obedience, you most seek to become like Christ. The attributes of Christ are not a checklist of things to be marked off. True discipleship requires the love of God, Charity, we most be true disciples

Elder Anderson 
Overcoming the world is a personal battle with us engaging in hand to hand combat with the natural man.  A true disciple of Christ will make a stand and is more concerned with our heavenly connection to God than with our online social connection

Elder M Russell Ballard . Those who are accomplished in this life are those with a vision of where they want to go and a plan to get there. The key to happiness is to know what goals and visions, really matter.  Begin with the end in mind. Short goals are only effective if they are useful and help towards the long term goals. The most important goal is to fit into Christ's plan.  Return and receive. The best goals are those that are simple.

Elder Quentin L Cook, The foundations of faith. Spiritual mental, physical, and spiritual development are all connected. 10,000 hours of practice are needed to reach the level of mastery.  We need to practice spiritual things: reading scriptures, prayer, and church attending. Virtue is power. There is power in constant study of the scriptures, going to church, and praying

Elder David A Bednar. When a missionary recieves his call, it is a call to serve, There are three other things that need to be worked on to strengthen people to prepare to serve. These are Priesthood, temple, mission.  Personal worthiness is the most important thing in the world. Be worthy, stay worthy... Keeping  a temple recommend is a very important goal.  

President Uchtdorf. Don't forget number 6.don't take yourself so seriously. Being part of the church is about our willingness to be directed by God.

President Erying. If you feel a little overwhelmed, that is good, it means you have a good understanding of your duty. The Lord's work is not to just solve problems, but to build people. Walking with the Savior will help you see others as the Savior sees them, as a child of God. As you do this with the Savior, you will help them see it in themselves.

Elder Cordon's mentioning being  diligent and concerned at home. With a conscience effort things can be done. Don't wait until it is to late because Family Traditions are very powerful and have long reach. President Joy Jones was also very very good. And also talked about nearly the same thing.  I loved how Sister Jones taught about the importance of integrity and keeping commitments "because we said we would!" Let's all think about the things we said we would do. I have seen how stuff done in the home has a very far reaching effect. We need to teach people in general because understanding repentance is needed to repent and to help others repent, we must help them be agents to act for themselves and that is best done when we start early and be steady,  Start teaching at a young age and create constant habits.  Help them understand and keep sacred covenants by helping them keep simple promises. 

Elder Yoon Choi. "Look up and drink it". If you choose to be inactive, where will you go? May we ever choose the harder right than the easier wrong. When we follow our living  prophet, we follow Christ.

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf's thing about Church sleep is one of the healthiest sleeps possible is good and enlightening. Fear has been used to cause action, but fear does not have power to change our hearts. The end does not justify the means. Contemplate how we use fear, and what we could use better. God is on our side, he loves us, and when we stumble he helps us to get and do better. We do not need to burden ourselves or others with fear,  the Lord will fight for us and give us peace. Replace fear with Christ's perfect love

I forgot who said it I also love that temperate disciples live the gospel in a balanced and steady way. When faced with the storms of tribulation they ask what would thou have me learn? We can't be part-time disciples! 

Elder S. Mark Palmer, The joy of being obedient. Learn to see others as Jesus sees them. No teaching or learning will be done with frustration, or will hearts change without love. Love should never be withdrawn. Because god loves us, he invites us  to repent, whom Jesus loves he teaches.

Elder Nelson taught that as we look unto Christ in every thought our doubts and fears depart. What great advice for any of you who may be experiencing those emotions. I also loved the imagery he shared of stretching toward the Savior. He taught us to reach up for His power as a drowning person grasps and reaches up for air. When we do this His power will flow unto us. I want to stretch and reach more to Him.

I also love how Elder Clayton said we shouldn't expect easy answers and quick fixes to our problems and that passing the trial of our faith will always come back to us doing the simple acts of obedience. Such important advice for missionaries. Obedience is a tremendous blessing!

President Uchtdorf's talk about fear was really cool,I remember when I would read books, a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away, that fear was a  common motivation but that faith was better, no the best That doesn't just apply to leaders but that each of us need to strive to have love as our motive for what we do, not fear. Hmm...sounds like a guiding principle.

 Elder Joaquinn Costa, lessons in my path to baptism 
  1. take the missionaries seriously 
  2. Go to church, if you are confused just listen
  3. Read the Book of Mormon, and pray about the Book 
  4. Repent, read Alma 32, put your name in it.  I am so going to do that. 
Anyway, I really like what Elder Palmer said about THEN JESUS BEHOLDING HIM LOVED HIM. Out here we have really been encouraged to know that the Lord has blessed me with that love for each of you. I hope that you feel it and know that I care deeply about your welfare not only here on the mission but throughout your life and eternity. 

I hope and pray that the flame of faith that was increased in me this weekend will continue to help as I go over my notes and since I am going challenge you to act upon what you learned and make the teachings of conference your own by applying them to your life, this will be a great opportunity for all of us to exercise our faith in Christ by showing the Lord we are willing to act now. Remember to see any gaps that you discovered as opportunities for growth and new light.

We were not able to find any new investigators this last week. But it was busy, Nate actually was able to watch four of the sessions of conference. And was really anxious that he might have missed watching the prophet speak. But he was able to watch both of the times that President Monson spoke. He said himself that he was soaking everything up.   He is set on being baptized and is focused on being ready for it. One issue  the fact that he wants to have his friend baptize him, however, this is the friend that went up to Alaska.  

-Elder Enright-