Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A week full of miracles! (Erin)

Let´s see, this past week consisted of  3 baptisms, general conference, money to buy food (!!), and changing back to pants. I consider that a pretty awesome and edifying week. The only downside its that we got our boundaries changed. 

The three baptisms were Kaled, Angel, and Alison.

Kaled and Angel are brothers. We´ve been teaching them since I got to Juarez. Kaled is 9 and Angel turned 8 at the beginning of March. Their aunt got baptized in January. Their baptism was possibly one of the best I´ve had here. it was in a new ward because of the boundary changes here, so not a whole lot of people showed up. But, the people that were there, were the people that really mattered, their family and the members that befriended them and helped us teach them. They were both super nervous. Angel before he went into the water did the whole cross-over-the-heart-catholic thing that made us all laugh super hard. Their mom was able to make it (she's not a member and has only listened to us a couple times), but when Kaled and Angel shared their testimonies afterwards (which was pretty much the sweetest thing EVER), she started crying. When everything was over with, she came up and told us that she wants to be baptized too!

Alison, is our miracle girl. She´s the friend of our recent convert, Michell. She showed up at Michell´s baptism in February. She told us that she didn´t believe in God, but like 3 days afterwards she attended another baptism and then church with us on Sundaythe same week. We started teaching her with Michell, and yeah, 5-6 weeks later, got baptized. She´s the cutest thing ever and has such a strong testimony. Her mom also came with us to her baptism. Earlier that day we had gone to visit her, and the mom was a little defensive, with the whole, "I´m super attached to my religion and you´re not gonna convince me to change" speech, but the spirit worked wonders with her. During the baptism she was crying and then when one of the super awesome bishopic leaders was talking to her she cried again and yeah, her whole attitude completely changed! she agreed with the bishop to help out with relief society activities and wants to come to church. THANK YOU SPIRIT!

The only sad thing is, with our boundary changes, Alison, her mom, and Michell and her family are no longer in our area. Neither are a lot of our progressing investigators, but that´s okay, they´ll still progress with other missionaries and get baptized. 

Conference was AMAZING! So many of my questions were answered and it was just awesome to hear from the Prophet and the apostles (And that one guy from the seventy with the wicked cool austrailan accent). We watched both of the Saturday sessions at a member's home and invited a bunch of investigators too. It was super fun. Sunday we went to the church building and I went up to the offices to watch it in English with some other missionaries, President, and his wife. Watching conference in Spanish is nice, but it´s not the same when the voices aren´t actually the voices of the prophet and the apostles. So it was a blessing to watch it in English. 

I will just highlight some of my favorites...

Joaquin E. Costa - Pretty sure every missionary in the world was grateful for this talk. And yes, I will be showing it to every one of my investigators, because it is golden! His testimony is so strong and his invitations so simple, but straight from the heart. (Was anyone else waiting with anticipation throughout the whole talk to see if he actually married the girl? Because I was)

Dieter F Uchtdorf - He is always so direct, but this topic was especially powerful for me as a missionary and sister training leader. I have dealt with so many people, missionaries, members, investigators, who are a little too mean, little too harsh and rude, who totally and completely believe that they are who they are and they can´t change. Which is totally NOT TRUE! Christ never treated people rudely, never abused his power. We have to be willing to change our nature if we want to become more like Christ. And it is possible through the atonement. Love is everything guys. 

S. Mark Palmer - (aside from is accent) as before mentioned above, love is everything. CHARITY IS EVERYTHING. Even though he talked about being a mission president and having this love for his missionaries, I thought the whole time about my investigators, my sisters that I watch over, and my companion and how I can develop this kind of love for all of them. That I can recognize their goodness, their strengths and weaknesses and learn how to help them become better. 

Gary E. Stevenson - I really needed this talk. I´ve been trying so hard throughout my whole mission to learn to listen to the spirit and I still feel a lot of the time that I´m not succeeding. His talk with every single experience really made me realize that I need to step it up and learn because I´m going to be responsible for the well-being of some of God´s children at one point and if I don´t learn how to listen to the spirit, I could really put my own life or one of their precious lives in danger. So yeah, I´m gonna go repent and try harder. 

Joy D. Jones and Valeri V. Cordon - Goodness gracious I LOVED THESE TALKS! In one of my first interviews with the president, he asked me why I was here in the mission. I told him that I was here to help people, to bring them the gospel and help them have eternal families. He told me that this was a great and dandy reason, but there should be another part. I should also be here for myself and my future family. My mission should be able to help me change in the ways that I need to be able to raise a strong family in the gospel. So yeah, ever since then I have been looking for ways that I can change, ways that I want to raise my children. And these two talks were revelation for me. I am preparing now to be a better, daughter, sister, mother, and wife. And gosh darn it, my kids are gonna be sin resistant if I have anything to say about it. 

Linda K. Burton (women´s conference) - Okay, so one of my other questions was how can I become a stronger and more confident daughter of God, and BOOM, this talk pretty much answered that for me. I want to become one of those "certain women".

AH! There´s just so much, like how our goals should be eternal and focus on how to return to God and recieve his blessings, or the shame vs. guilt culture (man, so true). or or how we can be a light to the world.  It was just a wonderful, uplifting and enlightening weekend (Even if I didn´t have any cinnamos rolls) and I hope you all were able to receive personal revelation. 

Okay, I promise I´m done talking now. I´ll just send pictures. But I miss you all and love you all!
Gordon B Hinckley said one time that "We are products of the lives that have touched ours."
Thank you all for touching my life, for helping me become who I am today and encouraging me to be better,. 

 Me, Kaled, Angel, and Hna Burgos

 Hno Paul, Hna Ada Lilia (mom), Angel, Kaled, Hna Maritza (Aunt), and Bishop Lorenzo.

 Michell, Moi, Alison, Hna Burgos, Elder Arce

Haha, she wore pants because we couldn´t find a skirt, but whatever. It didn´t bother her. Also, I love her so much. She´s just the best. 

Love you all lots! Have a great week!

Hermana Enright

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