Monday, April 10, 2017

April 10, 2017 (Erin)

Okay, so I´m mostly just going to send photos, because I´m being lazy today and don´t have a whole lot of time, but hey, photos are fun. 

Okay, so me, our investigator Tere, and my comp. Tere is awesome. Her laugh is hilarious and she is so strong and has sacrificed so much.

 More of our beautiful faces. You´re welcome.

 Kaled and Angel when they got baptized. They are so funny.

 Getting ready for the baptism. The mirror is so gross.

 Alison´s baptism. We were super bored waiting for everyone to show up and so we took a buttload of photos. 


 Michell and I. Powerful recent convert right here, love her so much. 

In between sessions of conference, studying in the sacrament room

Still studying. 

Saying goodbye to Tere and her awesome wooden bike. 

I love this bike. Plus this day was really hard. We went and said goodbye to all our investigators that got moved to another ward during the changes, and there were a lot.

Saying goodbye to Alison

 And then to Familia Sanchez (That was super hard)

And then saying goodbye to Alison again because she came with us to Familia Sanchez and didn´t want to leave us. 

Still in the street trying to convince Alsion to go home. 

And finally Hermano Domingo. He´s amazing. He always feeds us, so we brought over tacos and ate with him for the last time. 

Hna Eastman, me, Hna Valdez, and Hna Burgos. Yesterday, after church. Kaled and Angel were confirmed, All four of us missionaries shared our testimonies, being the last chance to do so in the mission for Hermana Valdez. She leaves in two weeks! I´m going to miss her a lot. 

Okay love you all lots! Keep being awesome. 
Can you believe like in a month is mother´s day!? WooHoo!
I´m gonna try and find some pan dulce, because I´m dying of hunger,
Hermana Enright

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