Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Cambios (Erin)

So, we had changes yesterday, which is why I didn´t write. I was stuffed in the front of what was basicially a moving van with my companion and the three secretaries who helped us haul all the stuff for a house to our new area. Yep, we get to open an area in Tlaxcala. WOOHOO. So my new companion is Hna Sanchez, NOT my trainer, another Hna Sanchez, and our new area is Texmelucan in San Martin, which is technically in the state of Puebla, but is in the Tlaxcala stake and it looks like it´s part of Tlaxcala, so we´re just gonna say that I´m back in Tlaxcala, because I love Tlaxcala. 

Anywho, we spent ALL day yesterday waiting for the secretaries to finish with the newbies and then traveling and then waiting outside the truck while one of the elders fixed the radiator because it exploded...ha. I´m so glad he was there and knew what he was doing. And then afterwards we got the apartment and moved all the furniture up three flights of stairs. So much fun. Then the dueño (SORRY, word in english that I forgot) that the apartment didn't have electricity and we had to go pay to get it reconnected. And today we went to pay it but they told us we have to write up a new contract because no one has paid for electricty for this apartment for more than a year. Also we had to go find two members to let us make copies of their identification and some document that has their address to give to the dueño so we can actually live in our apartment. So yeah, it´s been an interesting day or two. But hey, there are still so many blessings. For example, the members we went to visit yesterday that magically had the area book of th elders who were here like 3 or 4 months ago that the secretaries couldn´t find. Or the fact that members are so excited to have missionaries in the ward again that they went ahead and filled up the food calalender for the month. Which is super great because we don´t have a lot of moeny to buy food or a functioning refrigerator to put any food in. Haha.

But hey, I´m super happy to be here. I love Tlaxcala. It´s so pretty and it rains so often, especially right now. The sweet bread here is TO DIE FOR!  The people are a little nicer and more open to random strangers talking to them in the streets (Those random strangers being us). AND everything is a little bit cheaper  which, not gonna lie, is super great because as an hermana lider we tend to use up a lot of money traveling to various places.

I hope you are all happy and doing great. Miss you all lots!
Hermana Enright

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