Tuesday, April 4, 2017

"Come as you are, but don't plan to stay as you are" (Amik)

Was General Conference awesome! I had a couple of favorites.  This is really disjointed and I swear it was all in order at some point, but "here we go!" -Mario- 

First off, Isn't it amazing how every talk is always focused on some aspect of whatever it is that we ourselves are working on?

President Monson's talks were simple and to the point. We need to Read the Book of Mormon daily, it is true, and because of that this is Christ's church on the earth and our testimonies most be nurtured by the constant study of the scriptures and prayer and going to church. This is what we need to do to stay converted and how to get converted.

President L. Clayton's water to wine talk was really good. I really loved his point that when we decide that we will do what is needed by God, God will make all things for our good. And him telling us each not to be a skeptic, doing the basic little things of faith will lead us to great things. We need to stay true to daily simple practices of faith to reap the rewards of faith and long suffering, we most fill our own water pots to the brim.  Trust in the Lord and whatever thing he asks of you, do it

Elder Dale G, Renlund saying that there truly is a difference between sin and sinners, and that is how Christ is.  He finds joy in the progress of healing and helps us. Elder Jeffery R. Holland put it nicely when he said "Come as you are, but don't plan to stay as you are."

President Nelson's  guidelines of how to get the power of Christ were awesome. The first is to learn of him, you must never forget that it is the Savior that allows us to repent, because of what he did.  True followers of Christ would stand up. And to fight for what is right, seek real genuine discipleship

Elder Robert D. Hales Genuine discipleship.  Discipleship to Christ is a way of life. Do not practice selective obedience, you most seek to become like Christ. The attributes of Christ are not a checklist of things to be marked off. True discipleship requires the love of God, Charity, we most be true disciples

Elder Anderson 
Overcoming the world is a personal battle with us engaging in hand to hand combat with the natural man.  A true disciple of Christ will make a stand and is more concerned with our heavenly connection to God than with our online social connection

Elder M Russell Ballard . Those who are accomplished in this life are those with a vision of where they want to go and a plan to get there. The key to happiness is to know what goals and visions, really matter.  Begin with the end in mind. Short goals are only effective if they are useful and help towards the long term goals. The most important goal is to fit into Christ's plan.  Return and receive. The best goals are those that are simple.

Elder Quentin L Cook, The foundations of faith. Spiritual mental, physical, and spiritual development are all connected. 10,000 hours of practice are needed to reach the level of mastery.  We need to practice spiritual things: reading scriptures, prayer, and church attending. Virtue is power. There is power in constant study of the scriptures, going to church, and praying

Elder David A Bednar. When a missionary recieves his call, it is a call to serve, There are three other things that need to be worked on to strengthen people to prepare to serve. These are Priesthood, temple, mission.  Personal worthiness is the most important thing in the world. Be worthy, stay worthy... Keeping  a temple recommend is a very important goal.  

President Uchtdorf. Don't forget number 6.don't take yourself so seriously. Being part of the church is about our willingness to be directed by God.

President Erying. If you feel a little overwhelmed, that is good, it means you have a good understanding of your duty. The Lord's work is not to just solve problems, but to build people. Walking with the Savior will help you see others as the Savior sees them, as a child of God. As you do this with the Savior, you will help them see it in themselves.

Elder Cordon's mentioning being  diligent and concerned at home. With a conscience effort things can be done. Don't wait until it is to late because Family Traditions are very powerful and have long reach. President Joy Jones was also very very good. And also talked about nearly the same thing.  I loved how Sister Jones taught about the importance of integrity and keeping commitments "because we said we would!" Let's all think about the things we said we would do. I have seen how stuff done in the home has a very far reaching effect. We need to teach people in general because understanding repentance is needed to repent and to help others repent, we must help them be agents to act for themselves and that is best done when we start early and be steady,  Start teaching at a young age and create constant habits.  Help them understand and keep sacred covenants by helping them keep simple promises. 

Elder Yoon Choi. "Look up and drink it". If you choose to be inactive, where will you go? May we ever choose the harder right than the easier wrong. When we follow our living  prophet, we follow Christ.

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf's thing about Church sleep is one of the healthiest sleeps possible is good and enlightening. Fear has been used to cause action, but fear does not have power to change our hearts. The end does not justify the means. Contemplate how we use fear, and what we could use better. God is on our side, he loves us, and when we stumble he helps us to get and do better. We do not need to burden ourselves or others with fear,  the Lord will fight for us and give us peace. Replace fear with Christ's perfect love

I forgot who said it I also love that temperate disciples live the gospel in a balanced and steady way. When faced with the storms of tribulation they ask what would thou have me learn? We can't be part-time disciples! 

Elder S. Mark Palmer, The joy of being obedient. Learn to see others as Jesus sees them. No teaching or learning will be done with frustration, or will hearts change without love. Love should never be withdrawn. Because god loves us, he invites us  to repent, whom Jesus loves he teaches.

Elder Nelson taught that as we look unto Christ in every thought our doubts and fears depart. What great advice for any of you who may be experiencing those emotions. I also loved the imagery he shared of stretching toward the Savior. He taught us to reach up for His power as a drowning person grasps and reaches up for air. When we do this His power will flow unto us. I want to stretch and reach more to Him.

I also love how Elder Clayton said we shouldn't expect easy answers and quick fixes to our problems and that passing the trial of our faith will always come back to us doing the simple acts of obedience. Such important advice for missionaries. Obedience is a tremendous blessing!

President Uchtdorf's talk about fear was really cool,I remember when I would read books, a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away, that fear was a  common motivation but that faith was better, no the best That doesn't just apply to leaders but that each of us need to strive to have love as our motive for what we do, not fear. Hmm...sounds like a guiding principle.

 Elder Joaquinn Costa, lessons in my path to baptism 
  1. take the missionaries seriously 
  2. Go to church, if you are confused just listen
  3. Read the Book of Mormon, and pray about the Book 
  4. Repent, read Alma 32, put your name in it.  I am so going to do that. 
Anyway, I really like what Elder Palmer said about THEN JESUS BEHOLDING HIM LOVED HIM. Out here we have really been encouraged to know that the Lord has blessed me with that love for each of you. I hope that you feel it and know that I care deeply about your welfare not only here on the mission but throughout your life and eternity. 

I hope and pray that the flame of faith that was increased in me this weekend will continue to help as I go over my notes and since I am going challenge you to act upon what you learned and make the teachings of conference your own by applying them to your life, this will be a great opportunity for all of us to exercise our faith in Christ by showing the Lord we are willing to act now. Remember to see any gaps that you discovered as opportunities for growth and new light.

We were not able to find any new investigators this last week. But it was busy, Nate actually was able to watch four of the sessions of conference. And was really anxious that he might have missed watching the prophet speak. But he was able to watch both of the times that President Monson spoke. He said himself that he was soaking everything up.   He is set on being baptized and is focused on being ready for it. One issue  the fact that he wants to have his friend baptize him, however, this is the friend that went up to Alaska.  

-Elder Enright-

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