Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Elder Klingler (Amik)

Hi family! 
    This has been a great week, we had transfers this week and now I am companions with Elder Klingler from Wyoming.  He has been out for about 18 months.  Anyway, he is very good with his movie quotes so we have been saying a lot of those. Elder Klingler is a great Elder and we are getting along great.  So we have started out this transfer doing pretty well.  We started out great and this Sunday we went to church and two people were just waiting at church for us that we never met before. One was a referral from one of our investigators, Nate, and the other was one that pretty much showed up randomly.  He knew a family in Utah and was actually going to church with them for a while.  Anyway, he is working out here in Palm Desert and lives up in desert hot springs, so we will work with the elders over there to keep them updated. 

Anyway, this week is Albert's baptism and he specifically asked me to speak about baptism for his baptism.  Also, speaking of talks, last Wednesday when Elder Klingler came into town.  We were at the church and met one of the counselors in the ward bishopric and Elder Klingler introduced himself and asked if there was anything we could do at which point he was asked  to give a twenty minute talk.  

Besides that, it's already hit 100 a couple of times since Elder Klingler got  here, and that's  nothing  compared to the summers of 134 and some humidity that is supposed to be coming in August. But, I hope to be out of the desert and into the mountains by that time,  I also already have MEAN wrist watch tan line, as Elder Klingler calls it,  and when I get home it should still be there. The skin above and below  is all crispy and dry, and my watch wrist is all albino white. 

Klinger says he feels super spoiled as a missionary, because our apartment is HUGE and there's only two of us. We have our own bathrooms, but his shower is broken, so they're working on fixing it.  We have a really nice area with lots of retired people and they love the missionaries. We are in a new 2017 Toyota Corolla. Klingler just got out of a bike area that he was in for the last six months. 
Also, Nate is scheduled for next month, and is actually waiting for Jackson to be ready to baptize him.

Elder Enright

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