Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Enter TiWi. . . (Aislin)

Hey family (and everyone else, of course)! This last week was pretty crazy busy with Zone Conference and traveling and service projects and lessons. . . And just lots of missionary stuff! So it was a little discouraging when we were doing weekly planning this time around and found that, compared to last week, we have nothing going on this week at all. One of our 'gators, Samantha, who is the one getting baptized in June, texted us yesterday morning to cancel our lesson that evening and to tell us that she's going to be in Nova Scotia for the next few weeks! GAH. And then our otherinvestigator, also named Samantha. . . I swear, there are only like, 5 names in this town. We've had two Ryans, multiple Davids, two Samanthas. . . And then everyone in our ward is either Steven or Linda, no joke. Anyways. Samantha #2 has short term memory loss because she just recently had brain surgery. So she forgot our appointment the other day. Luckily she lives close by so we can just stop in whenever. Last week we had to drop one investigator, which was a bummer. What made me even more sad though was that when we went to see him and tell him that we couldn't come see him anymore he just waved and said, "OK! Nice knowin' ya!" and went to watch his hockey game! *Sigh* I wish people understood how important this message is, and how badly we want to share it with them! Also, last week, we accidentally reconverted someone to Catholicism. . . We called them to set up an appointment and they said that they enjoyed talking with us and it had reminded them of how much they needed to go back to church! The Catholic church. . . Not really what we intended but oh well.

ANYWAYS. So yes. We're now entering a new week with no lessons and basically no investigators but we're optimistic! I spent all day yesterday organizing the area book and calling former and potential investigators. Sister Andersen was sick so I was inside all day long while she slept. I almost went insane but that's fine. Upside, I'm pretty familiar with the area book now, so that's all good. Lots of people in church have been sick recently and I'm praying it doesn't hit me next. The last week, one of the primary kids walked up to me as we were greeting everyone, shook my hand and then looked right up at me and with a big grin on her face said, "I threw up last night!". Oh. Thanks. But sister Andersen didn't throw up! THANK GOODNESS. She's feeling much better now so we can back to work!

 Last Wednesday was Zone Conference! Gosh, I love Zone Conference. And I got my Easter package, which was great 'cause then I had Jelly Beans to snack on for the whole 8 hours we were there. We also got TiWis! TiWis are little white boxes that sit in the windshield of our car and track everything we do and warns us in a very polite female voice - which is terrifying - to check our speed or our seat belts or whatever. And if we don't manage to slow down or buckle our seatbelts after two warnings, it reports us to pres! So yeah. The best part of the day was watching all the missionaries with the newly installed TiWis in their cars, very slowly creep their way out of the parking lot, careful not to speed or make any sharp turns in fear that their license would be revoked. On the drive back, one of the elders - who is known for his love to speed - called us and said, "I'm going INSAAAANE! AND I just got flipped off! For going the speed limit!" Haha! We had a good laugh at him. Also, we have to knock on our windshield to "wake up" the TiWI before we get in the car. So now we look even crazier, not only with the backing out rule (we get so many weird looks for that one, haha!) but now we're racing each other to the car to knock on the windshield! Our TiWi's name Navi!

On Thursday we went to do service at the old folk's home again. I love it there! There's this one lady named Grace and when she saw us she smiled and said, "Oh the Nuns are back!" Hahaha! I love her! We got to learn a lot about the residents this week. We just got to sit down and talk to them about their lives and it was GREAT. It was fun to get to hear these frail little old ladies talks about when they used to play basketball and ride horses, and one lady told us story about how she saved 11 kittens from her burning home! She's my hero. There was another lady who worked at McDonalds for 40 years. Anyways, it made me think about what kind of stories I wanted to be able to tell when I'm their age. I want to live a life full of great stories to tell!
 Anyways. That was my week. Friday and Saturday was crazy busy with service over at the St. Stephen university (which is actually Canada's smallest university and I LOVE IT). On Sunday, Sister Andersen nearly ran over a squirrel and I may have screamed but that's OK. We also went a visited Danny! Have I told you how much I love Danny? He's so great. I just wish we could convert his brother too but he refuses because he doesn't like that Joseph Smith was American! HAHA! We're helping Danny learn the hymns because he feels embarrassed when we sing in sacrament meeting and doesn't know the words. So we sing one or two hymns with him when we go over and I love it! I can't help but smile when I sing hymns, they're just the best and it's probably the one time I think I can really recognize the Spirit because surely there's nothing else that can make me feel that much joy.

Well, I've got to go! I can't believe Mother's day is coming up so fast! AH! I'm so excited! Stay awesome and "stay in the choir" just like Elder Holland said! Love you all!!!
- Sister Enright

P.S. Picture! OK so I'm terrible at remembering to take pictures. I'll do better!

May is funniest old lady at the Old Folk's home and I love her so darn much! Janet is the adorable little 90 year old, balding Catholic lady with the fabulous accent. We went and saw her this week and she send us home with homemade bread and marmalade! I love her! Also, I gave her more hair in the picture. She really is pretty bald!

Our district before transfers! On the top is Elder Shambrook (he's from Wales and has the BEST ACCENT EVER), Moi, and Sister Andersen. The middle row is Elder Golder, Elder Crandall, Elder Willoughby, and Elder and Sister Jones, then the last two are Elder Cox and Elder Williams!

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