Saturday, April 22, 2017

Happy Easter and Transfers (Amik)

Elder Layton is leaving! He is going all the way to Fontana in the Oleander ward. I am going to be companions with an Elder Klinger, I heard he is from Wyoming, but that is all I really know about him. 

This week we did a couple things, one we did service at the YMCA! There was an Easter Celebration activity on Saturday.  It was a sort of carnival thing, and we were in charge of the set up, take down, and management of the things where you hit the thing with a mallet and it goes up and rings the bell. We had three of them, from small to big. And I mainly worked at the small one.  There was these this one kid, I say around 4-7, that tried to do it and after not being able to do it, he freaked out and his mom went up and carried him away.  The Spanish elders were off doing some other activity, I think,  and then the sisters were mainly the ones doing the Easter booth. 

Also, we were able to have a lesson this week with one of our investigators, Albert, who was on date for the 29th of April. However, we have been only able to meet once a week with him and the last two have been cancelled, perfectly legitimate reasons too.  So we were thinking that it might have to be pushed back, but no he is set for it to be the 29th and so we are going to shoot through the lessons we have left with him.  He has been taught for more than a year, so he has been taught everything, but he was dropped so we have to teach nearly everything over again. The funny thing is that we were going over the baptism interview questions and the law of tithing came up.  Keep in mind that he already has been taught that at least twice.   But when we asked him if he would pay a full tithe. He said of course "he has been paying it for over a year" however, then he said that he had been putting it "in the box by the door."  We believe that he has been putting it in the fire alarm box in the foyer.  We are still not sure, however, because he says the box that he has been putting it in is now gone, while the fire alarm box is still there.

On another note Jackson, the guy who went up to Alaska, is back in town and we are still working with him and Nate.  So hey things are going awesome.  Also, this Easter initiative is sweet!  Also, I did get my box of Easter  chocolates on Saturday.  Have a great week!

Elder Enright

 Showing Albert the font.

 Elder Layton with the mallet.

 Prince of Peace booth at the carnival

One of the members we are working with is really into fairies and has fairies everywhere,  this is a small fairy town in her back yard.

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