Saturday, April 22, 2017

Here Comes the Sun (Aislin)

HOLY COW, Summer is coming! Time to tell the people of St. Stephen that it's definitely time to take down Christmas decorations. But I don't know, I guess it did snow a little this morning. . .

Anyways. This week has been so good! It's been warm, the grass is turning green, the flowers are growing, and with the warm weather comes the people! I've seen so many people in the last few days I didn't even know lived here. I guess they decided it was time to come out of hibernation. And with more people on the streets, it means that street teaching (or "streaching") is starting to become a little more effective. Yay! I love people.

This Saturday we had an awesome Easter ward activity! Sister Andersen and I planned it all by ourselves, which I have to admit, frustrated me a little at first. We had the idea and presented it in ward council and everyone said, "Ooh great idea! How are you going to do it?" and then delegated all of the assignments back to us. . . But that's fine. We knew we had to do it, because the ward needed it so bad. So Thursday and Friday were a little crazy, with lots of trips to the dollar store to buy decorations and cheap candy and plastic eggs. Friday afternoon we called a bunch of sisters in the ward to see who would be able to help us cut and cook a few hams for the breakfast and then ended up having to drive a half hour - with a ham in the back seat - to a member's home. Friday night we hurriedly decorated the gym, then ran back to our apartment to stuff bags with candy for the kids and then collapsed in bed just on time, exhausted and praying that the activity turned out OK. Well - prayers are answered because it was the best Easter activity I've ever been to. Thankfully, we had lots of people show up early to help with the cooking of pancakes, and the bishop helped us figure out how to get the TV set up in the gym so that we could show the Easter video (which is just the best thing ever, right??? RIGHT). Then we handed off the eggs to some of the older youth to go hide them outside. And so many people came! No investigators, but still. It was fun. The members had some bonding time. We got to show everyone the Easter video, Bishop bore his testimony of Christ and it all ended on a happy note. Then I repented for being frustrated and thanked Heavenly Father that it all turned out so well. WHEW. Miracles happen.

 ANYWAYS. It's a new week and a new transfer, and with new transfers come new goals! Sister Andersen and I decided that our goal for this transfer is to become missionaries more like Alma and Amulek and the Sons of Mosiah because BY GOLLY, they're my favorite. I love them so much! All week, I have been studying Mosiah and Alma and listing descriptions of Alma and Amulek and the Sons of Mosiah and what it is that makes them such awesome missionaries. For example, they rejoiced in one another's success (Alma 29:14), they knew how to find joy in the midst of their trials and afflictions (Alma 25:17; 26:1; 28:8), they taught with boldness and "energy of soul" (Alma 5:42; 9:7; 18:24), they submitted their will to the Lord's with all cheerfulness and patience (Mosiah 24:15; Alma 14:1320:29), they trusted in and relied on the Spirit to aid in their teaching (Alma 11:2221:26), and so many, many more!!! One of my absolute favorite things about Alma is just how many times the words "joy" and "rejoice" are found (*cough* Alma 26. It's the BEST *cough*). They always had a cause to rejoice! They were optimistic and rejoiced in their afflictions because Christ was their joy! "How great reason we have to rejoice"! UGH. The Book of Mormon. It's so amazing.

 Alright, I'm almost done but I saved this for last because it was my tender mercy of the week. A couple weeks ago, we had a doorstep lesson with this one woman named Samantha. We left her with a Plan of Salvation pamphlet and planned a day to come back and see her again. So we went yesterday for our first sit-down lesson with her and after the prayer I asked, "Did you get a chance to read the pamphlet we left you?" and she said, "Yes, I did!", here's where I just about fell out of my chair in shock because that's never happened before! So I just thought, "Well, maybe she didn't read all of it." so I asked, "The whole thing!?", "Yup!"  WOW. That is a golden investigator for you right there folks. AND. The best part. After we had our lesson with her - Plan of Salvation, quick Resto. and Gospel of Jesus Christ - we gave her a Book of Mormon and she said she'd read it and then! I invited her to be baptized and she said yes!!! Whoo hoo! She's getting baptized on June 10! I was a little hesitant to ask at first because she told us that she'd been baptized in the Baptist church and usually with people like that, they'll just say, "But I've already been baptized." and that's when I turn the time over to Sister Andersen because I never know what to say. But I knew I had to ask her and she just nodded and said, "Yup. I will." AH I love missionary work so much!!! AND she's coming to church this week! Sister Andersen and I have been praying all week and studying on how to become more like the Sons of Mosiah and already we're seeing the miracles that are coming from it!

I love you all lots! Don't forget to take up President Monson's challenge to read the Book of Mormon every day! But also, don't just read it - study it! There's always more to learn! Every time I read a chapter, no matter how marked up it already is, I find something new that sticks out to me. Also, footnotes are the BEST. Use them! You'll learn so much!
- Sister Enright

P.S. I ALMOST FORGOT. Danny passed the sacrament for the first time this Sunday!!! We were so proud of himand he enjoyed it so much and couldn't stop smiling! I love that guy. He's so great! Tomorrow is his birthday butwe'll be at zone conference all day! So we're going to call him and sing to him! Hopefully we can get President Pratt to sing to!

By the way, you know what's fun? Having a companion who is 5"9' and watching her try and get in the driver's seat after I've been driving. Ha! Also, when she first showed me how to raise the seat up (because she noticed how I kept stretching to look over the steering wheel, even though I'm NOT that short, we just have a big car), I raised it up as far as it could go and WOW. I could see the whole world! Hahaha, anyways. That's all. Love you!

 OK so Wednesday, we were in Calais waiting for a member to meet us, and there's this lovely little bookshop that I stare longingly at every time we drive by it. So we were trying to figure out what to do while we waited for the member and Sister Andersen said, "Where's that bookshop you like?" and I just about died from happiness. So many books!!! I was just hyperventilating the whole time. Eventually, we had to leave the shop and the lady there, who had been watching us wander the store with our mouths hanging open making high pitched squeaking noises every time we found a book we love, was like, "You're not buying anything? After all that???" Then Sister Andersen had to drag me from the store. Hopefully it's still open in a year and half.

I guess I only took two pictures this week. . . We were going through the lost and found box at the church and found some old lenses! So we had some fun, 'cause ya know. Missionaries are easily entertained3

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