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HEEEEYYY!!! Sorry my email is a little late. We had transfers this week but luckily - I'm still in St. Stephen! Woot woot! 6 more weeks! I kind of hope that I'm here until August because our ward is taking part in a multi-stake event called Moroni's Quest but I don't know if that will happen. . . 

ANYWAYS. It's been a while since my last email and so much has happened since then! Oh boy. I'll see if I can remember. . . I went to a library this week! THAT was certainly a highlight. I LOVE libraries. It was really tempting to just grab a book off the shelf and flip it open but I DIDN'T. Aren't you proud of me? Instead I helped a recent convert with Family History and it was AWESOME. Dang, I love family history. Also, converts are AWESOME. This one guy is just so enthusiastic about the gospel and paying tithing and going to the temple and you can just see how much difference it's made in his life. He's awesome!

Speaking of converts, Danny is doing so GREAT. We went over to see him again this week and he got so excited to show us the new suit and tie he bought for church! And then straight out asked, "So how do you pay tithing?" Ah. Be still my missionary heart. He then admitted to us though that he accidentally bought the wrong sized pants but the store was an hour drive away in St. John. Luckily, we were heading to St. John the next day for district meeting! So we agreed to take the pants back for him and see if we could exchange them! And that's how we ended up in a thrift store, two young girls in dresses, shopping for very large men's pants. One of the managers came up and said, "Uh. We're having a sale on our dresses." and we went, "Oh that's great! Do you have any more pants bigger than these?" He thought we were crazy. But that's fine. Danny got his pants and looked GREAT on Sunday. He's so awesome.

On Friday, we had set up a lesson with a less active but she wasn't there when we first showed up! So we said we'd come by later when she was home. So we did, and it was during dinner so we said we'd meet with her later that night so. . . We did. Missionaries are persistent. But the lesson went great, and she's GREAT, and then Sunday morning we stopped by again to make sure she was coming to church! And she came! HALLELUJAH. 

Saturday was another pretty GREAT DAY (I've used that word so many times in this email. Time to come up with another one). We decided to go street contacting, which usually isn't very successful here in St. Stephen because on a good day, there are maybe 8 people outside, but all walking in different directions. We've tried it a couple times and had no success but we wanted to do it once more so we did. And we gave away two copies of the Book of Mormon! And this one guy, Gary, even agreed to meet with us again this Sunday! It's so cool to see how much God blesses our efforts when we do our best. Also, we now have only one Book of Mormon left. . . And probably won't be getting anymore until Zone conference. Unless we can leech some off of the elders somehow, but they're an hour away. Sometimes working in a small town is hard. but I love St. Stephen so it all evens out.

ALSO. We got new music to listen to in the mission! President and Sister Pratt put together a CD and sent them out to all the missionaries. It's called our Vitamin D Playlist because it's music to make us happy! So of course it includes Tarzan and Don't Worry, Be Happy and The Bear Necessities and Somewhere Over the Rainbow (the cover by that one guy, Israel Kamaki. . . Something-or-another-really-long-name-I-can't-spell) and. . . wait for it. . . GLORIOUS!!! GAH I love that song! Every time the song switched, I crossed my fingers and wished for it to be Glorious but it didn't work until the VERY LAST SONG. And then I cried, and Sister Andersen laughed at me and then was like, "oh you really are crying." hahaha. It's fine, it's FINE, music just makes me that happy. And I've always loved that song because I remember watching Meet the Mormons for the first time and that was the first time I really remember getting super excited to be a missionary. I'd always planned on serving a mission but that was when I got really hyped for it. And then I remember listening to that song on repeat for a few days. Weeks. . . Maybe months. But yeah. it's amazing.

OK OK OK, the real highlight of my week though was was when Sister Andersen and I went to St. John to do a #PRINCEofPEACE booth with all the elders in our district. We had a TV to show the video on and cards to hand out and we were there for a good three hours, just talking to people, getting cussed at every now and then, but mostly just enjoying our time as missionaries. There was this one guy who came up and just started telling Elder Crandall, Elder Williams, and I his entire life story and when Elder Crandall tried to end the conversation ('cause it had gone on for at least 20 minutes and there were still more people to talk to) by giving him a Jesus card, the man said, "Oh I already have one but I'll take another one." then he stuck it in his pocket and kept talking! Haha! It was like that one episode of Animaniacs with that one guy who just follows them around and talks non-stop. At one point he was asking us all these trivia questions and I guess I said something that he was impressed with (not sure what, I only managed to get in about 4 words) 'cause he turned to me and said something about how I managed to get more answers than the elders ( I really didn't) and then asked if I had had any schooling or degrees before I came out on my mission and I said "Yes, I have an associates of Fine Arts." and he gave me this really confused look and said, "Oh! But you have a very inquisitive mind!" TA DA, not all art students are crazy. Hahaha! There was also this one guy who responded with, "I'm married." when I asked him if he wanted a Jesus card. That was off topic but hey, good for you, man. Congratulations!  Oh yes, and we did get yelled and cussed at once, but it was fine, and as they walked away, Elder Williams and I just said, "Jesus love you!" haha! Because it's true!

Anyways. It was amazing and I hope we get to do more booths. It's funny, because the first night I was here we did street contacting and I kind of hated it and was really worried I'd never be able to do it, but then yesterday I couldn't stop! It was so much fun and there were so many people to talk to and I wasn't scared at all! I feel like I've been waiting to see the blessings of Ether 12:27 my entire life and now I'm finally recognizing them. The church is true!!!

I love you all so much!!! Thank you for your emails and your stories and your testimonies! 

- Sister Enright

We made homemade burgers one day and they were AMAZING so we thought they deserved a picture.

A Who decoration someone has in front of their house (btw it's not just them. EVERYONE here still has Christmas decorations up! It's April but. . . Whatever, it's fine)

Poutine! It doesn't look the most appetizing but I promise, it's delicious

Angel! We accidentally matched on Sunday so we had to document it.

`Elder Crandall called us one day, really excited 'cause he'd found this watercolor set while helping an old lady clean her house and she said he could keep it. So he told me he was going to bring it to me and asked if I could pretty please do a small watercolor painting of a lighthouse for him. I asked him what brand it was but he said he didn't know so I told him just give it to me and I'd see what I could do. Anyways, he gave me the kit and sister Andersen and I (she's an art student too) had a pretty good laugh when we saw that it was a watercolor kit from Reader's Digest! Whoo! Quality stuff, right there. There's also no watercolor paper. . . Oh well. I'll try anyways.

Blurry but here's our booth! It was SO MUCH FUN

This GIANT pile of snow in front of the church building is starting to melt! AH! Summer's coming!

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