Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May 29 (Erin)

Okay, so this is going to be quick because we are a little low on money and so we`re trying to do very little on the computer today, but since we`re hna liders, we take a good amount of time emailing the president and sending out emails to our girls so they can prepare for the week. It`s super fun.

This past week I got super duper sick, woohoo. I don`t really know what happened. I think I told you guys last monday that I wasn`t feeling very well, but I finished the day with pain in my entire body, including my teeth and fingers. It was super weird and I was thinking that I had salmonela or the flu or something. Tuesday we had intercambios with some hermanas in Puebla. I got to go to their area, which is basically hills, hills, and more hills. So, I took some medications and made it through the day, mostly. But ended up with a super bad headache and a sore neck, because that makes sense. Then wednesday, I woke up with a stomach ache and a sore throat. By the time I got back to my area it was hard to breathe and my head was pounding pretty good. ( I think I managed to catch basically every single illness). So yeah, I eventually broke down and called the president and he told me that he had no idea what I started out with, but I probably ended up with a really bad cold and to just rest and take some medications. So yeah, I feel a whole heck of a lot better now. 

Um...both baptisms that we had planned for saturday fell through, so that`s great. We`ve been finding lots of less actives with kids who aren`t baptized, so we`re working with them. Yesterday we all met for last hour and some return missionaries talked about missionary work and how the members should be helping us more. That was super great. Actually, it was super funny and I'm actually hoping that it worked and the members can start working more on sharing the gospel. 

Next week is cambios, and I`m hoping we don`t have any, because we have a lot of work to do in this area and I really love my companion. In fact If it could just stay this way for like 4 more months, that would be perfect. 

Okay love you all lots. I don`t have pictures today because I`ve been a bum and have only taken photo a few random things that really probably aren`t that exciting, but oh well. 

be good! enjoy life, share the gospel, all that jazz
Hna Enright

Transfers also Donald Duck too (Amik)

This week was pretty good, Also we did get transfers this week and I will be leaving Wednesday to San Bernardino.  So that is probably where I will be finishing my mission.  

This week we were able to work with Shawn and get him to the family history center where he was able to get an account and go back all the way to the 1500s.  He also found that he had a relative that he did not know about because he died when he was really young.  

This area, which I am leaving, is blossoming.   We had a recent move into the ward that is a part member family.  The whole family has already come to church these last three Sundays.  So we were able to met with them yesterday and set up a time to start teaching them.  The daughter turns eight early July, so we are going to work on getting the dad ready for baptism at the same time.  So I am really going to miss this area and the fact that it is going really well.  But this will be my first time in San Bernardino.  So that should be cool.  Also, I did hear that it might be on bike.  I don't know yet if that is true, but if it is I am going to have to work a lot on my bike.  We 
have had it the whole time in our apartment and the back tire is empty of all its air.  So we I will have to fix that.

Also, this week, well actually last week, we got a phone call from a sister that wanted to start coming back to church. Apparently, she moved from the desert hot springs ward about a year ago and attended our ward once.  From that one time she had the program for the sacrament meeting that had all the phone numbers for all the people in the ward.  So she called us and left a message. However, we could not make out her last name.  So we called back and left a message.  And this week we called back after looking through all our records for this lady and she picked up!!!  We were able to set up a lesson time with her and met with her Friday. After that we had a sister give her a ride to church and she came for all three hours, really enjoyed it and wants to come back.  Even though, after Elders quorum meeting we walked out and saw her wandering around lost looking for her ride.  But that was immediately taken care of and we have another lesson this Wednesday.   Without me.... however I am excited for this last part of my mission and I hope that you guys all have a great time up in Greeley and where ever else you will be going. 

Also, we had dinner with this guy that worked for the military for a bit and worked on the laser tech thing that nasa/ the government has in space.  So that was really cool.  Also, he had a ton of Donald Duck stuff that I will now add to the email before I will send it off.

Cool beans..
Your favorite elder.
-Elder Enright

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Of Dandelions and Dinosaurs (Aislin)

  If there's one thing I really love about Spring, it's the Dandelions. I LOVE DANDELIONS. And they're all over the place here! I wish I'd taken some pictures for you but I will this coming week, I promise - good thing I'll still be in St. Stephen next week!

  We got our transfer news yesterday and Sister Andersen is going to be heading to Cole Harbour tomorrow for her last transfer in the CHM! I'm excited for her and also super stoked for my new companions! Yup, we're gonna have a trio in St. Stephen! Sister Kilmer and Sister Ward! Sister Ward was in the MTC with me - and since Elder Willoughby didn't get transferred, we'll have a small MTC reunion every district meeting this transfer! YAY! (OK, I think I've used my fair share of exclamation marks already) As you can tell, I am PUMPED for this next transfer. Am I little worried about how we're going to fit three sisters in our apartment? Slightly. But we've done it before. Granted it was only for like. . . A week. . . But it's possible!

  So this email might be pretty short because we have a long list of things to do before Sister Andersen leaves. Sooo. . . Bullet points!
  • On Wednesday we had district meeting and I played the investigator for one of our roleplays (P.S. I LOVE roleplaying! It's so much fun and you get the chance to work out all the kinks you have in contacting and it's GREAT). Elder Williams was in charge and he wanted me to play the typical no-one-understands-me kind of teenager. So he gave me an Ipod so I could be blasting music while the Elders tried to street contact me. But, funny thing. Missionaries aren't allowed to listen to any kind of music that would qualify as typical, moody, teenager music. So my Ipod was blasting MoTab instead. Haha!
  • IT WAS 34 FLIPPIN' DEGREES ON THURSDAY. Do you know what that converts to in Fahrenheit??? LIKE 94 DEGREES. IT WAS LIKE DEATH VALLEY OUT THERE. OK, maybe not quite Death Valley, but either way, it wasn't the kind of weather I was expecting when I was called to serve in Canada. (Sister Rivera probably thinks I'm a wuss but hey, I'll take blizzard conditions and freezing cold over heat any day)
  • Our Young Women's president is super awesome and I love her. The other day we were talking about how brilliant it is that missionaries are so young. She told us that she thought it was so smart of God to call 18-20 year-olds on missions because He needs that kind of energy we have in sharing the gospel that you don't get from almost any other age group. Then she said something I really liked, "When you're bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and you have the Holy Ghost, you become a FORCE." So yeah. We're some of Heavenly Father's strongest fighters. I love it!
  • Our investigator, Connie, invited us to come quilt with her and some of her old lady friends at the Anglican church. So we went yesterday and hand sewed a quilt and talked gospel with a bunch of old ladies, it was great. Then they announced it was tea time and Sister Andersen and I headed over to the table, prepared to decline some tea, only to find that Connie had set some empty glasses and a jug of grape juice next to our plates because she knew we wouldn't drink tea. She remembered! We were so happy and touched that she did that for us. I love her!
  • We went knocking yesterday and ended up talking to this guy for at least a half-hour about the Plan of Salvation, and the Book of Mormon, and all that jazz. It was a really good conversation and a real testimony builder to me that we were able to answer every question he had with doctrine (did he accept every answer though? No, probably not. But that's agency for ya). Every question that is until he brought up dinosaurs. We had to say, Yes, we believe dinosaurs existed. Did we know when or why? Not exactly, because that's not really relevant in this day and age anymore. Then he was like, "Yeah, but what if dinosaurs didn't even exist???" That was when we decided to share Moroni's Promise with him and peace out. Don't get me wrong, I love dinosaurs, buuuut. . . It's not exactly (actually, not at all) a missionary's purpose to have in-depth discussions about them.

  OK, as always, I know there was more I was going to say buuuuuut. . . As always, I forgot. So there it is! I love you all tons! I love reading your emails and often have to read them out loud to my companion because I want her to appreciate how fantastic and positively hilarious my family is. I'll talk to you next week!

 - Sister Enright

P.S. We taught Connie the Plan of Salvation the other day and right after we taught about the three kingdoms, her first question was, "So where does Donald Trump go?" Hahaha! Gotta love her.

 Bye, Sister Andersen!

 Anna and Aiden! I love these kids!

 Sooo. . . The other we lost a knocking record in the sea. It blew right out of my pocket and into the bay! Sister Andersen and I couldn't do much more than watch it float away. Whoops!

Beautiful St. Andrews


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Baptism, for Guillermo! (Amik)

So I  do not yet have pictures, but this last Saturday we had a baptism.  One of the people we have been teaching just over this last transfer.  He is the one who just walked into the church building the first Sunday, of this transfer. There were a bit of changes at were last minute since he was going to be baptized in the desert hot springs ward, since that is where he actually lives.  However, there were some issues so president dixon called us this last Monday. And told us about the change.  So we had from to Tuesday to prepare for a
baptism that was that Saturday.  However, it was one of the smoothest baptism I have ever been a part off.  

Also, I am kind of out of time so this last few points will be happening under 20 minutes.  This last Friday I went on an exchange with another elder and did some work I that area,  this transfer is over next week and I do believe that I will be leaving. Anyway, I am out of time and so here is a Mickey Mouse cactus that we found.

Tomorrow it is supposed to get to 110!  I am really missing the snow.  Even if you are not.  Also, everyone is looking like they grew a foot since I left.

I really am so glad about being able to serve and teach.  My favorite part is seeing the progress of those who elect to get ready for baptism and see it all fall into place.  

Today we went to a driving range.... I am sure that if I Put in the 400 hours of playing that I would be pretty good.  But I don't think that I would be willing to sacrifice that time.  Have a good week!

-Elder Enright-

May 22, 2017 (Erin)

Okay, not gonna lie, this last week was super duper hard and towards the end there I was kinda super grumpy and frustrated. But hey, new week, new goals, new attitude right? I hope so...but I have started this week off with feeling super ill, woohoo. 

But hey, we did have some pretty interesting experiences which I´m sure you´ll all love to here about. 

Last Monday we did end up going to my old area, Nanacamilpa, to see a few members. Seriously, the highlight of the week. We did start the journey in a super hot combi loaded with tons of people and we were super squished and then the combi moved at about a centimeter an hour, but we did eventually get there.  I got to hang out with some of my favorite families in the world. I even have pictures that I´ll attach. 

On Wednesday we decided we should go help some sisters in Puebla because one of them fell and twisted her ankle, so hasn´t been able to walk for a few days. We figured we´d go and surprise them in the morning and do divisiones. But when we got to their house after a 50 minute bus ride they weren´t even there because they were at the doctors. We tried to call some other sisters to see if they needed some help, but they were busy planning for the week, so we just ended up going back to our area, haha. it was really kind of horrible because we were already kind of low on money and then we just used a ton to go all the way to Puebla for nothing. 

For three nights in row last week it rained and hailed super hard, and the lightening was incredible. Luckily we enter our house at 7:30 due to a few things going on nearby (nothing super bad no worries) so we were in our house by the time it was pouring. I love this time of year here in Puebla because even though it is ridiculously hot during the day, so much that I want to cry, by the time it hits 6-7pm it´s raining. And this is almost every day. LOVE IT.

Okay, so last experience. We were heading home the other night, but we had not completed our goal for knocking doors, so we decided to knock on this teeny tiny white door and this teeny tiny old lady was there. We introduced ourselves super fast and I don´t think she caught anything because she let us in to her house (which like never happens) and was so nice and told us that she didn´t know who we were but was willing to listen. we sat down at her table all excited to finally teach someone and my companion told her again that we were mormons and then she stood up super fast and said ¨"Oh no, I don´t want anything to do with mormons, I´m catholic, so you guys can leave thankyou." and then proceeded kick us out of her house and back into the rain. Haha. It was super funny, but I think I was laughing so hard to keep from crying, haha. 

We had to cancel one of our baptisms for this week because she has yet to seperate from her boyfriend/ husband that really isn´t her husband. She is so sweet, but does not have a whole lot of motivation to leave. We´re hoping that she can get moved this week and get baptized the next. The other baptism we have planned for this coming saturday is a little girl, Monse, she´s the youngest of a family of less actives and they are working on getting back to church and all. The only problem has been that her parents have been gone practically every day to take care of their grandma. Hopefully they´ll be home this week so we can set up an interview and get her baptized. 

So yeah, I lot of not so fun experiences and not a whole lot of luck in the teaching aspect of missionary work, but I have learned something through all of this that I think I´ll share with you guys. You know the story of shadrach, meshach, and abednego when the king threatens to throw them in the fiery furnance if they don´t start serving his gods? Okay, well I have been thinking a lot about this story and the reply of shadrach, meshach, and abednego, Daniel 3 17:18 - 

17 If it be so, our God whom wserve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery  furnace, and he will deliver us out of thine hand, king.
18 But if not, be it known untthee, king, that we will not serve thy gods, nor  worship the golden image whicthou hast set up.
I love their reply, but especially the part that says "but if not.." They weren´t sure if God was going to save them. But they were not going to give up, they would hold faithful to the very end, even if the end meant that very moment. And so that is what I have been trying to apply on my mission. I don´t know who will answer their door, who will accept us and when. I don´t know if the baptisms we have planned are going to go through. Some weeks seriously are the worst, but I will be diligent and do my job, even if today or tomorrow I don´t see the miracles. I promised my heavenly father to be a good servant here in the mission and that is what I´m going to do. 
Okay, well I love you all so very much. I love my Savior and I love missionary work, even when it is super duper hard and frustrating, haha.
Hna Enright
Familia Hernandez. Goodness I love this family so much. Santiago, Tommy, and Mosiah are the kids and the mom is Hna Bere. 

 Mosiah (Mosi). He´s so darn cute even though is mom did cut all his adorable curls off.

 Yep, still  adorable

Hna Juanita and her father. Hna Juanita is Hna Bere´s mother-in-law. They´re so great and Hna Juanita cooks the best food. 

 Sarahí. She has such an attitude, but I love her anyways.

From the top of our apartment building. So pretty

Hna Ferniza and I (One of my old companions) during the zone conference, which I totally forgot to mention, but it was a zone conference, super great, super inspirational, and yeah. I did teach both zones, which is not my favorite thing in the world but hey. We taught about unity in companionships and had  about 20 minnutes to do it. I´m just super glad it´s over. 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Blitz Week and the Word of Wisdom (Aislin)

 Hello, all you wonderful people! Sister Andersen and I just got back from a three hour hike with the elders and a couple member families. It was hike through the woods and along New River beach. We did some trail running, rock-skipping, and rock climbing and now my legs are killing me but it was so worth it. I love hiking so much!

  Anyways. This past week was so great! We got a couple new investigators and a few solid potentials and I'm so pumped to continue working with them this week! Yesterday, we went knocking for 2 1/2 hours in the bitter cold wind. Halfway through our route, we knocked on the door of this super nice French lady who let us in and offered us some Gingerbread cookies. We happily accepted the cookies and the comfort of her warm kitchen and then began to share with her the Restoration! As we were talking, she got up to put more cookies in the oven. Sister Andersen said, "Thank you for the cookies, by the way. They're really good!", and this lovely little lady said, "Oh, no problem! It's a simple recipe. And the secret ingredient is just a little bit of black tea!". Both Sister Andersen and I just stared at the plate of cookies for a minute and then looked up at each other with guilty looks on our faces. . . Sister Andersen mimed putting the cookies in our purses, just to make it look like we'd eaten them but I knew that if we continued to teach this lady, it was gonna be confusing for her when we got to the Word of Wisdom lesson. So we had to explain why we couldn't take the bag of freshly baked cookies she was giving us to take home. I was worried she might get offended but she wasn't at all! It just goes to show that when you share what you know to be true, the Holy Ghost will be there to help. She understood perfectly! #tendermercy

  Possibly my favorite part of this week was the day we went to see Danny (Danny's always my favorite). This week was Blitz Week and one of the challenges we were given was to get a Recent Convert a set date to go to the temple! So we taught Danny a little more about the temple and expressed our desire for him to get to go (the biggest problem being that it's a very long day trip to Halifax and back from here, and that's a lot of gas money). I told him how awesome the temple was and that we wanted him to pray to know what day he should go. I asked him to say a prayer right then and there and he said the most sincere, heartfelt prayer (Danny's prayers are basically my favorite thing ever), asking Heavenly Father to help him know the month and the day he should go Then after he closed the prayer, we handed him a calendar and he said he could go on either the 14 or 15 of July. AH I am so excited for him! Every day I am in awe of his ever growing faith and strengthening testimony and I'm so glad that I got to know him here! Just this weekend, he went up to St. Andrews to contribute to the Priesthood service project for a sister in our ward! We were so overjoyed by his willingness to go and serve others! Golly, he's just so great. I'm going to miss him so bad if I get transferred - which reminds me, transfers are next week AND I DON'T HAVE A CLUE WHETHER I'M GOING OR STAYING AND HOLY COW IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY. I might be training, which I'm nervous for but also excited for. I know that it would help me probably a lot more than it would help which ever poor greenie gets stuck with me (ha!) and maybe that's what I need.

  We went street contacting/teaching this weekend (we like to call it "streaching") and had to go contact college students. YIKES. For some reason, those are the hardest contacts for me. I love talking to families and older people but if they're near my age it makes talking so much harder. I don't why. But that's fine. I'm working on overcoming that.

  WELL. I've just about run out of things to say now. OH, funny thing! There's this little five year old in our ward who is basically my favorite and he always gives me high-fives and fist bumps (the other day he kept coming to me for a fist bump and every time we'd hit fists he'd make a little power-up sound and yell, "Sister Power!" Haha!) and while we were at his family's house for dinner one night, he stood up on the bench and announced, "I can speak English! Hola!" Hahaha! I love that kid, he's so funny! P.S. Rhys, his dad served in your mission!

  Alright, I have to sign off now. I love you all like CRAZY! I was so happy to get to skype my family on Sunday! It just reminded me of how flippin' fantastic you all are and how glad I am to be a part of the Enright clan. I love you all so much! Am I a little jealous that you will all get to see each other in the next few months? A little, but I also know that I wouldn't want to miss out on my mission for anything. I love you all!!! Stay awesome!

- Sister Enright

Nothin' like some big chairs to make me feel a whole lot shorter than I already am!

Happy Mother's Day (Amik)

This will have to be really fast, since I don't have much time. But happy Mother's Day! I didn't really get to say that during skype. 

This area is really blossoming,  Our mission theme is "as we teach repentance and baptize converts, the desert shall rejoice and blossom as the Rose." This last Saturday we had four member present lessons, and one of them accepted baptism. This is the one that is friends with the piano guys. He said "of course" when we invited him to be baptized.  This was when we were showing him the baptism font during the church tour.  However, he is one of the snowbirds of the area, so he is going out of town for the next four months. Going into a cabin in the woods of Wisconsin. However, there is a branch there, so we are going to work with the branch there.  That way, he will still be baptized.  Also, we got a few referrals that sound very promising.  So we are going to start working with them.  

Also, today Elder Klingler got me my birthday present.. it is a Magic Planeswalker deck. I picked it out.  Also, Friday, we went to Highland for a leadership counsel about being effective teachers/stewards/planners and how to teach others that.   Also, we went to the zoo last week! I did send a lot of stuff, or tried to, but than it basically killed my iPad, i don't know if you got anything from me last week, but I still sent stuff. So it is the thought that counts.  Right....? 

Any way, I will to send more next time, but this time I got no time.  Anyway, happy graduation Noah!  You looked great in your graduation dress.  Do you know what classes you are taking this next year at BYU?
Anyway, out of time. Got to shoot out.

-Elder Enright-

May 15 2017 (Erin)

Hey guys! I love you lots! I don´t have a whole heck of a lot of time to write because we´re gonna go to one of my old areas today, woohoo!

I´m doing super great. I´m loving life. Yesterday one of the members brought her boyfriend who´s not a member and we got to teach him after church. He´s our miracle for this week. He has all the right questions, wants to know what to believe in and stuff like that AND he accepted a baptismal date!

I love my mission. I love being part of these miracles and watching the spirit work through me to bless the lives of others. I have so much learning to do and so many things I need to improve, but my Heavenly Father loves me and trusts me enough to be blessing people´s lives here in Mexico. I have truly come to understand the scripture that says "Whosoever shall lose his life for my sake shall find it." I love getting lost in the work of the Lord, in the service of others. 

Be good, be happy, look for the blessings of God in your life, SERVE!

Hna Enright

Mother's Day Skype Call

On Sunday we got to Skype with all of our missionaries: Elder Enright in California, Hermana Enright in Mexico and Sister Enright in Canada, as well as their siblings in Utah and Idaho and those still at home. Next Skype calls are at Christmas and two of our missionaries will be home by then,

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Church is True, The Book is Blue (Aislin)

 Do you ever just love something SO MUCH that you want to cry? Like, the Book of Mormon for instance? I wish everyone loved the Book of Mormon that much. Honestly, it's such an amazing book and has brought so much peace and joy into my life, peace and joy that I want others to experience as well, but their are so many people who simply refuse to read it and seem to prefer to live with their questions unanswered. *Sigh* one day, either in this life or the next, they'll realize what they're missing.

So this week's email will be short. You're probably all rejoicing that you don't have to suffer through another long-winded and drawn out email of mine, right? Hahaha, just kidding, I know you all love my emails. Right. . . ?

This week has been so awesome! Yesterday was my three month mark and HOLY COW time needs to stop flying by so fast! Sometimes I still feel like I'm fresh off the plane but other times I feel as if I've been doing this my whole life! Which honestly, I would be OK with. I love St. Stephen and sometimes I forget that I'm not going to be here for the entire 18 months.

St. Stephen suddenly turned brilliantly green this week. It's gorgeous and even though I miss the snow, it's hard not to appreciate the green and the sunshine and the birds singing early in the morning. Golly, I love nature! Sister Andersen has finally consented to going on runs in the morning! YAY! She's so nice. I've missed running so bad. 

I'm already running out of time (SORRY, I guess I had a lot to tell President Pratt in this week's email!)! I just want to tell you about my weekly miracle! This last week we were doing some stop bys. We stopped by two of our investigators who both pretty much dropped us right there. We had a couple more hours to go and were hoping that something good would happen today. In fact, we were determined that it would! Sister Andersen asked me who I wanted to stop by that day and I looked down at my list. There were lots of potentials on the street that we were currently on, but there was a couple that I had been wanting to stop by for a while because they sounded really promising (OK, and because the guy's name was Noah and I though that was cool but whatever), but they were all the way across town! I almost told her that we should just stay on this street, but I knew we needed to stop by this couple. So I kind of hesitantly told her. She agreed we should try it and didn't mind driving that far so off we went. When we got to the street we noticed that we didn't have a specific address for this couple, we just knew that it was "the house on the corner," which could've described four of the houses on that street, so we decided to knock them all! The first people we talked to told us to go away because we were a cult and we were just spreading lies. Gee, thanks. Not much of a confidence booster but oh well. It didn't stop us! And good thing too 'cause if we had then we wouldn't have found Connie! She was house number three, and she wasn't who we meant to stop by that day but I think she was who God meant for us to stop by. She's just about the sweetest, 4'8" Mexican lady you will ever meet! She saw us and immediately let us in and said in a very heavy accent, "You didn't expect to see any Mexicans in Canada did you?" Haha! She's so sweet! AND her brother is a member in PUEBLA, MEXICO! And she served a mission for the Catholic church in TEXAS! Crazy right!? We have already met her twice and at the end of each lesson she goes, "Well. When can you come back?" SHE'S SO AWESOME!!! And she lives right across from the guy who who almost made me want to cry so I'm determined to get her baptized and SHOW HIM. I think it would be great if we could just baptize the whole street and he'll be surrounded by Mormons. HA! 

 Anyways! I love you all lots! Thanks for reading and responding to my emails! You're all the best!
- Sister Enright

 I have this little cheapo notebook that we all got in Zone Conference and I've been drawing random profiles in it and for some reason this one is my favorite. I'm just really proud of it, haha

LAFAYETTE! Bayley will definitely appreciate this one

You know that scene in Despicable Me where it shows Gru's house next to this perfectly normal little suburban house? That's what these two houses make me thin of every time!

Pancake Hill!

May 8 2017 (Erin)

Whelp, I hope you guys are all doing swell.

I´m still alive and doing pretty well, aside from getting sick to my stomach every now and then. I´m still heating up water in the microwave and stove to use for showering and still begging from members to fill my water bottle every chance I get becuase we still don´t have clean water in the house. But hey, it works. 

Yesterday we had a meeting with the stake mision leader and that was pretty interesting. He likes numbers...a lot. And big numbers too. Haha. Basically he wants us to step it up and work harder so we can see 50 baptisms in our stake in one month. It´s a pretty high goal, but I´m willing to work with it. He even has his nice little formula to help us get investigators to church and have baptisms every week. I can´t really explain what it´s like to be in a meeting with him, but it definitely hurt my brain. He is honestly a pretty awesome stake leader and works more with the missionaries then I´ve ever seen here. The goal is to start working with members, break our area into districts and assign members to each district. They´re in charge of getting references from their area, whether it be from  friends, other members, or just knocking on doors. They give their references to us and we go teach them, preferably with the members. The members are also in charge of doing family home evenings with the investigators in their area and helping them get to church. It sounds super great and all, but the trick will be getting people to work with us. We have one recent convert who went with us to the meeting and is all stoked to start working, haha, so that´s a plus. 

Um..I can´t think of much else. As I get closer to finishing my mision I can´t help but feel a tad bit anxious. I have really learned to love missionary work. I love teaching the gospel. I love my mission so much. I love the people and the dogs running in the streets, (SO MANY DOGS!). I love the food here and I LOVE SPEAKING SPANISH! I just know that is one of the things that I will miss the most. But hey, I´ve still got a good 5 months to work my butt off, so yeah.

Love you all lots! Be good, be happy, love life. Look for the blessings from God, because they are EVERYWHERE. Share the gospel with those you love. 

Hna Enright


A very happy tree

 My beautiful face! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MOM! 

 My companion, Hna Sanchez, and I waiting around for the leaders to show up for ward council. 

An amazing painting in the stake building. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. 

Friday, May 5, 2017

Pancake Hill, Star Wars, and Sunburns (Aislin)

Well. It's P-day. Again. And I have so much to tell you but also so little time! Anyways. Here goes!

There's a street in our area called Pancake Hill and ever since I saw it I've wanted to knock it! So on Wednesday we decided to do just that. Unfortunately, almost no one was home and the few that were, weren't interested in the least. There was this one lady though who let us right in! We knocked on the door and when she opened it and took one look at our name tags and said, "You're Mormons! Come right on in!", so we talked to her for a while and it was pretty great. She has four daughters and three of them are members. I wish we had been able to pick her up as an investigator but she wasn't really that interested. 

 On Thursday we had district meeting in St. Stephen. We also went over to Calais for lunch because the elders just wanted to be in a America. So we ate lunch at McDonald's (I know, thrill of a lifetime, right? An American McDonald's. That's all the elders wanted) and talked about Star Wars for a half hour! Sister Andersen is not a huge Star Wars fan (I recounted the entire plot of A New Hope to her one night though, ha ha!) and I didn't realize how much I missed talking about Star Wars.

 After we took the elders back across the border, we went to visit some of my favorite old ladies in the Old Folk's home! We just sang and danced with them for an hour. Well, really only one or two of them danced much. Most of them were like Grace, who held firmly to the armrests of her chair and violently shook her head when we asked if she wanted to dance! Haha, but Phyllis was the real star of the day. Apparently she used to have a dance show when she was a little girl and she could still remember all the steps! She was so great and it was good to see them all smile and laugh!

We also had a Mormon.org referral on Thursday! His name was Shawn and he had requested a Book of Mormon! So we called him and asked if we could bring it to him right now and ten minutes later, we were knocking on his door! It was an interesting meeting. He wouldn't let us pray with him, but straight away started asking us why God allowed so much suffering in the world. He took the Book of Mormon but only after we assured him that he wasn't obligated to join our church if he read it (Oh just you wait, Shawn. We'll get you eventually). Sister Andersen asked if we could share something called the Plan of Salvation with him and he said no, that he just wanted us to answer his questions. So we did just that. By sneakily teaching him the Plan of Salvation. HA! It's easy to sneak doctrine into lessons when the person isn't already familiar with it! So anyways. He's going to read the Book of Mormon, but he said he wouldn't pray about it, because out of all the people in the world who were going through so much more than he was, he didn't think he deserved to pray. *Sigh* I wish people would understand just how easy praying is. That's basically all God requires on our part! A question asked in sincere prayer, out of a sincere desire to know the answer and willingness to act on the answer we are given! It's easy! Honestly, prayer has always been such a tender mercy in my life. Knowing that the one person in the universe, who knows the answer to everything and who is willing to help with everything is pretty much at my every beck and call, is probably the biggest self esteem booster ever. We are children of our Heavenly Father and what He wants more than anything is to hear from us!

This Friday and Saturday we went to Fredericton for exchanges with our STLs. It was AWESOME. Sister Melanson and I went knocking all day and picked up a new investigator! We then went over to the Albej family's for dinner. The Albejs are a refugee family from Syria and they're basically the coolest, sweetest family ever! They're not members (yet), and the Fredericton sisters are teaching them a little bit about the gospel but mostly just helping them settle into life here in Canada - finding jobs, helping the kids with school, etc. It's so awesome! Mr. and Mrs. Albej have 7 kids and they were all there on Saturday night, along with two of Mr. Albej's brothers who just recently moved here with their families. We played with the kids in the backyard, playing tag and riding bikes, until it was time for dinner. They fed us some amazing Syrian food and then we went in the house to dance and listen to music! Mr. Albej pulled out his keyboard and flutes and started playing some awesome traditional music and all the kids and their uncles started dancing and singing along. Eventually they pulled Sister Melanson and I off the couch to join them. We just held hands with the kids and walked in circles (there were actual steps to it but neither one of us knew them so it was really just walking for us), but then the little girl who was holding my hand pulled out of the circle and put my hand in her uncles'. Ah! We all kept dancing in a big circle but in my head I was thinking, "AH THIS IS NOT OK." Then, just to make it worse, everyone split off in to twos and I ended up with the uncle! He was trying to show me the steps, because I had tried to learn them from the little girls but they just got tired of trying to help me. We were two arm lengths away and just stepping from side to side but still, my face was so red! I kept looking at my feet because I knew the sooner I learned the steps the sooner he'd let go of my hands. Sister Melanson kept trying to come over and help me, but the little girls kept grabbing her hands to get her to dance with them instead. AH. So that's the story of the most apostate thing I've done on my mission. And I've only been out two and a half months, but I've already danced with a Syrian guy. Ha! Oh well. Really, it was fun. They didn't know we weren't allowed, it was just what they did as a culture and a family. The best part was when two of the family's friends walked in the front door while the music was playing and their faces just lit up with the biggest grins I've ever seen and they started dancing and singing at the top of their lungs and all the kids were laughing! It was fun, and Sister Melanson had a good laugh at me after we got back in the car. 

  Anyways. I'm just about out of time. Missionary work here in St. Stephen is pretty rough right now. Our investigator who was supposed to get baptized next month just dropped us. We went to St. John to help the elders with a fireside they were doing to help promote member missionary work. I bore my testimony of the importance of member missionary work by telling Dad's conversion story and almost cried in front of a bunch of people, which was great. Then for the closing hymn we sang I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go, and then I did cry. Seeing all the other missionaries there and hearing about their investment toigators and their baptisms made me feel like a completely useless missionary. We've had absolutely no success in our area in the last few weeks and all our numbers were zeros this week, so I was feeling like the worst missionary ever. But then we sang that hymn and I remembered that St. Stephen is my area for a reason, even if I haven't quite recognized what that reason is yet. I love St. Stephen. I love my ward. Is missionary work hard here? Yes, but I'm doing all I can and who knows? Maybe I've changed more lives than I think I have. Success as a missionary isn't measured in number of investigators, or baptisms, but rather by my commit fulfill my purpose as a missionary. People have agency and can reject our message if they want to, but as long as I am doing my best, than I'm not a terrible missionary.

  OK, I'm out of time now! I love you all lots! Oh, and on Sunday, we walked to and from church because it was a beautiful sunny day outside and there were people out! People to talk to! We didn't get any new investigators, but we did get some good sunburns! Oh well. #worthit

- Sister Enright

I stole some old pictures from Sister Andersen:

This is from my first P-day! Sister Andersen, Sister Buchanan, and Anita and Paige!

The first door I knocked!

Freezing our butts off while tracting!

Burning Sister Andersen's 15 month mark skirt


And my pics:
At the food pantry!

Best district ever!

13 Elm Street

Sister Ceron and her trainer, Sister Nowlan, Sister Melanson, my mission sister (Sister Andersen trained her), Sister Andersen, Moi and Sister Clause and Sister Lefler!

Last two from Sister Andersen:

I LOVE SNOW! (P.S these are a couple months old and there is no longer snow on the ground)