Tuesday, May 2, 2017

4-Last-Transfers (Erin)

So guys, I received an email from my President today. AH! I am in my last 4 transfers. Yep. I`m only I little freaked out. 

But hey, my area and responsiblity as Hna Leader should keep me super busy. 

Our area is pretty much the best. Texmelucan is about half of the city ,San Martin. This past week we looked for a bunch of the old investigators that the elders left behind 6 months ago when they got taken from the area. We found some really awesome people.

There`s Esperanza, the mom of a a recent convert. She goes to church every week and is reading the Book of Mormon with the rest of the ward. She`s golden, but the only detail is that she`s not married to the person she`s living with, just a small detail. She`s thought about leaving him, talked to him about getting married, but nothing has worked. Yesterday, the mision leader for the stake was in our ward for ward conference and he had us meet with him and Esperanza. Well, we kind of just sat there. This guy, Hermano Mahonri, is pretty much a superhero. He talked to Esperanza about her situation and asked her some super direct questions, shared some scriptures and told her that she needs to do what is best for her and her son. And yeah, now she`s gonna leave her boyfriend/husband and we`re planning to get her baptized in the next 2 weeks. 

Another person we found is Angel. He`s 16 and attends church almost every week as well. His testimony is really strong. He`s fasted and prayed and received his answer, but his dad won`t let him get baptized till he turns 18. So yeah, we get to go meet his parents this week and hopefully help them realize that this a good decision and they should probably go ahead and let him get baptized. Especially because he really wants to serve a mision. 

Another kid we found is 8 years old and the youngest in a less active family. She`s super adorable and a tad bit rebellious. But, we have a family home evening with them tonight and they all came to church yesterday (minus the dad because he works). The mom wants to start going back to church and wants her husband to baptize the little girl, so we have to see if we can reactivate the family. There are four kids. the oldest is 18 and she wants to go on a mission. 

There are actually a heck of a lot of people here with so much potencial and I`m kind of hoping that this can be my last area so I can work super hard here for 5 months. 

Yesterday we had ward conference, as before mentioned. They talked a lot about how the members need to be better raising their children and participating in temple ordinances. In the last hour the stake president talked with the men and women about how they need to respect their leaders and not gossip so darn much. Also he talked about missionary work and since there are new misionaries in the ward (US!) all the members need to really stp up and help us out. Woo hoo!

Um...we sang in the choir, haha, even with only having been here since last monday. We went and visited the relief society president the other day and while we were helping her with a service project she heard us singing and signed us up to help her out. With only one practice I think we did pretty good. And there was pizza afterwards, win. 

 oh yeah and one of the asistants in our mision that finished about a month ago came back and visited the ward. So that was weird to see him without a tag and all. 

Okay, whelp I have to go, but I love you all lots. I feel like a have really changed, being a missionary and all. I still have a good while, but it feels like it is passing by way. too. fast. I love this gospel and I have really learned to appreciate exact obedience, even with the little things. I think before my mission I really didn`t quite understand the importance of daily prayer, scripture study, the sacrament. The little things that in all honesty, make all the difference in the world. I hope you are all being diligent in the little things, because they are important habits that we need top keep if we are going to be ready every day, every minute to stand against the temptations and afflicions that come our way. 

Love you all so much!
Erin Enright

 My cutest converts on our last day in Juarez. 

It`s a little blurry, but this is Sarahì. She`s super cute and her parents are the first members we met when we got to Texmelucan.
Proof that I love you all. Ha, I think I was just super bopred the other day, but I don`t think I have ever sent a picture of my picture wall. 

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