Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Baptism, for Guillermo! (Amik)

So I  do not yet have pictures, but this last Saturday we had a baptism.  One of the people we have been teaching just over this last transfer.  He is the one who just walked into the church building the first Sunday, of this transfer. There were a bit of changes at were last minute since he was going to be baptized in the desert hot springs ward, since that is where he actually lives.  However, there were some issues so president dixon called us this last Monday. And told us about the change.  So we had from to Tuesday to prepare for a
baptism that was that Saturday.  However, it was one of the smoothest baptism I have ever been a part off.  

Also, I am kind of out of time so this last few points will be happening under 20 minutes.  This last Friday I went on an exchange with another elder and did some work I that area,  this transfer is over next week and I do believe that I will be leaving. Anyway, I am out of time and so here is a Mickey Mouse cactus that we found.

Tomorrow it is supposed to get to 110!  I am really missing the snow.  Even if you are not.  Also, everyone is looking like they grew a foot since I left.

I really am so glad about being able to serve and teach.  My favorite part is seeing the progress of those who elect to get ready for baptism and see it all fall into place.  

Today we went to a driving range.... I am sure that if I Put in the 400 hours of playing that I would be pretty good.  But I don't think that I would be willing to sacrifice that time.  Have a good week!

-Elder Enright-

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