Thursday, May 18, 2017

Blitz Week and the Word of Wisdom (Aislin)

 Hello, all you wonderful people! Sister Andersen and I just got back from a three hour hike with the elders and a couple member families. It was hike through the woods and along New River beach. We did some trail running, rock-skipping, and rock climbing and now my legs are killing me but it was so worth it. I love hiking so much!

  Anyways. This past week was so great! We got a couple new investigators and a few solid potentials and I'm so pumped to continue working with them this week! Yesterday, we went knocking for 2 1/2 hours in the bitter cold wind. Halfway through our route, we knocked on the door of this super nice French lady who let us in and offered us some Gingerbread cookies. We happily accepted the cookies and the comfort of her warm kitchen and then began to share with her the Restoration! As we were talking, she got up to put more cookies in the oven. Sister Andersen said, "Thank you for the cookies, by the way. They're really good!", and this lovely little lady said, "Oh, no problem! It's a simple recipe. And the secret ingredient is just a little bit of black tea!". Both Sister Andersen and I just stared at the plate of cookies for a minute and then looked up at each other with guilty looks on our faces. . . Sister Andersen mimed putting the cookies in our purses, just to make it look like we'd eaten them but I knew that if we continued to teach this lady, it was gonna be confusing for her when we got to the Word of Wisdom lesson. So we had to explain why we couldn't take the bag of freshly baked cookies she was giving us to take home. I was worried she might get offended but she wasn't at all! It just goes to show that when you share what you know to be true, the Holy Ghost will be there to help. She understood perfectly! #tendermercy

  Possibly my favorite part of this week was the day we went to see Danny (Danny's always my favorite). This week was Blitz Week and one of the challenges we were given was to get a Recent Convert a set date to go to the temple! So we taught Danny a little more about the temple and expressed our desire for him to get to go (the biggest problem being that it's a very long day trip to Halifax and back from here, and that's a lot of gas money). I told him how awesome the temple was and that we wanted him to pray to know what day he should go. I asked him to say a prayer right then and there and he said the most sincere, heartfelt prayer (Danny's prayers are basically my favorite thing ever), asking Heavenly Father to help him know the month and the day he should go Then after he closed the prayer, we handed him a calendar and he said he could go on either the 14 or 15 of July. AH I am so excited for him! Every day I am in awe of his ever growing faith and strengthening testimony and I'm so glad that I got to know him here! Just this weekend, he went up to St. Andrews to contribute to the Priesthood service project for a sister in our ward! We were so overjoyed by his willingness to go and serve others! Golly, he's just so great. I'm going to miss him so bad if I get transferred - which reminds me, transfers are next week AND I DON'T HAVE A CLUE WHETHER I'M GOING OR STAYING AND HOLY COW IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY. I might be training, which I'm nervous for but also excited for. I know that it would help me probably a lot more than it would help which ever poor greenie gets stuck with me (ha!) and maybe that's what I need.

  We went street contacting/teaching this weekend (we like to call it "streaching") and had to go contact college students. YIKES. For some reason, those are the hardest contacts for me. I love talking to families and older people but if they're near my age it makes talking so much harder. I don't why. But that's fine. I'm working on overcoming that.

  WELL. I've just about run out of things to say now. OH, funny thing! There's this little five year old in our ward who is basically my favorite and he always gives me high-fives and fist bumps (the other day he kept coming to me for a fist bump and every time we'd hit fists he'd make a little power-up sound and yell, "Sister Power!" Haha!) and while we were at his family's house for dinner one night, he stood up on the bench and announced, "I can speak English! Hola!" Hahaha! I love that kid, he's so funny! P.S. Rhys, his dad served in your mission!

  Alright, I have to sign off now. I love you all like CRAZY! I was so happy to get to skype my family on Sunday! It just reminded me of how flippin' fantastic you all are and how glad I am to be a part of the Enright clan. I love you all so much! Am I a little jealous that you will all get to see each other in the next few months? A little, but I also know that I wouldn't want to miss out on my mission for anything. I love you all!!! Stay awesome!

- Sister Enright

Nothin' like some big chairs to make me feel a whole lot shorter than I already am!

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