Thursday, May 18, 2017

Happy Mother's Day (Amik)

This will have to be really fast, since I don't have much time. But happy Mother's Day! I didn't really get to say that during skype. 

This area is really blossoming,  Our mission theme is "as we teach repentance and baptize converts, the desert shall rejoice and blossom as the Rose." This last Saturday we had four member present lessons, and one of them accepted baptism. This is the one that is friends with the piano guys. He said "of course" when we invited him to be baptized.  This was when we were showing him the baptism font during the church tour.  However, he is one of the snowbirds of the area, so he is going out of town for the next four months. Going into a cabin in the woods of Wisconsin. However, there is a branch there, so we are going to work with the branch there.  That way, he will still be baptized.  Also, we got a few referrals that sound very promising.  So we are going to start working with them.  

Also, today Elder Klingler got me my birthday present.. it is a Magic Planeswalker deck. I picked it out.  Also, Friday, we went to Highland for a leadership counsel about being effective teachers/stewards/planners and how to teach others that.   Also, we went to the zoo last week! I did send a lot of stuff, or tried to, but than it basically killed my iPad, i don't know if you got anything from me last week, but I still sent stuff. So it is the thought that counts.  Right....? 

Any way, I will to send more next time, but this time I got no time.  Anyway, happy graduation Noah!  You looked great in your graduation dress.  Do you know what classes you are taking this next year at BYU?
Anyway, out of time. Got to shoot out.

-Elder Enright-

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