Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May 8 2017 (Erin)

Whelp, I hope you guys are all doing swell.

I´m still alive and doing pretty well, aside from getting sick to my stomach every now and then. I´m still heating up water in the microwave and stove to use for showering and still begging from members to fill my water bottle every chance I get becuase we still don´t have clean water in the house. But hey, it works. 

Yesterday we had a meeting with the stake mision leader and that was pretty interesting. He likes numbers...a lot. And big numbers too. Haha. Basically he wants us to step it up and work harder so we can see 50 baptisms in our stake in one month. It´s a pretty high goal, but I´m willing to work with it. He even has his nice little formula to help us get investigators to church and have baptisms every week. I can´t really explain what it´s like to be in a meeting with him, but it definitely hurt my brain. He is honestly a pretty awesome stake leader and works more with the missionaries then I´ve ever seen here. The goal is to start working with members, break our area into districts and assign members to each district. They´re in charge of getting references from their area, whether it be from  friends, other members, or just knocking on doors. They give their references to us and we go teach them, preferably with the members. The members are also in charge of doing family home evenings with the investigators in their area and helping them get to church. It sounds super great and all, but the trick will be getting people to work with us. We have one recent convert who went with us to the meeting and is all stoked to start working, haha, so that´s a plus. 

Um..I can´t think of much else. As I get closer to finishing my mision I can´t help but feel a tad bit anxious. I have really learned to love missionary work. I love teaching the gospel. I love my mission so much. I love the people and the dogs running in the streets, (SO MANY DOGS!). I love the food here and I LOVE SPEAKING SPANISH! I just know that is one of the things that I will miss the most. But hey, I´ve still got a good 5 months to work my butt off, so yeah.

Love you all lots! Be good, be happy, love life. Look for the blessings from God, because they are EVERYWHERE. Share the gospel with those you love. 

Hna Enright


A very happy tree

 My beautiful face! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MOM! 

 My companion, Hna Sanchez, and I waiting around for the leaders to show up for ward council. 

An amazing painting in the stake building. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. 

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