Thursday, May 25, 2017

Of Dandelions and Dinosaurs (Aislin)

  If there's one thing I really love about Spring, it's the Dandelions. I LOVE DANDELIONS. And they're all over the place here! I wish I'd taken some pictures for you but I will this coming week, I promise - good thing I'll still be in St. Stephen next week!

  We got our transfer news yesterday and Sister Andersen is going to be heading to Cole Harbour tomorrow for her last transfer in the CHM! I'm excited for her and also super stoked for my new companions! Yup, we're gonna have a trio in St. Stephen! Sister Kilmer and Sister Ward! Sister Ward was in the MTC with me - and since Elder Willoughby didn't get transferred, we'll have a small MTC reunion every district meeting this transfer! YAY! (OK, I think I've used my fair share of exclamation marks already) As you can tell, I am PUMPED for this next transfer. Am I little worried about how we're going to fit three sisters in our apartment? Slightly. But we've done it before. Granted it was only for like. . . A week. . . But it's possible!

  So this email might be pretty short because we have a long list of things to do before Sister Andersen leaves. Sooo. . . Bullet points!
  • On Wednesday we had district meeting and I played the investigator for one of our roleplays (P.S. I LOVE roleplaying! It's so much fun and you get the chance to work out all the kinks you have in contacting and it's GREAT). Elder Williams was in charge and he wanted me to play the typical no-one-understands-me kind of teenager. So he gave me an Ipod so I could be blasting music while the Elders tried to street contact me. But, funny thing. Missionaries aren't allowed to listen to any kind of music that would qualify as typical, moody, teenager music. So my Ipod was blasting MoTab instead. Haha!
  • IT WAS 34 FLIPPIN' DEGREES ON THURSDAY. Do you know what that converts to in Fahrenheit??? LIKE 94 DEGREES. IT WAS LIKE DEATH VALLEY OUT THERE. OK, maybe not quite Death Valley, but either way, it wasn't the kind of weather I was expecting when I was called to serve in Canada. (Sister Rivera probably thinks I'm a wuss but hey, I'll take blizzard conditions and freezing cold over heat any day)
  • Our Young Women's president is super awesome and I love her. The other day we were talking about how brilliant it is that missionaries are so young. She told us that she thought it was so smart of God to call 18-20 year-olds on missions because He needs that kind of energy we have in sharing the gospel that you don't get from almost any other age group. Then she said something I really liked, "When you're bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and you have the Holy Ghost, you become a FORCE." So yeah. We're some of Heavenly Father's strongest fighters. I love it!
  • Our investigator, Connie, invited us to come quilt with her and some of her old lady friends at the Anglican church. So we went yesterday and hand sewed a quilt and talked gospel with a bunch of old ladies, it was great. Then they announced it was tea time and Sister Andersen and I headed over to the table, prepared to decline some tea, only to find that Connie had set some empty glasses and a jug of grape juice next to our plates because she knew we wouldn't drink tea. She remembered! We were so happy and touched that she did that for us. I love her!
  • We went knocking yesterday and ended up talking to this guy for at least a half-hour about the Plan of Salvation, and the Book of Mormon, and all that jazz. It was a really good conversation and a real testimony builder to me that we were able to answer every question he had with doctrine (did he accept every answer though? No, probably not. But that's agency for ya). Every question that is until he brought up dinosaurs. We had to say, Yes, we believe dinosaurs existed. Did we know when or why? Not exactly, because that's not really relevant in this day and age anymore. Then he was like, "Yeah, but what if dinosaurs didn't even exist???" That was when we decided to share Moroni's Promise with him and peace out. Don't get me wrong, I love dinosaurs, buuuut. . . It's not exactly (actually, not at all) a missionary's purpose to have in-depth discussions about them.

  OK, as always, I know there was more I was going to say buuuuuut. . . As always, I forgot. So there it is! I love you all tons! I love reading your emails and often have to read them out loud to my companion because I want her to appreciate how fantastic and positively hilarious my family is. I'll talk to you next week!

 - Sister Enright

P.S. We taught Connie the Plan of Salvation the other day and right after we taught about the three kingdoms, her first question was, "So where does Donald Trump go?" Hahaha! Gotta love her.

 Bye, Sister Andersen!

 Anna and Aiden! I love these kids!

 Sooo. . . The other we lost a knocking record in the sea. It blew right out of my pocket and into the bay! Sister Andersen and I couldn't do much more than watch it float away. Whoops!

Beautiful St. Andrews


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