Friday, May 5, 2017

Pancake Hill, Star Wars, and Sunburns (Aislin)

Well. It's P-day. Again. And I have so much to tell you but also so little time! Anyways. Here goes!

There's a street in our area called Pancake Hill and ever since I saw it I've wanted to knock it! So on Wednesday we decided to do just that. Unfortunately, almost no one was home and the few that were, weren't interested in the least. There was this one lady though who let us right in! We knocked on the door and when she opened it and took one look at our name tags and said, "You're Mormons! Come right on in!", so we talked to her for a while and it was pretty great. She has four daughters and three of them are members. I wish we had been able to pick her up as an investigator but she wasn't really that interested. 

 On Thursday we had district meeting in St. Stephen. We also went over to Calais for lunch because the elders just wanted to be in a America. So we ate lunch at McDonald's (I know, thrill of a lifetime, right? An American McDonald's. That's all the elders wanted) and talked about Star Wars for a half hour! Sister Andersen is not a huge Star Wars fan (I recounted the entire plot of A New Hope to her one night though, ha ha!) and I didn't realize how much I missed talking about Star Wars.

 After we took the elders back across the border, we went to visit some of my favorite old ladies in the Old Folk's home! We just sang and danced with them for an hour. Well, really only one or two of them danced much. Most of them were like Grace, who held firmly to the armrests of her chair and violently shook her head when we asked if she wanted to dance! Haha, but Phyllis was the real star of the day. Apparently she used to have a dance show when she was a little girl and she could still remember all the steps! She was so great and it was good to see them all smile and laugh!

We also had a referral on Thursday! His name was Shawn and he had requested a Book of Mormon! So we called him and asked if we could bring it to him right now and ten minutes later, we were knocking on his door! It was an interesting meeting. He wouldn't let us pray with him, but straight away started asking us why God allowed so much suffering in the world. He took the Book of Mormon but only after we assured him that he wasn't obligated to join our church if he read it (Oh just you wait, Shawn. We'll get you eventually). Sister Andersen asked if we could share something called the Plan of Salvation with him and he said no, that he just wanted us to answer his questions. So we did just that. By sneakily teaching him the Plan of Salvation. HA! It's easy to sneak doctrine into lessons when the person isn't already familiar with it! So anyways. He's going to read the Book of Mormon, but he said he wouldn't pray about it, because out of all the people in the world who were going through so much more than he was, he didn't think he deserved to pray. *Sigh* I wish people would understand just how easy praying is. That's basically all God requires on our part! A question asked in sincere prayer, out of a sincere desire to know the answer and willingness to act on the answer we are given! It's easy! Honestly, prayer has always been such a tender mercy in my life. Knowing that the one person in the universe, who knows the answer to everything and who is willing to help with everything is pretty much at my every beck and call, is probably the biggest self esteem booster ever. We are children of our Heavenly Father and what He wants more than anything is to hear from us!

This Friday and Saturday we went to Fredericton for exchanges with our STLs. It was AWESOME. Sister Melanson and I went knocking all day and picked up a new investigator! We then went over to the Albej family's for dinner. The Albejs are a refugee family from Syria and they're basically the coolest, sweetest family ever! They're not members (yet), and the Fredericton sisters are teaching them a little bit about the gospel but mostly just helping them settle into life here in Canada - finding jobs, helping the kids with school, etc. It's so awesome! Mr. and Mrs. Albej have 7 kids and they were all there on Saturday night, along with two of Mr. Albej's brothers who just recently moved here with their families. We played with the kids in the backyard, playing tag and riding bikes, until it was time for dinner. They fed us some amazing Syrian food and then we went in the house to dance and listen to music! Mr. Albej pulled out his keyboard and flutes and started playing some awesome traditional music and all the kids and their uncles started dancing and singing along. Eventually they pulled Sister Melanson and I off the couch to join them. We just held hands with the kids and walked in circles (there were actual steps to it but neither one of us knew them so it was really just walking for us), but then the little girl who was holding my hand pulled out of the circle and put my hand in her uncles'. Ah! We all kept dancing in a big circle but in my head I was thinking, "AH THIS IS NOT OK." Then, just to make it worse, everyone split off in to twos and I ended up with the uncle! He was trying to show me the steps, because I had tried to learn them from the little girls but they just got tired of trying to help me. We were two arm lengths away and just stepping from side to side but still, my face was so red! I kept looking at my feet because I knew the sooner I learned the steps the sooner he'd let go of my hands. Sister Melanson kept trying to come over and help me, but the little girls kept grabbing her hands to get her to dance with them instead. AH. So that's the story of the most apostate thing I've done on my mission. And I've only been out two and a half months, but I've already danced with a Syrian guy. Ha! Oh well. Really, it was fun. They didn't know we weren't allowed, it was just what they did as a culture and a family. The best part was when two of the family's friends walked in the front door while the music was playing and their faces just lit up with the biggest grins I've ever seen and they started dancing and singing at the top of their lungs and all the kids were laughing! It was fun, and Sister Melanson had a good laugh at me after we got back in the car. 

  Anyways. I'm just about out of time. Missionary work here in St. Stephen is pretty rough right now. Our investigator who was supposed to get baptized next month just dropped us. We went to St. John to help the elders with a fireside they were doing to help promote member missionary work. I bore my testimony of the importance of member missionary work by telling Dad's conversion story and almost cried in front of a bunch of people, which was great. Then for the closing hymn we sang I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go, and then I did cry. Seeing all the other missionaries there and hearing about their investment toigators and their baptisms made me feel like a completely useless missionary. We've had absolutely no success in our area in the last few weeks and all our numbers were zeros this week, so I was feeling like the worst missionary ever. But then we sang that hymn and I remembered that St. Stephen is my area for a reason, even if I haven't quite recognized what that reason is yet. I love St. Stephen. I love my ward. Is missionary work hard here? Yes, but I'm doing all I can and who knows? Maybe I've changed more lives than I think I have. Success as a missionary isn't measured in number of investigators, or baptisms, but rather by my commit fulfill my purpose as a missionary. People have agency and can reject our message if they want to, but as long as I am doing my best, than I'm not a terrible missionary.

  OK, I'm out of time now! I love you all lots! Oh, and on Sunday, we walked to and from church because it was a beautiful sunny day outside and there were people out! People to talk to! We didn't get any new investigators, but we did get some good sunburns! Oh well. #worthit

- Sister Enright

I stole some old pictures from Sister Andersen:

This is from my first P-day! Sister Andersen, Sister Buchanan, and Anita and Paige!

The first door I knocked!

Freezing our butts off while tracting!

Burning Sister Andersen's 15 month mark skirt


And my pics:
At the food pantry!

Best district ever!

13 Elm Street

Sister Ceron and her trainer, Sister Nowlan, Sister Melanson, my mission sister (Sister Andersen trained her), Sister Andersen, Moi and Sister Clause and Sister Lefler!

Last two from Sister Andersen:

I LOVE SNOW! (P.S these are a couple months old and there is no longer snow on the ground)

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