Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Church is True, The Book is Blue (Aislin)

 Do you ever just love something SO MUCH that you want to cry? Like, the Book of Mormon for instance? I wish everyone loved the Book of Mormon that much. Honestly, it's such an amazing book and has brought so much peace and joy into my life, peace and joy that I want others to experience as well, but their are so many people who simply refuse to read it and seem to prefer to live with their questions unanswered. *Sigh* one day, either in this life or the next, they'll realize what they're missing.

So this week's email will be short. You're probably all rejoicing that you don't have to suffer through another long-winded and drawn out email of mine, right? Hahaha, just kidding, I know you all love my emails. Right. . . ?

This week has been so awesome! Yesterday was my three month mark and HOLY COW time needs to stop flying by so fast! Sometimes I still feel like I'm fresh off the plane but other times I feel as if I've been doing this my whole life! Which honestly, I would be OK with. I love St. Stephen and sometimes I forget that I'm not going to be here for the entire 18 months.

St. Stephen suddenly turned brilliantly green this week. It's gorgeous and even though I miss the snow, it's hard not to appreciate the green and the sunshine and the birds singing early in the morning. Golly, I love nature! Sister Andersen has finally consented to going on runs in the morning! YAY! She's so nice. I've missed running so bad. 

I'm already running out of time (SORRY, I guess I had a lot to tell President Pratt in this week's email!)! I just want to tell you about my weekly miracle! This last week we were doing some stop bys. We stopped by two of our investigators who both pretty much dropped us right there. We had a couple more hours to go and were hoping that something good would happen today. In fact, we were determined that it would! Sister Andersen asked me who I wanted to stop by that day and I looked down at my list. There were lots of potentials on the street that we were currently on, but there was a couple that I had been wanting to stop by for a while because they sounded really promising (OK, and because the guy's name was Noah and I though that was cool but whatever), but they were all the way across town! I almost told her that we should just stay on this street, but I knew we needed to stop by this couple. So I kind of hesitantly told her. She agreed we should try it and didn't mind driving that far so off we went. When we got to the street we noticed that we didn't have a specific address for this couple, we just knew that it was "the house on the corner," which could've described four of the houses on that street, so we decided to knock them all! The first people we talked to told us to go away because we were a cult and we were just spreading lies. Gee, thanks. Not much of a confidence booster but oh well. It didn't stop us! And good thing too 'cause if we had then we wouldn't have found Connie! She was house number three, and she wasn't who we meant to stop by that day but I think she was who God meant for us to stop by. She's just about the sweetest, 4'8" Mexican lady you will ever meet! She saw us and immediately let us in and said in a very heavy accent, "You didn't expect to see any Mexicans in Canada did you?" Haha! She's so sweet! AND her brother is a member in PUEBLA, MEXICO! And she served a mission for the Catholic church in TEXAS! Crazy right!? We have already met her twice and at the end of each lesson she goes, "Well. When can you come back?" SHE'S SO AWESOME!!! And she lives right across from the guy who who almost made me want to cry so I'm determined to get her baptized and SHOW HIM. I think it would be great if we could just baptize the whole street and he'll be surrounded by Mormons. HA! 

 Anyways! I love you all lots! Thanks for reading and responding to my emails! You're all the best!
- Sister Enright

 I have this little cheapo notebook that we all got in Zone Conference and I've been drawing random profiles in it and for some reason this one is my favorite. I'm just really proud of it, haha

LAFAYETTE! Bayley will definitely appreciate this one

You know that scene in Despicable Me where it shows Gru's house next to this perfectly normal little suburban house? That's what these two houses make me thin of every time!

Pancake Hill!

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