Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Transfers also Donald Duck too (Amik)

This week was pretty good, Also we did get transfers this week and I will be leaving Wednesday to San Bernardino.  So that is probably where I will be finishing my mission.  

This week we were able to work with Shawn and get him to the family history center where he was able to get an account and go back all the way to the 1500s.  He also found that he had a relative that he did not know about because he died when he was really young.  

This area, which I am leaving, is blossoming.   We had a recent move into the ward that is a part member family.  The whole family has already come to church these last three Sundays.  So we were able to met with them yesterday and set up a time to start teaching them.  The daughter turns eight early July, so we are going to work on getting the dad ready for baptism at the same time.  So I am really going to miss this area and the fact that it is going really well.  But this will be my first time in San Bernardino.  So that should be cool.  Also, I did hear that it might be on bike.  I don't know yet if that is true, but if it is I am going to have to work a lot on my bike.  We 
have had it the whole time in our apartment and the back tire is empty of all its air.  So we I will have to fix that.

Also, this week, well actually last week, we got a phone call from a sister that wanted to start coming back to church. Apparently, she moved from the desert hot springs ward about a year ago and attended our ward once.  From that one time she had the program for the sacrament meeting that had all the phone numbers for all the people in the ward.  So she called us and left a message. However, we could not make out her last name.  So we called back and left a message.  And this week we called back after looking through all our records for this lady and she picked up!!!  We were able to set up a lesson time with her and met with her Friday. After that we had a sister give her a ride to church and she came for all three hours, really enjoyed it and wants to come back.  Even though, after Elders quorum meeting we walked out and saw her wandering around lost looking for her ride.  But that was immediately taken care of and we have another lesson this Wednesday.   Without me.... however I am excited for this last part of my mission and I hope that you guys all have a great time up in Greeley and where ever else you will be going. 

Also, we had dinner with this guy that worked for the military for a bit and worked on the laser tech thing that nasa/ the government has in space.  So that was really cool.  Also, he had a ton of Donald Duck stuff that I will now add to the email before I will send it off.

Cool beans..
Your favorite elder.
-Elder Enright

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