Sunday, June 25, 2017

Baseball with the Webers (Amik)

This next Friday there is a baseball game that we get to go to I guess. We needed to bring an investigator/less active member or investigator.  And we are going Friday. It is Mormon night like the one time we went to the Skysox game.

Anyway this week went pretty darn well.  We picked up another part member family to start teaching.  It is a family where the grandmother is active and is the primary pianist. The mom is less active and she has four children that are non members, two or which are baptismal age. This was actually a referral from our bishop that he gave us my first Sunday here. We were at dinner over at his house, which is huge he built it about twenty years ago and since then he has just been adding to it, and he said that he had someone we could start teaching and gave us the info after dinner, which was café rio. So we were able to contact the person that week and set up a time. We had the lesson Tuesday and it went awesome, we gave the kids a Book of Mormon stories Book and showed a few videos, 3 to be exact, to keep the kids attention. The videos were the one minute cartoon videos about Mormon beliefs.  However, during the lesson I accidentally did the incorrect video at one point.  I meant to show the Christ's church video when I instead did the church community video.  I saw the word 'church' and then just started it. It was afterwards, Elder Schmid did not even notice. Also, Elder Schmid showed them the Book of Mormon of stories and later that night when he was reading it on his own, he suddenly exclaimed about how he realized now why it was so confusing. He had been reading the panels In the wrong order. He had never seen it before and so thought that the way you are supposed to read it was like the scriptures by reading the from the left page first, going down the left column and then read the right column before going to the right page and than repeating.  So that was was the way he showed the kids to read it instead of reading it like a comic book.

Anyway, we were able to get in contact with a few formers this week set up appointments with them. One of which, called us today to confirm the appointment so she means business.  Also, Bishop gave us another person to start teaching, a member, and we already confirmed that too.  So this area is getting pretty busy.  And hot too,it is has been above 100 for the last few days and it is going to continue stay like that.  I am super glad I got out of the desert just in time.  

Also, today we went to the mall.  I spent the least amount of money of the four elders, including what was bought and eaten, a total of $0.48 which is what all the free samples and the pair of pop tarts cost.  By golly malls are expensive, a single tie was $62.00!

Also, The Webers are the main investigator family that we have in this area and are the ones making it to the baseball game.

Have a great day.
-Elder Enright-

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