Saturday, June 17, 2017

Don't Forget To Pay Your Tithing! (Aislin)

Hey everyone! This has been a loooong week. But tomorrow, the transfer is already halfway over! CRAZY.

  Anyways. I don't have a lot of time. We went hiking with our district today and it was so much fun but SO hot. It's been in the 30s nearly every day this week!

  This weekend we went on exchanges. It was a little crazy because right now we only have one STL and there are three of us. The first appointment I went to was with Sister Johnson and Sister Kilmer while Sister Ward and our STL, Sister Melanson, were together. We went to visit this lady who has 12 cats. Sister Kilmer asked if I'd be OK in her house and I was like, "Yeah! Pfft, I'll be fine!" NOT. I almost DIED. She wanted a priesthood blessing so we went over there with a couple priesthood holders and after the blessing was over, Sister Johnson suggested that we maybe stay and teach a quick lesson but when Sister Kilmer saw my face we decided it would be a better idea to go. It was so bad, my whole neck and face were on fire. We got up to leave but the lady kept talking to us and I just wanted to cry! Finally she said goodbye and I booked it to the car and we drove back to the apartment so I could shower and change. And that's the story of how I almost died.

  The next day I went street contacting with Sister Melanson and we walked up to this guy about to cross the street and said, "Hi, excuse us--!" and he said, "You girls are all cute as hell, but I gotta get back to work!" and then he booked it across the road! It was so funny, Sister Melanson couldn't stop laughing!

  Another cool experience I had on exchanges was with Sister Johnson and Sister Ward. We had planned to go contacting at this park for a half hour but our previous appointment went a little over, so we only had roughly 15 minutes. So we parked and I prayed real fast and said, "Heavenly Father, we only have fifteen minutes but we know that we are supposed to be here at this time, so please help us to find the person we need to talk to." Then we got out of the car and walked right up to this guy and introduced ourselves and talked for a full 15 minutes! Turns out he had met missionaries about 5 years ago and loved it but wasn't sure if it was right for him. I bore testimony of the Doctrine of Christ and stated out purpose as missionaries. The Spirit was so strong and everything I said just flowed so perfectly. We invited him to church and to meet with missionaries again and he declined, but agreed to take a pamphlet and even asked for a number he could contact us by if he ever were interested again. The we said bye and let him walk away a little bit and then turned around to hop right back into the car! As we pulled out, I felt so confident that our prayer was answered and I knew the Spirit had been there because I have never felt as confident as I did in that contact. It was an amazing experience!

On Sunday, we had two of our investigators come to church! AND we had three big visiting families! The St. Stephen chapel had never looked so full before, I love it! Anyways, I was so pumped for our investigators that I couldn't stop smiling.

 Yesterday was pretty crazy and when I think back to it, I'm reminded of Alma 28:8. We had multiple lessons fall through, and investigator dropped us, we found out that the Book of Mormons we've been giving away are missing half of 3 Nephi and all of 4 Nephi, we had a lesson with this lady whose dog kept peeing on us, we ended up waiting on a member's porch in the rain for 15 minutes to pick something up from them, etc. etc. In short, it should've been a pretty miserable day, but I think what helped us was that we know our purpose as missionaries. We know sometimes that work is going to be hard, but that doesn't mean we can't rejoice! Just like Ammon said, there never were a people who had so great a reason to rejoice as we, since the world began! We are called of God and our authority is above that of kings of the earth! We are literal representatives of Jesus Christ and He found us worthy to represent him! So why shouldn't we be happy missionaries? Literally, there is no reason.

OK, well I have to go! I wish I had some more time because I had some funny stories to tell, but I'll just have to write them down and remember to tell them later. Whether it's next week or in 15 months, at some point you'll get to hear them :)

Love you! Life is rough sometimes but that doesn't mean there isn't a reason to rejoice!

- Sister Enright

Pictures from lat week:

 National doughnut day at Tim Hortons!

Beautiful lake out in Alexander, Maine. That's my vote for where you guys move next. It's GORGEOUS

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