Sunday, June 25, 2017

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! (Erin)


So. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!! I´m so excited to see you guys in a few months. Is it horrible that I count down the days in my journal? I´ve done it practically my whole mission. Not like I´m super ready to leave or anything, but it´s just something we´ve always done as a family and I decided to do it here, haha. I love my mission with all my heart and have learned so much. I still have a few months to work some miracles, but I´m excited to see you guys. It´s getting harder to wake up in the mornings, haha, especially with waking up a half hour earlier to make it to the gym. We live with another companionship and they have a recent convert who owns a gym and he´s let us go for free, and he trains us. And it´s kind of killing me. But we go, because it´s helping keep up my energy and working out my body which has been really sore recently, especially my back. And plus if we don´t go, the other girls can´t go because they can´t be alone in the gym with their convert. So yeah, but it´s fun. I´m excited to cook you guys mexican food because it is so darn good! And if we really all end up in Costa Rica for Christmas,I hope they have some pretty original food there, but from what I´ve heard Puebla is well known for it´s unique cuisine. I do miss drinking tap water and not having to buy huge jugs of purified water or having gas that like comes with the house and I don´t have to buy tanks of it for $300 pesos every 3 months. Oh but funny story, the last time we paid for gas the boiler stopped working after like a week and a half and we thought something was broken but when the owner came to look at it, it just turned out that we had run out of they probably didn´t give us a full tank to begin with, argh. Love Mexico.

So yeah, I love you so very much. Time has gone by so fast, but it has been so much fun and a heck of a lot of work.

Happy birthday again and I´ll send you a super cute picture of my face because I forgot to take a picture with my little poster, but I do love you lots! 
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