Saturday, June 17, 2017

Jun 12 2017 (Erin)

Okay. Can i just send fotos today? I can´t remember if I did the same thing last time or not...oops.

But i´m doing super great. Some days I feel super overwhelmed and tired or frustrated. Basically as hna lideres we don´t have every minute free to work in the way we want. Here in San Martin our area is really quite huge and covers a lot of little pueblos. We have 5 compañionships we help out and 3 of them are in Puebla AND we just started a new cambio so we have a good amount of meetings in Puebla with the president, not to mention that one of the area seventy is coming to visit this week, so we get to go to Puebla for that too. 

We found a family of 3 this week. Parents and one of their daughters who is still living with them. they have a son that, when he was 18, left for Utah. He found the church, got baptized, and served a mission. That happened like 5 years ago, but they have his plaque in their house and when we asked them if they wanted to get baptized, they all told us yes. YAY FOR MIRACLES! It was actually an amazing experience, because they like work to progress. They all gather to listen to us and give us all of their attention (and food, jaja). It´s so nice when you find people who really have a desire to change and get baptized, it´s so much easier and the work is so much faster. 

Okay, so I kind of sent more than just photos, but I will send you some now because I have a lot. We went to a little castle like thing today called Chautla. It´s basically a house right out of a Jane Austen novel and I really don´t know what it´s doing here in Mexico, but it was so pretty and I could live one of my dreams and pretend for a few seconds that I was living in the era of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. 

Seriously, how beautiful is this? 

Still so pretty


From the top with Hna Ferniza

So many stairs

For some reason in the Gazebo there was a wooden throne. 

A wooden cabin that was also there that I kind of want to live in.

We took a heck of a lot of photos. I´m sure everyone thought we were tourists, but hey, there was also a family speaking portuquese that looked even more like tourists. 

Tlaxcala. I LOVE TLAXCALA! It´s so stinkin gorgeous

We found this in an apartment building, I don´t know if you all can read it, but it basically says that they know who is peeing in the staircase and if they come back and do it again they are going to notify the police. Haha. 

This guy cracks me up

This is Devani, she´s the daughter of a less active. She´s so stinkin cute!

She was copying my faces. 

Okay I´m like 75% sure that in this picture we are standing in Mexico, not in Puebla. We took a bus from the center of Puebla to Mexico to get off before in a little town taht´s in our area, but the guy driving forgot to tell us when we got there, so we past it and had to get off at the next town, go to the other side of the road and take another bus back. So yeah, that was fun.

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