Friday, June 9, 2017

Jun 5 (Erin)

So we had cambios today. That was super exciting. You guys will never believe it, or at least I didn´t, but my new companion is Hna Ferniza, my companion from like almost a year ago! Yep we´re back together! Which almost never happens in this mission, so I feel super special. We waited for a good couple hours in the bus station to make sure  all the sisters who were meeting there for cambios had their companions and got sent safely off to their areas. I got to see Hna Bere, from Nana, so that was the nice part of sitting for hours waiting for everyone to show up. 

So, yep. That´s about the most exciting thing of the week. 
I´m just gonna send pictures now because I really don´t know what to tell you all, expect that I love you bunches and I miss you lots and hope you are all doing swell.

Hna ferniza and I eating Tortas about 2 hours ago. We were super hungry and milaneza with pineapple and Quesillo is about the best thing ever. (Milenza is meat and Quesillo is cheese, but not just any cheese, It´s one of the best and you all know I have an obsession with cheese. Look it up, it´s super delish.)

My volcano. Still has yet to even explode a little, but that´s probably for the best despite my desire to see a volcano explode at some point in my life. hehe.

Hna Stewart and I.  I have truly come to love the Hnas I work with as an Hna Lider. Everyone one of them is so amazing. 
Hna Stewart, me, Hna Snachez, and Hna Valenzuela. 

Yesterday with my companion at a members home. They have pear trees and what I think is a cherry tree. (Even though my companion is so sure that it is not a cherry, but whatever). 

The member´s backyard where we ate yesterday. I want a home like this. So pretty. 

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