Thursday, June 1, 2017

Mountains to Climb (Aislin)

So you know when you're out running (or just exercising or working hard at something I guess. I'm just better at running analogies), and you get to this hill that you don't want to run up because it's hard and sometimes it hurts but you know the only way back home is up that hill? So you do it, and maybe you're miserable for a bit, maybe you have to stop and take breaks, maybe your legs feel like they're on fire but you do it anyways because you know there's something better waiting for you at the end. You'll get to the top of the hill and it'll be over with. You'll be closer to home and you'll feel stronger and more prepared to face the next hill when it comes. Well, anyways. Some days are like that. Some days are like running up a hill and you feel miserable and weak but you know that there are better days ahead and in the long run, you'll make it back home to Heavenly Father and your family and the run will be over with and you'll be stronger because of it. That's why I love tomorrows. They're so full of hope and promises of happier times. 

  Anyways. Random analogy for you there. In conclusion, some days are hard, sometimes you get yelled at, you get doors slammed in your face, you make a mistake, your companion isn't nice, nobody answers their phones, your family is far away, you get stuck at the border for a "random inspection", and everything seems to be going wrong but there is always a tomorrow. Alma 7:11-13, Christ is there for us through every up and every down, and everything we're going through He went through first, and everything He had to deal with in His mission here one earth was 20x worse than anything I go through. It was never easy for Him so why on earth would it ever be easy for me (John 15:18-19)? How can I walk around as someone who has been set apart as a literal representative of the Lord Jesus Christ and not expect any opposition? And hey, even if there are hard days, the birds are still singing and the lilacs are still blossoming, so it's all still good in the end.

OK I'm done now. I'll have to be quick finishing this up now. I have two new companions; Sister Kilmer and Sister Ward. Sister Ward has had a difficult start to her mission and so President Pratt thought that it would help her a lot to serve with someone she was familiar with - me - and someone who is basically a missionary superhero - Sister Kilmer (seriously, she's my missionary goals).

This week we did another booth with the elders in St. John. This time it was a Family History booth! I'm always surprised at the different kind of people we get at booths. It just goes to show that the gospel really is for everyone!

Yesterday was Zone Conference (which is why I'm emailing on a Wednesday again). Zone Conference is always such an amazing spiritual experience for me and I'm always struck  by the inspired words from President Pratt. These last couple weeks, I've been studying Moroni's Promise in Moroni 10:3-5 and the biggest question I had from it was, why would God want us to ask if the Book of Mormon was not true? Why wouldn't He want us to ask if it is true instead? Then during President Pratt's training yesterday, he answered my question exactly and I was so shocked that I let out a very audible, "Oh!" right in the middle of Zone Conference. Whoops. Basically, if we ask if something is not true than that's already showing faith that we assume it is true and if we are asking if something is true than we are showing that we have doubts that it may not be. I hope that makes sense. . . But if not, you can just study Moroni 10:3-5 yourself. The Spirit will do a better job of explaining it to you than I ever could.

I LOVE mission life! I was talking to Sister Kilmer the other day and I realized that a mission is basically like a micro Plan of Salvation; We leave home, where we were happy and with people who loved us, to go to a new place that we know very little about. While we are there, we go through challenges and trials we've never had to deal with before and never would have had to if we hadn't chosen to serve. And then when our missions end, we make it back home to our parents and we've changed and we've grown and become spiritually stronger than we ever could have become without the things we'd experienced on our missions. THE GOSPEL IS SO COOL.

OK, time to go. I was just thinking about the LDS video, Mountains to Climb. It's one of my favorite videos and if you haven't seen it, I would definitely recommend you go watch it right now! And if you have already seen it, then it won't hurt to watch it again!

I love you all! Thank you for emailing me and keeping me up to date on your lives! I get so much joy from reading your letters, you don't even know. Keep up the good work!

Sister Enright


New Beginnings was the night of transfers so I was exhausted from driving nearly 6 hours to drop off Sister Andersen and pick up Sisters Kilmer and Ward - But we still managed to pull it off!

 Our awesome Family History booth!

 A little bear who Sister Andersen and I dubbed Elder Roosevelt. 

 We saw a Bald Eagle on Memorial Day!

One time I accidentally parked Sister Kilmer in a ditch. . . Whoops!

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