Friday, June 9, 2017

New area! (Amik)

I am now in San Bernardino.  It is a car area, and we cover three main areas.  The really interesting one is called Muscoy.  It is the poorer part of town, and then we have a two other parts.  One  is the outskirts of San Bernardino and it is kind of lower end middle class, California State University of San Bernardino is in this part of town along with our church building  which is pretty much  directly across the street from it. So we have a lot of college kids. Also, My new companion is Elder Schmid and he looks like my old coworker Marc.  The life guard.  He even acts like him, so it has been a pretty good last few days.  

We have a few people we are teaching at the moment,  I haven't really met them yet besides briefly at church, because one is sick.  And the other family, had to cancel two appointments, one of which was going to be tonight. We also have three recent converts that we are working with. They were all baptized this year and they all live under the same roof. It is a house that rents out rooms, like an apartment building. Except it is a house.  Also, the reason you did not get an email from me yesterday is because today is P-day. And instead of doing it yesterday we had a big meeting instead with a General authority seventy.  Elder Wilson. I think I remember them saying that He is the executive director of the temples. So that was pretty  enlightening. The whole thing was pretty much about the importance of the Book of Mormon. He showed us a statistic that 1 in 20 of the people, particularly investigators, do not understand it. This means that to help more people be baptized, it is most important to have a reading mentor for each investigator/inactive-member.  We need to really help them understand the Book of Mormon.  

One of the things he did was have us each act out a trailer, like a movie trailer, for the 2-4 chapters of first Nephi.  Just like a movie trailer gets people excited to watch the movie it is for, we should give a movie trailer for the Book of Mormon.  It was really funny. My group tried to make it dramatic. My favorite were the first two that made it into a comedy basically. So that was great,  also,  forgot to mention that this Elder Schmid's last transfer.   Also, today we got the game Risk, lord of the Rings version, from a member and played it. We were going to have four elders play, but then we had the other two cancel.  So we played two player Risk.  It was mainly just a practice game so that Elder Schmid knows how to play. Since he never played before.  He got really good really fast.  

-Elder Enright-

 Just a picture  from Muscoy.  I guess they had a mouse instead of a pit bull.

Guillermo's baptism last week.  The reason for name tag on the tie is my pockets had holes and it fell out. The suit coat was on the other side of the church and so I put it there for safe keeping and forgot I had it on.

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