Sunday, June 25, 2017

TRUTH: God Answers Prayers (Aislin)

 Hey everyone!!! This week was probably the craziest week of my life. Let's start off with the normal things. . .

We went to see our investigators, Rose and Joseph on Monday.They agreed to get baptized July 8! I'm so excited for them! Prayers are answered! They're doing so awesome. When we taught the Plan of Salvation, we were talking about Earth life and we asked Joseph what he thought we had to do while we're on earth and he just straight up taught us the Doctrine of Christ! It was so awesome! And then Rose asked about Satan and his demons so we briefly mentioned Outer Darkness and Joseph looked down at our little Plan of Salvation flashcards (which of course, don't include Outer Darkness) and says, "Well, I'll go get a piece of paper right now and write "Outer Darkness" on it and we can just throw it in there." Then he gets up to go get it and Rose grabs his arm and says, "No, no, we don't need it. We don't want to focus on that place." Haha! They're so great. Joseph is basically the funniest kid ever and I can't wait for him and Rose to get baptized!!!

We spent most of Wednesday in the ER, which was the thrill of a lifetime! --- Just kidding, it was really boring. Sister Kilmer got cellulitus from a really bad bug bite. But don't worry! She's fine now. So that's what I did for Mom's birthday! Sit in a hospital waiting room :)

On Saturday we picked up a new investigator named Anita (at least we think that's her name because when we asked her what her name was to write down in our planners she said, "Do you want my real name?" and before we could say anything other than, "Uhh. . . " she said, "Just call me Anita."). It was a really sweet experience actually. We were looking for a potential in this little apartment building and when we knocked on Anita's door and introduced ourselves, she started to cry because she told us that she had been praying for someone to come talk to her. She's been going through a really hard time and feeling really lonely. We told her that God loves her and that we loved her and that it wasn't a coincidence that we had knocked on her door that day. She couldn't meet with us then but she begged us to come back. She begged us, with tears running down her face and in a pleading voice that just about made my heart break for her. I'm so glad we found her! I love being the answer to someone's prayer.

Anyways. Sunday was rough, emotionally speaking. Sometimes I don't feel qualified to help all the people who come to me - to us, the missionaries - for help and guidance. Sometimes all I can do is sit there and cry with them and pray that Heavenly Father will take care of them and give them the strength they need to make it through the day. It's a little rough. But I know that every prayer, whether it's simple or not, is answered. Usually not in the way we would expect or at the time we think it will be, but it all works out in the end.
 Also, as of Sunday night, I have brown hair! In an attempt to help strengthen our companionship, I let my companions dye my hair because 1) one companion went to hair school before coming on her mission and she's truly happy when one of us lets her do our hair for us, and 2) the food pantry gives us random free things and this week it was hair dye. So yeah. Weird as it sounds, we've all bonded a little more over the dying of my hair. So now I'm a brunette, at least for a couple months, before it washes out.

So yeah. That was my week. P.S. We're doing our emailing in the St. John Mall/Library which seriously looks like I'm in the Ministry of Magic. It's soooo cool! There's even a little red telephone booth!

I love you all lots! Keep your chins up and keep praying! "Heaven is cheering you on today, tomorrow, and forever," and so am I :) love ya!!!

- Sister Enright

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