Monday, July 31, 2017

July 31, 2017 (Erin)

Okay, so I have a good story for you all. Yesterday we had a baptism! It was scheduled for the morning at like 8am, but it was super foggy and cold and with the whole weird weather the president of the rama was not able to get to Grajales on time. So we decided we would have the baptism after church.  Plus we had to go find albercas because we have no font,  which I thought was a small pond or lake or whatever and no one seemed to really know where the closest one was. 
 Anywho, so during church we ended up with a good like 30 people which is super good attendance for our teeny tiny branch.  My companion and I ended up teaching gospel doctrine AND primary because no leaders showed up. That was okay because that way we could teach our investigators the whole time. Anywho after church one of the guys in the bishopric said he knew where the closest alberca was, so we followed him with president Hugo, his wife and kid and the lady that was gonna get baptized along with her husband. Just so you all know, albercas are not ponds or lakes, it´s a public swimming pool. The one we ended up at had a slide and three different pools. And did I mention that we had to pay to get in? yeah.  20 pesos for every person, to have a baptism. So we all sat at one table and sang and prayed and did the whole little devotional in front of like 10 people who were swimming and tanning. And then we went to the little pool that wasn´t being used and had the baptism ordanance done there. It was such an interesting experience to say the least, haha. 

This baptism was kind of a miracle. When we got here the branch president told us that they were gonna have a baptism our first week and I thought it was a kid that had just turned 8, but no. Apparently one of the ladies who recently moved to the branch had been baptized before in a little group but no one bothered to make her a cedula (sorry don´t know the word for that in english) but basically she wasn´t in the member records at all, so had to be baptized again. We talked to the mission president about what we needed to do, had our district leader come do an interview with her and yeah! she got baptized. 

I can´t believe it´ll be August tomorrow! in like a week and a hlaf I will complete 16 months in the mission. Also does anyone know how to recover missing files on a USB? I seemed to have lost all my photos. the USB says it´s still full, but nothing shows up. And i´m only a little stressed out about that because it´s kind of all my pictures from my entire mission!

I think that´s it. Love you all lots! 

Here´s our baptism that happened. Hna Francisca! She was super happy because she´s working towards a temple marriage with her husband!

This is my casa de oracion here. We don´t have a chapel. It´s out in the middle of nowhere, but thankfully they will be moving to another house the beginning of september that´s more central. But isn´t it adorable!?

This is what Hogwarts would like it if it were a Catholic church! It´s smack dab in the middle of Grajales and at night the little towers light up with green lights as if Voldemort himself were up there. 

 This is my companion, Hna Herrera. She´s crazy.

These are some of the kids we teach, being goofy. There are about 18 people living in this one place and we´re slowly getting to know all the kids and parents.

Here´s a...I don´t know what you´d call it, but they´re everywhere. Little places to worship that have big statues inside of Christ or more often of the Virgen Guadalupe. 

A pretty little lighthouse tower thing that we still have yet to go and see. There´s supposedly a cemetery over by it too. 

Five lesson Saturday and a freelance missionary (Amik)

This Saturday was Pretty busy.  We had five lessons and picked up a new investigator.  This guy is named Joseph and is literally a free lance missionary.  He is 39 years old and moved all the way from Florida to California a month and a half ago to start working with a church here.   From the lesson we had with him it seems that he was doing some work down in Florida and a church here in San Bernardino noticed and hired him on.   However, now after a month and a half he is getting kind of worn out.   The fascinating thing is that most of his personal and church beliefs match ours really closely.     
Anyway,  I do not really have time to email much more since I don't really have time because I procrastinated the day of my repentance.  However,  I will see you,,  soon.    

Have a good week! 

-Elder Enright-

The Light That is in Their Eyes (Aislin)

 This week we ran into this forgetful old lady named Cheryl. We actually met her a couple weeks ago and talked to her for a bit. She was very sweet, insisted on giving us some Ensure drinks, and asked us no less than four times where we were from. Like I said, she's very forgetful. We saw her out walking one day (she told us she wasn't going far but then about 45 minutes later we saw her walking down another street so we're pretty sure she couldn't remember where her house was actually located. So we said a quick prayer that Cheryl would find her way home again, haha) and we asked her if she remembered us. She looked into our faces real intently and then said, "No. . . But I remember your eyes." I can't tell you how many times I've gotten comments on my eyes, and just how many stories I've heard from other missionaries getting comments on how bright/pretty their eyes are, and it made me realize that we - missionaries and members in general - obviously have something that others can see only in our eyes. It reminded me of the story that President Monson told in conference a few years ago, about the LDS students studying in Jerusalem and how they had to agree to a no-proselyting policy. Upon hearing about the policy, one of the Israeli officials asked, "But what are we going to do about the light that is in their eyes?". I've come to realize that we all have a light within us and that light is our testimony of the Gospel and our knowledge of the Plan of Salvation. It's something I've never noticed before, probably because I grew up in the church with family and friends who always had that light around them and so I unconsciously took it for granted. But others see it. #Matthew5:16

  ANYWAYS. There's some spiritual food for thought.  

  This week was mostly full of traveling. We spent 5 1/2 hours in the car with the elders, driving to and from Yarmouth for a district meeting. Funny how in most missions, if you drive 5 hours, you could be in an entirely different mission! Not in the CHM though. It takes us 5-6 hours just to get to another zone!
  On Thursday we drove another hour and half to get to Halifax for interviews with President and exchanges with our STL, sister Hird! It was fun to get to spent a few hours with her because we actually have a lot in common (love Harry Potter, love Disney, love books, etc.) and so had a lot to talk about. I love the missionaries I serve with (Sister Barlow, Elder Hoole, and Elder Cox) but they all get along super well and I'm kind of the odd one out in the group. They're all from Utah, they all went to High School, they all love sports, country music, dogs, trucks, etc. etc. etc. . . So yeah. I never have much of anything to contribute to their conversations, haha. Oh well.

  This Saturday we tried to use the car a little less, so we decided that we'd just walk to this potential's house that was only a 2 minute drive away. 45 minutes later we were hopelessly lost and decided that it would be best to just do some street contacting on the way back to our house (because we apparently cannot function without a GPS. HOW EMBARRASSING). On our way back we walked past this lady sitting under a tree, looking at some maps. We stopped and asked if we could share a quick message with her and ended up talking to her for a half hour! It turns out that her son went missing from the university here in Wolfville 25 years ago, and she and a friend are working on a documentary about the whole incident. We talked about the Plan of Salvation, and left her with a Book of Mormon (and she asked us to sign it for her!). I bore my testimony on eternal families and she started to cry a bit. It was really heart-wrenching, watching this poor mother who had been holding everything together for 25 years after her son's disappearance, start to melt a little with the hope that she would see him again one day. 

  Well. Time has run out. I want you to know how much I love you all and how grateful I am for the knowledge that families can be together forever! I don't know where I would be in this life if it wasn't for my family, and I know I would never want to be without them after this life, so I'm glad I don't have to be :) Stay awesome and keep making me jealous of you fabulous adventures! Love ya!

- Sister Enright

July 24, 2017 (Erin)

Hola a todos!

I hope you guys are all enjoying life and everything. I`m living it up in my little pueblo that I kind of love. It does make me feel super far from everything and everyone. Especially since I have been smack dab in the middle of the city super close to the offices. Yep, not anymore. 

We worked super crazy this week and found a bunch of people to teach. The family we see basically every day is actually like 4 or 5 families that are cousins or  something. Some of the kids had been listening to the elders, so we went and met them and suddenly like 12 kids ended up listening to us. The oldest is 18 and then there are few that are 17, one girl who is 14 and the rest are little kids that are like 8 or 9. The parents aren`t super into listening to us. We`ve managed to teach a couple and say hi to others. We even got permission from some of them to take their kids to church, which was cool. They have like 3 houses together back behind a big door. So we teach them all outside their houses. Every night at like 7 or 8 we get there and they pull out chairs and come and sit with their pamphlets. It`s so super cute. We`ve talked to some of the older ones about baptism and a few of them are pretty serious about it. We got one of them to come with us on saturday to clean the church house, haha.

I`ll have to send pictures nest week because I don't have my cord, but yeah we have a little house for our church. There are like maybe 10-15 super active members here. And with all the less active, like 40 or 50 members total. We have a baptism this week! She`s basically a member, but when she got baptized before, years ago, they didn`t do the paperwork, so she has to get baptized again. 

 I can`t believe it`s practically august! That means chile en nogada!!!!!! Look it up, it`s a super amazing dish from puebla that I love and they only have it august and part of september. It`s a huge chile stuffed with meat and fruit and sometimes nuts. SO GOOD. 

Oh so trains pass here every single day and supposedly one of them is la bestia which is the train that transports illegals from here into the U.S. So that`s interesting. 

It rains and/or hails here every afternoon, which I love, but it does mean I end up wearing boots everyday all day and I`m not sure that`s super good for my feet, but whatever. I don`t really have another option for shoes right now because the other pair I have are from a member and they`re a little  small and tear up the back of my feet. I`ll have to think a little more seriously about buying a new pair. 

Well I love you all lots! Have a super awesome week!


Sunday, July 30, 2017

1 on date, then none on date (Amik)

This week was a pretty typical run of the mill week.  Anyway, brother Weber was sick this week so he was not able to go to church and get the Aaronic priesthood.  Anyway this last week I have been studying about conversion, or being born again as it is commonly known as. One of the General Conference talks I read was "It’s Never Too Early and It’s Never Too Late" by Elder Bradley D. Foster and another one was "What Manner of Men?" by Elder Donald L. Hallstrom. And the part that I thought was most thoughtful was the part about the guy that mentioned “Bishop, I have a bad temper, and that’s just the way I am!” That just threw the idea of repentance out the window and as Elder Hallstrom said it, "threw up the white flag".  Anyway, I don't know where I was going with that, but hey it was an awesome talk with a great message.  Also, Elder Brown had this collection of church stories that he shared with me and this is one: 

  One time there was an ad in the paper that said they were looking for the best Morse code person in the U.S.A. to work for one of the richest men in the world and that it would pay top dollar for this new position.  Times were tough and thousands of applicants responded to ad.  They all did what the ad said and went into this huge room that held thousands of applicants.  As they walked in the door the sign said to take a sit and wait for further instructions.  At the front of this large room was a secretary who was nervously chewing her gum and clicking her pen.  Many people would get impatient and would go up and ask her when they would be getting interviewed and she would simply point to the instructions that were on the door that said to sit and wait for further instructions. The room was almost completely full and it was very quiet and the only thing that could be heard was the secretary’s chewing of gum and clicking of her pen when suddenly a young man walked up to very front and without saying anything to the secretary walked up to the door and went in.  Moments later he came out with a happy face and the secretary finally spoke and said thank you for coming but the position had now been filled.  All of the applicants were very confused and stunned and finally asked why only one person was interviewed.  She surprised them all when she said that this whole time she had been clicking with per pen in Morse code that the first person to understand this and walk through the front door would get the job.
Moral:  Pay attention and listen to the small stuff. Particularly the spirit.  

Also, one last note,  I have been writing this in a McDonald's that played Bryan Adams song "Here I am" you know.  The song from "Spirit", the horse movie,  the song is like repentance.  And while I am on that subject, the song "Be happy" by Bobby McFerrin  is about hope like the hope the gospel brings.   Anyway, That song nearly always goes through my head whenever something bad happens.  

Also, this week we were meeting with Three of the recent converts of our ward, Terry, Georgia, and Beverly, who live in a group home. And one of their roommates, Natalie, met with us both of the times we met this last week to read the Book of Mormon.  Natalie was obviously having a good time and asked us during the lesson on Saturday morning if she could be baptized, we set her on date for the 26th of August.  But, then. We called Beverly Sunday night, to confirm an appointment for the next day,  and Beverly told us Natalie had changed her mind and no longer wants to meet with us.

Anyway, you guys have a great next few weeks! And enjoy your trip! 

-Elder Enright-

Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Day Only the Buddhists Were Home (Aislin)

 OK, so yesterday we went out knocking during Golden Hours (6-9. Prime proselyting hours!) but for some reason, very few people were home and the only people who were were the ones who said, "No thanks. I'm Buddhist." Apparently Wolfville is quite the Buddhist community, who knew?

  ANYWAYS. This week was so full of miracles and tender mercies! First off, to start off the transfer, Sister Barlow and I found 5 new investigators, which is pretty insane in the CHM. Our mission-wide goal is for each companionship to find 6 new investigators per transfer, and we found 5 in just a couple days! So, that was a bit of a morale booster for us, right there. Wolfville really is the promised land.

  OK, like I said, there were a lot of tender mercies this week so I'm going to have to bullet point them or else I'll forget one!

  •  RILEY - Riley is this six year old girl who we ran into Tuesday night, while we were proselyting. We walked up to a young mother - Hailey - who was outside watching two of the little neighbor girls. One of the girls - Riley - ran right up to me and Sister Barlow and gave us both big hugs! She then proceeded to ask so many questions! She asked what it said on our name tags, so we got to explain to her who we were and whose church we were from. Then she asked what we were doing out walking and we said, "We're talking to people about Jesus!", She looked at us and asked, "Jesus? That guy?" *Points at the sky*, when we nodded, she got the biggest smile on her face and said, "I LOVE that guy!". Then she started pulling the Plan of Salvation pamphlet out of sister Barlow's hand and asking about it. When I explained that it was Heavenly Father's plan for us to be happy here on earth she asked, "How do you do that?" BAM. We got to teach her the Doctrine of Christ. The whole time we were talking to Riley, Hailey was listening and got to hear all about our purpose, the Doctrine of Christ, and the Plan of Salvation! I just thought of that scripture, Mosiah 3:19. We have to become as little children, "submissive, meek, humble, patient, full of love," and curiosity, just like Riley, in order to understand the simple truths of the Gospel! And sometimes, as missionaries, it's good practice to explain doctrines in simplified terms, so that even a child can understand it, because sometimes - more often than not - it's the best way for our investigators to learn. AND just like Albert Einstein said, "If you can't explain something simply, you don't understand it enough."
  • BIBLE VIDEOS - We found a bible videos CD in our house and I almost cried. So we've been watching lots of bibles videos, haha! #Tendermercy
  • ZONE CONFERENCE - Zone conference was on Wednesday and. . . WOW. It's amazing to see just how in tune with the Spirit President and Sister Pratt are. Both of their trainings helped answer some of my prayers and addressed a lot of my concerns of being a trainer and a daughter of God in general. During the closing song (which was a primary song, along with every other song we sang during Zone Conference. ALSO a tender mercy because I LOVE primary songs), I totally started crying because I was just looking at my notes and thinking about just how much I needed to hear everything President and Sister Pratt had said and then I just thought, "Jesus loves me!" It was good to remember that even though I may not always be lovable, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will always love me, because They are always LOVING, and that They would take the time to answer my prayers through the words I heard in Zone Conference was a huge testimony builder for me.
  • MAKAYLA - Makayla is one of the Young Women in our ward. She just turned in her mission papers and is super excited to serve! She's never been out with sister missionaries before so we took her out with us for a couple hours! I love her so much!!! She was definitely another tender mercy this week!
  • NIKKI - Sunday night we drove out to a town called Canning to do some knocking. We got to the street we had planned and parked the car, then Sister Barlow and I looked at each other and decided that neither of us felt good about the street. It wasn't necessarily a bad feeling, but just a uncomfortable one. So we both agreed to find a new street to knock and I'm SO glad we followed the Spirit and did what he said because if not, we wouldn't have found Nikki! We knocked on her door and at first she wasn't really interested but then asked, "Are you the people that have that big white building in Halifax?" we said yes, and talked to her a little bit about the temple. She told us that she was moving into an apartment right across from it! Then I asked her if she had read the Book of Mormon. She said she hadn't but she might give it a shot. We taught her all about Moroni's Promise and the whole thing was so cool and so incredibly Spirit-led that I don't even remember everything I said. The best part was how she went from being barely open at all to super warm and friendly. She told us that she generally was a person who needed proof and that that was why she wasn't very religious but then said maybe the fact that two Mormon girls showed up on her doorstep and invited her to read the Book of Mormon, just two weeks before she was moving into an apartment right across from a Mormon temple, was her proof and that maybe she needed to become a Mormon! Haha! It was so cool!!! The experience and the Spirit that was felt were such incredible tender mercies to me this week. Also, funny fact. We forgot to get her phone number to pass to the sisters in Halifax, so when we drove by I said, "Quick! What's her license plate number?" and we wrote it down to send to the sisters the next day! Haha! Luckily, the sisters know exactly what apartment building Nikki was talking about so they're going to look for someone, with that license plate number, moving in in a couple weeks. Sometimes I wonder what people would think of us if the FBI ever had a reason to investigate a couple of Mormon missionaries one day. . . Wall maps, area books. . . Our apartments are just a little sketch, haha!
  • THE FACT THAT THE FARMER'S MARKET ACCEPTS AMERICAN CASH - Seriously. Sister Barlow and I are out of money on our mission cards because we had to buy so much stuff when we first got here. The apartment was basically empty! And today we had made plans to go get ice cream with one of the less active YSA here and we didn't want her to pay for us, but all we had in our wallets was American cash. #tendermercy, Canadians are super nice and the ice cream was cheaper in American currency.
  • MORONI'S QUEST - I get to go!!! During the New Missionary Skype call on Sunday, I expressed how sad I was that I wasn't gonna get to go anymore and President Pratt looked up and said, "What do you mean? You're going!" and that's the story of how President Pratt made me burst into tears in front of a dozen other missionaries over Skype.

  OK, now just a couple funny stories and I'll go. While we were knocking Nikki's street, this cat followed us the whole way. So naturally, we named her Member Present (Mem for short), which I guess is kind of a mission joke, because part of our culture is that we always teach members present. So if we had a lesson with anyone, we were gonna pretend the cat was our member present, haha! Also, Sunday we were asked to introduce ourselves and bear our testimonies in sacrament meeting. So right after I had finished, I sat down on the stand and waited for Sister Barlow, right as our phone alarm started going off. In my bag. Which was all the way down the aisle, in the bag. At first I didn't even recognize it as ours because I wasn't used to the new phone yet. So I thought it was the elders and it wasn't until I saw them rifling through their own bags did I realize that it was ours. So I booked it from the stand the same time that elder Cox - and a member across the aisle - reached for my bag to pull out the phone that was still blaring an alarm. Boy, that was a good first impression for us, haha.

  ANYWAYS. I'm sorry this is so long! Hopefully you all managed to endure to the end, haha. I love you all! Remember to listen to the Spirit and that Jesus loves you!

- Sister Enright

The sanctified soak (Amik)

This transfer has started out interesting, nearly all of our lessons have cancelled.  So Elder Brown, my new companion, from Beaver, Utah hardly knew anyone till Sunday, and now he is still working on getting to know everyone.  Anyway,  I did the first week of myplan, which I must say was a very clever creation and really prompts thought on what I am going to do with my future.  Anyway, On my mission I have picked up several quotes of some men speaking concerning what they think the secrets of achievement  are. And many others, like things Boyd K packer has said. Thomas Edison said, “Geniuses themselves don’t talk about the gift of genius. They talk about hard work and long hours.” He also said, “Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.” Michelangelo said, “If people knew how hard I work to get my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful at all.”  And Paderewski said, “A genius? Perhaps, but before  I was a genius I was a drudge.”  Alexander Hamilton said, “All the genius I may have is merely the fruit of labor and thought.”  Dorothea Brand wrote a whole book,  Wake Up and Live, to get across one simple formula for success: “Act as though it were  impossible to fail.” Shouldn’t we in God’s kingdom act as though it were impossible to fail? There  is no reason we need to fail.   

Also, another quote I think is cool I have been thinking about.  "Overcoming the world is not one defining moment in a lifetime, but a lifetime of moments that define an eternity."
 -Elder Neil L. Andersen Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles-

Also, on a side note Elder Brown and his family raised pigeons, specifically roller pigeons. These Pigeons fly and at times "roll" causing them to fall in the air.  Anyway this morning we went by a former investigator's house,  and watched him fly his birds.  Berry, the former investigator, had around 100 birds.  We only watched 25 of them flying.  

July 17, 2017 (Erin)


So I got transfered to a new area. :( 

I´m super excited because I´m no longer an Hna Lider and even though I loved it, it was super stressful sometimes and I felt that I didn´t always have sufficient time to work in my area. So now I have all the time I need! Woohoo! I was a little torn about leaving San Martin. I really do love it there and even though the work was super hard, we did see some miracles and I got to know some amazing people. BUt now I´m in Grajales, out in the middle of nowhere again opening the area with my new companion Hna Herrera. It should be super fun. Elders were here before (And they totally left the house dirty which made me mad!) but President told me he wanted to put Hermanas in the area to see if the change would help the area out a little. I have a feeling it will be my last area! How crazy is that!?

Um....Hna Burgos and Hna Ferniza dyed my hair the other day, so don´t be so shocked when you see the pictures. It´s a little darker and I kind of don´t really like it, but that´s okay. In like a month or two I think it´ll be gone. 

There´s not really a whole lot to tell you guys. We attended a miracle baptism of two people last saturday that Hna Burgos and Hna Valenzuela had. ONe of them was alittle lady who had some legal problems and by chance they got everything fixed so she could get baptized. The other was a guy who was the only memeber of his family not baptized. He´s like 24 years old and a lawyer. I dont really know the whole story, but he changed a lot and was able to get baptized the same day. It was kind of an awesome experience. I love baptisms. 

So yeah...we put a baptismal date with one of our investigadores, Hna Esperanza, before we left the area. She´s been trying to leave her current living situation so she can get baptized but hasn´t been ble to find anything she can afford. Then the other day we were talking to one of the members about her and they told us that since they were moving and one of their sons was leaving on a mission soon, they were gonna end up with an extra room and she could live with them until she found something else! It was such a blessing, but Hna Ferniza and I both left so we had to leave the plans up to the new sisters that got there :(. That´s okay, as long as she gets baptized I´m happy. She´s been listening to missionaries for 2 years! 

My companion and I with my curls before they dyed my hair

Last district meeting with Hna Burgos and her death photo, haha. She leaves tomorrow morning for her home. I´m gonna miss her a lot.

Us girls being cool

Our ward acitivity that we FINALLY had. It was actually kind of fun. We did lBook of MOrmon jeopordy, sort of. And the Relief Society won! Booyah! Now my hair is dyed. 

A cool little bug I found the other day. It´s like a mini dragon from Harry Potter!

 At the baptism. Alejandro is that guy that got baptized and he´s smack dab in the middle. He´s wanted a picture with all the missionaries there. He asked president to baptize him. 

Messing around on the roof the other night before we had transfers

 Familia Varillas Aguilar. This family is amazing and fed us so many times , haha. 

One of the members in San Martin owns a sandwich and pizza restaurant and the sandwiches are named after groups in the Book of Mormon. Pretty darn sweet and super delish too!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Whitewashing in Wolfville (Aislin)

OK for reals. Whitewash training is THE BEST. I love it! Our first couple days we just organized our area book, correlated with the elders, met with the ward mission leader and the Relief Society President and just tried to figure out our area. There haven't been sisters here in three weeks. One sister got really sick and had to go home in the middle of the transfer and her companion went to spend the rest of the transfer in a trio in Fredericton. So the few investigators that they had had to be switched over to the elders and a few of them seem to have kind of dropped off the face of the earth, so it was good to meet with some of the auxiliaries to figure out where to start.

 Wolfville is beautiful. It's a farming/college town and I love it so much! I'm so excited for this transfer because I can see how much potential there is in this area! We live in a HOUSE and it's wicked nice. Like, probably nicer than the house we stayed in when we went to Disneyland in January. CHM missionaries are so spoiled! Our ward is a lot of fun and I'm super excited to get to know them better. We arrived in Wolfville around 4 o'clock on Thursday. It was a long day of driving! I met Sister Barlow - my greenie - at the temple where I also said goodbye to Sister Andersen, my trainer who just went home! CRAZY. Time is going by a little too fast for me just now.

 Well. I'm almost out of time. Sorry this email is so lame. . . But I have a scripture for you! 

"Behold, am disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. have been called of him to declare his word among his peoplethat they might have everlasting life."
3 Nephi 5:13

This is our companionship scripture! I love it so much! I am so excited to declare His word among the people in Wolfville! 

  I know there's more to say but I'll just have to write it down and remember to tell you later! I feel like I'll never be able to express to you all how much I have learned in just a short email. My testimony has been strengthened in too many ways to count! I know that my Heavenly Father loves me. I know that He loves the people here in Wolfville and I feel honored that He trusts me enough to be the one to bring His children the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It's a lot of responsibility but I know that God doesn't give us trials or put us in situations if He knows we won't come out on top! 

  I love you all! Stay awesome and keep believing!

- Sister Enright 

Last transfer (Amik)

Michael and Cayenne have been baptized! And confirmed! Generally those go together, although I did hear a story about how a guy was baptized and then disappeared before the confirmation.  But that did not happen
this time.  Anyway, the baptism was on Saturday at 4:00, a bit later actually, but it was planned to be a 4:00.  Anyway, the Elder that baptized them came from the desert and was a bit late.  Also, the font was taking forever to fill.  So Michael and Cayenne were baptized in water that was not very high.  It was really low.  Besides that the baptism went smoothly and then the confirmations the next day also went well. Also, we found this week that Mikey has the same birthday as president Thomas S. Monson! So he turns eight on August 21st the day before I fly home and he wants to be baptized on his birthday,  his mom will likely be baptized with him.  Also, on Sunday, the ward had a baptism preview for the kids turning eight the next few months,  so since Mikey is being baptized then, he and his dad came to check it out.  His Dad is Michael, the one who just got baptized. And Cayenne is his sister.  So in the picture Mikey is the small Blonde kid.  Just in case I was not making any sense.

Elder Schmid, my companion, has now officially finished his mission.  He flies home Tuesday morning and right now is heading to the mission home for the dinner and final going home prep.  And now I am on my last transfer.  My new companion is Elder Brown and I will get him Wednesday morning.  I believe he has been out for nearly a year now. 
Also, now I will be doing my plan. The mission going home Plan thing that you were so excited about.  That my mission president is in! Apparently missionaries from other missions they go to the same airport as we do.  And a lot of the missionaries going home want to have their picture with him.   Because they all know him from the Myplan videos.
-Elder Enright-

Elder Schmid, me, and Elder Yuan. They are both going home,  Elder Yuan and I were in the same MTC

 Something we saw in Muscoy.  A part of our

July 10, 2017 (Erin)


I hope everyone is doing just swell. Sorry I didn´t write last week. We ended up in Puebla, visiting a family and we did not have time to email before we got back to the house. But yeah I´m still alive and all. 

Hm...not much has happened these past two weeks. Just the usual, knocking on doors, talking to people and trying to convince them to come to church. Two SUndays ago we did get one of our investigadores to come with us, which was kind of super surprising because we had jsut started teaching them and the mom told us that were catholic and that they weren´t going to change, but sure we could come in and talk to them. Anywho, one of her sons lives with her, he´s 29 years old. I don´t know how to describe him. He´s super funny because he´s super shy. Everytime we finish a lesson we have to fight with him and his mom to get one of them to say the prayer, haha. The last time I got him to pray by repeating my words. Osh. So anyways, we´ve been working with them ,but slowly. Trying to get them to develop a better relationship with their heavenly father. So we showed up at their house on Sunday morning to see if anyone would go with us and the son was like "sure just let me shower and then ill come with you guys and bring my neice too!". So that was super awesome. And they fed us breakfast too, which was a plus. 

 I started printing up maps of all our little pueblos and colonias because the map that we have from the office is super huge because our area is huge and so you can´t really see a single street and in the mission we´re trying to use maps to note where all the members and investigadores live. SO yeah, I started taping them all to the wall so we can put all the stickers we have to mark where everyone lives and I´m pretty sure by the time we´re done it´ll look like a police investigation board, but I´m good with that. 

It´s been super rainy and cloudy for the past two days and I love it. Even though I´m super cold because I have like no decent warm clothes.

This week is our last week in this cambio and then I start my last 12 weeks, eek! 

 I kind of sort of permed my hair now I have crazy curls and unfortunately I don´t have pictures right now because it kind of took ALL MORNING LONG. So, I´ll send pictures next week when i´ve had time to decide if I´ve made a horrible decision or not, ha. But hey, it was free from a member who we´ve been working on teaching and helping her family (and trying to get her husband to go back to church so he can baptize his daughter). so I feel like it was really more of a service and friending project.

Um...oh yeah! I remembered something super cool we did.  So we had leader´s council with the president last friday and we talked about how we can improve as leaders of this mission. We read all about Moroni and his standard of liberty or however you say that in english. But anyways president had taken one of his old shirts and we wrote our own standard of liberty or convenant to improve has missionaries and leaders and then we all signed it. and it ws just a super amazing experience and now their gonna keep it in the office and whenever new leaders are called they´ll get to sign it too. But hey, I got to be the first generation in this mission to sign that shirt. AND I DIDN¨T TAKE A PHOTO! oops, we´ll have to fix that. 

So yeah, love you all lots. I can´t believe how fast this year has gone by and I am so grateful for the oppurtunity I have to serve a mission here in Mexico. I love it with all my heart. I love my Savior and I love my Heavenly Father and I have learned  so much the need to trust in Their plan and work to put my will in line with Theirs. I love this gospel with everything I have and I have noticed the little things in my life that I need to imporve and change so that I can become more like my savior and reach my full potencial has a daughter of God. 

Miss you all dearly.
Sea Feliz!
Hna Enright


 Kaled and Angel 

 Hna Maritza

 My convert, Allison! I got to see her when we did divisions with the sisters who work in her area.

My companion and I waiting outside a members home in the cold. 

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Ch-ch-ch-Changes! (Aislin)

(OK, I think almost every Enright missionary has had an email with this title so I thought I'd join the club.)

  Hey, guess what!? I'm getting transferred!!! I'm whitewashing an area with my new greenie, Sister Barlow! AH! I'm so excited! Yesterday we had the new trainers Skype call and President Pratt talked to us about how important a trainers job is (the MOST important) and how much it's going to prepare us to be parents (a whole heck of a lot). He also told us that our greenies are all amazing and he is trusting us to turn them into the missionary they need to be from day one! Then at the very end he basically rebuked us and told us that we needed to be the best missionaries we can be because if any of us were to discourage our greenies from missionary life then shame on us! It was kinda scary actually. After he finished he asked if anyone had any questions. I turned to Sister Kilmer and said, "Yeah, is it too late to jump ship?" Haha! But for reals. I am SO EXCITED. A little terrified, yes, but SO FREAKIN, EXCITED.

  So. Yeah. This week was pretty great. We got to celebrate Canada day and Independence day in the same week! Unfortunately, neither Calais nor St. Stephen does ANYTHING in way of celebration because they have a huge International Week in August where the towns celebrate together. *Sigh* I'm gonna miss that. I'm also gonna miss Moroni's Quest, which I totally thought I would be here for. Let me explain. *Ahem*
  So, Sunday night we got to our apartment at 9 like good little missionaries. Then President Pratt called us and told us he wanted to Skype us in 20 minutes. So we got right back in the car and headed to the church. He wanted to do short interviews with each of us and in mine, he told me that I would be staying in St. Stephen and training Sister Barlow. Obviously I was super excited. I LOVE St. Stephen! So (man, I gotta stop saying "so" so much), the last few days I've been under the impression that I would be staying here for another six weeks. Meanwhile, Sister Kilmer was packing and preparing to head to Wolfville and Sister Ward was packing to go home. Then, yesterday morning, the STLT called and told me that would be heading to Wolfville and Sister Kilmer  would be the one staying in St. Stephen! DANG IT. Oh well. I really am excited. What I am going to miss most here is the senior couple, Elder and Sister Jones. I love them! Elder Jones was telling us about when he served his mission in the 60s and how they were allowed to go see movies on their P-days! He told us that one time, he and a group of other elders were in line to see a movie and looked in front of them to see the mission president and the whole mission staff in front of them! And do you want to know what they were going to see? GOLDFINGER. So apostate, haha!

  Anyways. This email is such a mess.

  We had our STL come spend a couple days with us this week. She was also serving in a trio this transfer so our companionships just met up halfway between our areas and we brought her back to St. Stephen with us. She spent most of the time with Sister Ward and the carBut remember, God is merciful; therefore, repent of that which thou hast done which is contrary to the commandment which I gave you, and thou art still chosen, and art again called to the work; Sister Kilmer and I on our own to figure out how to traverse the area without a car, since the other companionship needed it for the day. So we pulled out the dusty bikes (lovingly dubbed Betsy and Velma) and rode them all day. It took us nearly an hour to make it to one of our appointments which fell through anyways. Plus, we found out that my bike (Betsy) had a hole in the tire. But. . . There really wasn't anything we could do about it. So I rode the rest of the day on a mostly-flat tire, and we really didn't get much done, because it took us another half hour to get to our other appointment which also fell through. Let's just say, I now know why St. Stephen is not a biking area.

  On Friday, Sister Ward and I were together while Sister Kilmer and Sister Melanson took the car. So we knocked for about 2 1/2 hours to find approximately that only 1/20 of the street's population was even home. We started to walk home for the night around 8:30 when I realized that we were gonna get home a little earlier than 9 so I suggested that we stop by this former  that my trainer and I had tried to contact several times. So we did. . . And didn't get out for another 45 minutes! WOW Maritimers can TALK! So we booked it home and were nearly there when Sister Kilmer and Sister Melanson AND the Jones (because we called them to ask for a ride) came driving up to meet us! The other two sisters didn't have a phone so they had just been driving around looking for us 'cause they were worried. Now you can see what a GREAT trainer I'm gonna be. . . 

  Well, one more story before I log off. yesterday we had a lesson with our new investigator, Sherry. She's SO awesome and basically already believes in everything we teach. When we first met her she started telling us about how she doesn't believe in a traditional Heaven and Hell and how she doesn't go to church because she thinks that since Christ was crucified, none of the churches have the fullness of the gospel and the whole time she was talking, we were just nodding and going, "Uh uh. Yup. Yes. that's exactly what we KNOW to be true." So this lesson with her was super awesome! We taught the Plan of Salvation and I invited her to be baptized. before I could even get the full invitation out she was nodding her head and saying, "yes, I would love to do that! I was baptized when I was younger but obviously it wasn't my choice and I think it should be my choice. And I want my kids to make that choice too." It was so awesome!!! She's gonna be baptized on August 5

  Alright. I've got to go! I love you all!!! Stay awesome! I'll email you all from Wolfville next week! 

- Sister Enright