Sunday, July 9, 2017

Ch-ch-ch-Changes! (Aislin)

(OK, I think almost every Enright missionary has had an email with this title so I thought I'd join the club.)

  Hey, guess what!? I'm getting transferred!!! I'm whitewashing an area with my new greenie, Sister Barlow! AH! I'm so excited! Yesterday we had the new trainers Skype call and President Pratt talked to us about how important a trainers job is (the MOST important) and how much it's going to prepare us to be parents (a whole heck of a lot). He also told us that our greenies are all amazing and he is trusting us to turn them into the missionary they need to be from day one! Then at the very end he basically rebuked us and told us that we needed to be the best missionaries we can be because if any of us were to discourage our greenies from missionary life then shame on us! It was kinda scary actually. After he finished he asked if anyone had any questions. I turned to Sister Kilmer and said, "Yeah, is it too late to jump ship?" Haha! But for reals. I am SO EXCITED. A little terrified, yes, but SO FREAKIN, EXCITED.

  So. Yeah. This week was pretty great. We got to celebrate Canada day and Independence day in the same week! Unfortunately, neither Calais nor St. Stephen does ANYTHING in way of celebration because they have a huge International Week in August where the towns celebrate together. *Sigh* I'm gonna miss that. I'm also gonna miss Moroni's Quest, which I totally thought I would be here for. Let me explain. *Ahem*
  So, Sunday night we got to our apartment at 9 like good little missionaries. Then President Pratt called us and told us he wanted to Skype us in 20 minutes. So we got right back in the car and headed to the church. He wanted to do short interviews with each of us and in mine, he told me that I would be staying in St. Stephen and training Sister Barlow. Obviously I was super excited. I LOVE St. Stephen! So (man, I gotta stop saying "so" so much), the last few days I've been under the impression that I would be staying here for another six weeks. Meanwhile, Sister Kilmer was packing and preparing to head to Wolfville and Sister Ward was packing to go home. Then, yesterday morning, the STLT called and told me that would be heading to Wolfville and Sister Kilmer  would be the one staying in St. Stephen! DANG IT. Oh well. I really am excited. What I am going to miss most here is the senior couple, Elder and Sister Jones. I love them! Elder Jones was telling us about when he served his mission in the 60s and how they were allowed to go see movies on their P-days! He told us that one time, he and a group of other elders were in line to see a movie and looked in front of them to see the mission president and the whole mission staff in front of them! And do you want to know what they were going to see? GOLDFINGER. So apostate, haha!

  Anyways. This email is such a mess.

  We had our STL come spend a couple days with us this week. She was also serving in a trio this transfer so our companionships just met up halfway between our areas and we brought her back to St. Stephen with us. She spent most of the time with Sister Ward and the carBut remember, God is merciful; therefore, repent of that which thou hast done which is contrary to the commandment which I gave you, and thou art still chosen, and art again called to the work; Sister Kilmer and I on our own to figure out how to traverse the area without a car, since the other companionship needed it for the day. So we pulled out the dusty bikes (lovingly dubbed Betsy and Velma) and rode them all day. It took us nearly an hour to make it to one of our appointments which fell through anyways. Plus, we found out that my bike (Betsy) had a hole in the tire. But. . . There really wasn't anything we could do about it. So I rode the rest of the day on a mostly-flat tire, and we really didn't get much done, because it took us another half hour to get to our other appointment which also fell through. Let's just say, I now know why St. Stephen is not a biking area.

  On Friday, Sister Ward and I were together while Sister Kilmer and Sister Melanson took the car. So we knocked for about 2 1/2 hours to find approximately that only 1/20 of the street's population was even home. We started to walk home for the night around 8:30 when I realized that we were gonna get home a little earlier than 9 so I suggested that we stop by this former  that my trainer and I had tried to contact several times. So we did. . . And didn't get out for another 45 minutes! WOW Maritimers can TALK! So we booked it home and were nearly there when Sister Kilmer and Sister Melanson AND the Jones (because we called them to ask for a ride) came driving up to meet us! The other two sisters didn't have a phone so they had just been driving around looking for us 'cause they were worried. Now you can see what a GREAT trainer I'm gonna be. . . 

  Well, one more story before I log off. yesterday we had a lesson with our new investigator, Sherry. She's SO awesome and basically already believes in everything we teach. When we first met her she started telling us about how she doesn't believe in a traditional Heaven and Hell and how she doesn't go to church because she thinks that since Christ was crucified, none of the churches have the fullness of the gospel and the whole time she was talking, we were just nodding and going, "Uh uh. Yup. Yes. that's exactly what we KNOW to be true." So this lesson with her was super awesome! We taught the Plan of Salvation and I invited her to be baptized. before I could even get the full invitation out she was nodding her head and saying, "yes, I would love to do that! I was baptized when I was younger but obviously it wasn't my choice and I think it should be my choice. And I want my kids to make that choice too." It was so awesome!!! She's gonna be baptized on August 5

  Alright. I've got to go! I love you all!!! Stay awesome! I'll email you all from Wolfville next week! 

- Sister Enright

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