Sunday, July 9, 2017

Emailing from a hammock (Amik)

I am currently emailing you from Elder Earl's hammock. I would definitely buy one for camping.  Since the hardest thing about camping for me has always been the sleeping arrangements. Second was the restroom arrangements. 

Anyway, this week was kind of tiring, mostly due to the heat and a lot of lessons canceling thus making us have to be out in the heat when we had planned the lessons so that we would be out of the hottest parts of the day. Also,  Elder Schmid is on the dating and marriage section of My Plan (for when he gets home) and there has been some laughter about that, particularly during ward council when that was bought up.   Also, he is still thinking about what he is going to do with all the free time.  So I helped him plan his college stuff,  but even with the homework/study time put in he still  as a lot of free time.  The only thing he wants to do is go fishing, but if that is all he does then he will have about 5-6 hours of fishing everyday and he said himself that that was too much fishing.  Also,  yesterday he started getting stressed about the high council meeting/reporting that you do in front of the stake presidency and high council.  Especially after the returned missionary in our ward told him that it was an hour and a half of being asked questions and a reporting of mission talk thing.

Also, today we went hiking and on the way down we just kept listening to a song about mountains, on repeat, it was good, but It did not beat "Rocky Mountain high".

Have a great trip.
_Elder Enright-

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